Endless Rain

By: Rixiel

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Endless Rain: Chapter 1

"Endless rain, fall on my heart,

In this wounded soul.

Let me forget,

All of the hate, all of the sadness."

X Japan – Endless Rain

Kakashi watched the silent figure standing before the grave. It was the resting place for the Uchiha clan. From his hidden spot, Kakashi took in the heartbreaking sight before him.

The figure was clad in black, silent and unmoving, with his head was bowed low. In his hands, he held a small bouquet was white lilies and Kakashi marveled at how it complemented his ivory complexion. It was only drizzling, but the boy had been in the rain long enough to be soaked to the skin. His clothes clung onto his slender form and droplets of water were sliding off his hair.

How long had he been standing here? Sasuke didn't know. He was numb. Numb from the rain pelting on his body, from the smell of rain, from the cold of the wind and the sound of the rain falling around him drowned out everything else. He closed his eyes and let the numbness wash through his body. It was welcoming, to be unable to feel anything.

The rain was getting heavier, Sasuke was aware that he should be seeking shelter, but his body felt like lead. Even a simple thing like breathing, he felt like it was done in slow motion.

Suddenly, the rain was no longer falling on him and a warm presence beside him erased the cold. "Sasuke." It was that low familiar voice. Sasuke tried to say something, but neither his body nor brain responded to his request.

"Mou, you're going to get sick if you continue standing in the rain like this." The voice was soothing and Sasuke felt an arm around his shoulder. He felt himself nodding before sinking into the warmth and strength. Felt himself being lifted off the ground and into a gentle embrace. Felt an arm shifting to cradle his head in broad shoulders and the vibration of muscles that were in sync with the rhythmic pulse. A familiar smell invaded his senses. His hands reached out to grip soft black fabric as he let his body be consumed by it all.

It was too easy to lift Sasuke up and he was too light a weight in his arms, Kakashi noted. The boy should eat more. The journey to Sasuke's place was quiet, uninterrupted by any conversation. There was no need for anything to be said, everything was understood in their silence.

Kakashi opened the door with a spare key that he had gotten from Sasuke. Kakashi had requested that they each kept a spare key to both of their houses. "Just in case." Kakashi had told him.

Gently, Kakashi placed Sasuke on his chair. Grabbing a towel, he began rubbing him dry. Seeing that some colour was returning to Sasuke's skin, Kakashi wrapped him up in another towel before getting dry clothes from the closet. "You better get out of those wet clothes. I'll be back." Kakashi told him

Before Sasuke knew what he was doing, he was grabbed Kakashi's hand. Sasuke felt the heat creeping up to his cheeks at his reaction.

"I'm only going to your kitchen." Kakashi squeezed the smaller hand in his comfortingly.

"Don't go." Wide, innocent eyes looked up at him. There was so much sorrow and loneliness behind dark orbs, emotions that Sasuke rarely displayed. "Please."

"I won't." Kakashi assured and he took the boy into his arms. "Thank you." The boy whispered as he buried his head into the crock of Kakashi's neck.

"It's ok to cry, if you want to." Kakashi told the boy as he stroked dark silky hair that was still slightly damp. He knew that it was hard on the boy, to have to always force himself to remember the hatred, to never allow himself to remain weak and to keep up with the standards he set for himself. Sasuke always appeared strong, cold and indifferent. Even when he was upset, he would just bite his lips till blood dripped from them. He was always so hard on himself, always trying to force himself to go further and to shoulder the weight of everything. He built a wall around himself and pushed everyone away from him. He came across as an arrogant, self-centered and egoistic jerk. But beneath it all, he was more vulnerable and lonelier than anyone else.

Sasuke couldn't stop the tears that flowed. It had been so long, since he had last cried. Tears he didn't know he still had, he thought he had cried himself dry after that day. He had promised himself that it will be the last time he cried. But Kakashi was so warm and safe and it overwhelmed him. He was so tired, so tired of everything. Tired of hating the brother that he used to looked up too, tired of trying to forget that he was too weak to do anything and tired of denying that there was nothing and no one left for him even after the revenge.

How many times had he wished that he had died that day? Instead of having to live with the knowledge that he was spared because he was too weak, too weak to even ask for death and spared because he could be a tool, a tool for his brother to see how his ability measured up hatred.

Kakashi could feel the boy shaking as tears fell and his heart ached. Gently, he adjusted the both of them into a more comfortable position. Finally, the boy stopped crying. Cupping the boy's face, Kakashi wiped the tear stains away. "Come, you better go change your clothes. Don't worry, I'm not leaving. I'm only going to your kitchen to get us something warm. I'll be here, I promise you." Sasuke nodded. Before he could leave, Sasuke stopped him again, this time to hand him a dry towel. Kakashi smiled and ruffled Sasuke's hair before heading for the kitchen.

While waiting for the water to boil, Kakashi took a quick check of the kitchen and was he relieved to see that there was actual food. At least Sasuke wasn't only eating cup ramen like Naruto. He was surprised that Naruto's dream wasn't to open the best ramen place in the village when he had asked them what their dreams were the time they first met. But still, the food in the house was barely the basic necessities and Kakashi knew how troublesome it was to cook when you live alone.

By the time Kakashi took the drinks out, Sasuke was already changed and he was sitting by the table. "Thank you... will... you be staying for the night?" Sasuke asked him as he handed him his drink. He didn't want to be alone, even if it meant admitting for once that he was weak.

"No." Sasuke felt crestfallen at Kakashi's answer. Was he hoping that Kakashi would stay?

"That's because you are coming with me."


"You'll be staying with me from now on."

"I'll be... What?!?"

Kakashi wondered if the boy was falling ill. "You hardly take care of yourself. But, at least you slightly better than Naruto." Kakashi chuckled as Sasuke looked insulted that he was being compared to Naruto. "So that's settled, go pack your stuff."

That night, the neither of them have to be alone.

Oct 2004

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