Endless Rain

By: Rixiel

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Endless Rain and Say Anything are awesome songs by X Japan. Translation is from http:www.x-japan.de/ Credits go to the translator.

Endless Rain: Chapter III

It was early afternoon and Sasuke headed for their usual meeting place. When Sasuke awoke in the morning, he found a note from Kakashi saying that training was canceled and Sasuke was to meet him outside the outside the sweets shop to accompany him to get some stuff.

As usual Kakashi was late and every time, Sasuke would be in the shop picking out sweets while waiting for Kakashi. By the time he arrived armed with another strange excuse, the packet of sweets would be a quarter gone.

It was summer, and the streets were bustling with the atmosphere sun and fun. Everywhere you go, you could find cold drinks, cut watermelon, tidbits, paper fans and it was bright and colourful everywhere.

Summer... it had no difference to him whatever season it was. It was all just the trails of time passing by.

"Yo! It was hot today and the heat confused me!" Out of no where, Kakashi's voice suddenly cut into his thoughts.

"Kakashi sensei." Sasuke was used to Kakashi's magical appearance, but he was amazed at how Kakashi manage to never appear twice at the same spot.

They began their walk down the street. Sasuke noted that rarely did Kakashi enter the shop to buy sweets, even if he did, it was because he was asked to do so. Even when drinking coffee, Kakashi barely added any sugar.

Sasuke followed Kakashi as he placed orders at various stalls. There was the stall that sold fireworks, the stall beside it that sold masks and the stall that sold tidbits.

Kakashi's next stop was a pet shop. Sasuke was puzzled, but he followed Kakashi in. It was the place where Kakashi and most of jounins kept their ninja pets. Every time they were here, Sasuke felt like he was visiting the zoo. There were so many different animals, from birds to even fishes, even including insects. They made their way to the dogs' area and happy barking greeted them. Sasuke had been here a few times with Kakashi and the team to walk some of the dogs.

"Ahhh, Kakashi! Just the man I wanted to see! Oh! Sasuke you're here too! Could you help me feed the dogs while I talk to your sensei?" The shopkeeper greeted them as he appeared from the back of his shop with dog food. Sasuke nodded and the shopkeeper handed him the food. "Thank you! Now Kakashi, come here for a moment..."

Sasuke fed the dogs without much of a problem, the dogs were friendly with him and they had been well trained. Noticing that there was a new dog, in a corner by itself, Sasuke was careful not to provoke it as he approached it. It growled when Sasuke got nearer. Crouching down, Sasuke approached it slowly, trying to appear as harmless as possible. He held out his hand slowly for the dog to sniff. Once the dog approved it allowed Sasuke to get closer. Sasuke scratched the dog behind its ears as he fed it. The dog unlike the rest, was purely white.

"Soka, I see you've become friends with Kiseki! Sasuke, you are indeed charming. Kiseki doesn't like strangers very much, in fact he hardly even mix with the rest of the dogs." The shopkeeper winked as he came back with Kakashi, "Thank you for feeding them."

"Kiseki was brought to us by one of the villagers. From what the villager said, Kiseki was found almost half dead with alarming injuries, it was by chance that he was spotted. There were a few other dogs of the same breed as him, but it was too late for them. Kiseki's survival was a miracle."

Sasuke petted the dog on its head before standing up. Did the dog wished that it was dead too? Was it why he was there in a corner all alone? Miracle that it survived... the miracle seemed like a curse in disguise.

"So which you think is best?" Kakashi's sudden question startled Sasuke and he would have crashed his face into one of the fish tanks if not for Kakashi's arm that steadied him.

"... I don't know." Sasuke replied honestly. He didn't know anything about dogs.

"It's ok, I'm only asking for an opinion. Just choose the one you like." Kakashi smiled from behind his Come Come Paradise.

Kakashi sensei wasn't thinking about buying a dog right? He had so many already! Besides, he wasn't even looking. Sasuke pointed at Kiseki and the dog wagged its tail at him.

"Sou. Let's go then." Kakashi smiled at the shop keeper before walking out.

What was that for? Sasuke wondered, but he didn't think too much about it as he followed Kakashi out of the shop. Kakashi always had his reasons.

They had walked for some distance when Kakashi asked, "Ne, Sasuke, get me a drink won't you? Get youself one too. Thank you! I'll meet you outside this shop." With that, Kakashi tossed some coins at Sasuke and entered the shop.

The queue at the drinks stall was long, after all the weather was hot and a cold drink was welcoming. By the time Sasuke got back to the shop, Kakashi was already waiting for him with a paper bag in his hand.

Sasuke handed Kakashi's his drink and they made their way home. The purple sky reminded him that it was already evening. Time always seem to pass quickly when he was with Kakashi, whatever they were doing and especially during training. He often felt that training sessions were too short, even though his body would ache after each session. They started in the day and before he knew it, it was evening and Kakashi was telling him that it was enough for the day.

They had dinner and was about to turn in when Kakashi suddenly asked, "Sasuke, you know about the summer festival tomorrow night?"

