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"We should call Gibbs."

"Yeah? I don't see why Kate I mean we are two able bodied professional highly trained Agents I think that we can do this on our own."


"What? We can and I'm not ready to admit defeat yet, I shall Never Surrender!"



"Call Gibbs."

"I don't need Gibbs to get me out of a hole, Kate. Kate? What's wrong?"

"Please tell me that's your leg,"

"That's my leg."

"Is it really? Or are you just saying that?"

"Which answer would make you happier?"


"Ok no it's not my leg. Why?

"You're sure you're not touching my leg?"

"Geez Kate what do you think I am some kind of perve."


" Rhetorical question!"

"Sorry Dinozzo but there's still something touching my leg."

" Really? Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?"

"Hang on, oh ewww....well it's not mineral so that leaves either Animal or AGHH!"

"Kate! What?"

"It moved, It moved!"

"You didn't get bit did you, cause I mean that would just suck."

"Tony. Call Gibbs."

"Aww come on Kate, we haven't even tried it with just the two of us."

"Tony you have thirty seconds to call Gibbs."

"Or what?"

"Or you'll damn sure wish you never asked 'Or what?'"

"Fine, hang on... Boss?"

"Yep sure I'm on it Boss just as soon as you get Kate and I... Hey Kate where are we? "

" Tony."

"Right um we kind of fell down a pipe of some sort and while I think we could probably get out on our own well Kate..."


"He hung up on me."

"Is he coming?"

"I'm already here."

" ARGHHHHH!!!!!"