Sasuke nodded. He wasn't intending to go.

"Ok, that's good. I'll meet you here at five after I come back from the Hokage's place and we'll go together."

Sasuke was about to say that he wasn't intending to go but Kakashi cut him off, "And don't say you're not going. The whole team is going, even Iruka is coming with Natuto."

Sasuke frowned and he heard Kakashi chuckle, "You don't want to hear Naruto saying that you're afraid of playing against him in the festival games do you?"

Sasuke scowled but gave in anyway. It wouldn't be that bad would it? After all, Kakashi sensei was going too.

Sasuke awoke the next morning to find Kakashi gone again and a paper bag with his name on it on the table. The bag looked awfully familiar and Sasuke recognised it as the bag he was carrying yesterday when he came back with the drinks.

Sasuke opened the bag, only to find another package in paper bag. He was reminded of the time Kakashi pulled off his mask in front of the team at their request, only to reveal another mask. Sasuke seriously wondered if there was going to be another package inside the package.

Unwrapping the package, Sasuke found a scroll. He stared at the scroll and wondered what it was for. It looked like any ordinary scroll and there were no words on it. It couldn't be a trap since Kakashi bought it and it wasn't April's Fool today... Curiosity took over, and Sasuke opened the scroll. He threw it on the floor surprise when it began to smoke. What on earth?! Getting into a defensive stance, he prepared himself for what to come next. Through the smoke, there was a bark and then, something flurry suddenly made a leap for him. Stunned, Sasuke caught it in his arms. It was that white dog back at the pet shop. Kiseki was wearing a small cloak, with the Uchiha symbol on it. Noticing that there was a note attached to one leg of the dog, Sasuke removed it and opened it cautiously, "Happy Birthday Sasuke."

Sasuke was stunned. Kakashi did this?? How did Kakashi know it was his birthday today? Sasuke never told anyone about it. Even he himself had almost forgotten about it... there was no reason left to remember these dates anymore. There was no one to celebrate with. And Kakashi went all the way to get this for him? Sasuke felt a strange flutter in his stomach and he petted the dog absently.

It was 5pm Kakashi was outside his house, afraid to go in. What on earth are you doing? There's nothing to be afraid of. He laughed at himself. This is YOUR house. And there's only Sasuke inside. Yeah. Sasuke, waiting for you to go to the festival. Kakashi wondered it would be stupid if he ran away now. What are you afraid of? He didn't even know the answer to that question. Maybe he was afraid that that Sasuke hated dogs, afraid that Sasuke would think that he was some sick pedophile, afraid that Sasuke wouldn't even be there. "This is stupid", Kakashi muttered to himself. He was being stupid. They were just going to a festival together. It's only a festival. Just as simple as that. He told himself as he took a deep breath and as he opened the door, a small voice in his head told him, Yah right, just as simple as that huh?

But it was too late, he had already stepped into the house and there was Sasuke, walking out from the bathroom, with his hair falling into his face without the protector gear to hold it back. The boy looked beautiful. Oh gods, what are you thinking?! Kakashi reprimanded himself.

Noticing that Kakashi was in the house, a huge blush rose to Sasuke's cheeks as he stood rooted to the spot, unsure of what to do or say. Why are you freezing up? Its only Kakashi, Kakashi who sneakly planned to get you a gift and who remembered your birthday when even you yourself forgotten. Stop acting like a fool and say something, anything! Sasuke desperately commanded his brain. "I...Kakashi sensei... .... Thank you..." Nicely done Sasuke, that was patheic, Sasuke jeered at his reaction.

"Saa... you're welcome." Kakashi rubbed his hair awkwardly. "Let's go shall we?"

Sasuke nodded and he grabbed the protector gear from the table before joining Kakashi at the door.

The festival had begun when they arrived and it was crowded. Almost everyone in the village was here. Familiar faces came by to say hi, especially the females. As always Sasuke shrugged them off coolly. They met Iruka, Naruto and Sakura and like usual, it ended up in a full fledged rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke. This time they took it out on the festival games, and the only losers of their contests were the shopkeepers and the poor goldfishes that Naruto dropped on the floor.

They decided to split ways when Naruto insisted on eating ramen. Kakashi told Iruka to take good care of the boy, because at the rate he was going, he was going to die of a ramen overdose. Iruka laughed and commented that Naruto would go on a rampage if ramen was taken away from him. Sakura left to join Ino in buying accessories.

"Saa, I guess that leaves the two of us. Let's go to the rooftop, the fireworks are starting soon." Sasuke nodded and they hunted for the best spot in the village. They were lost in the comfortable silence between them while waiting for the fireworks to start. Suddenly there was a loud boom that covered the faint noises from the festival. A bright splash of colours lit up the dark sky. The colours exploded into bright glitters that fell softly around them. The splashes of colours continued to paint the sky. Soon the velvet night was a canvas for the fusion of light and colours.

Kakashi turned to find the boy tilting his face upwards and smiling at the display, the boy was glowing. If he said that he didn't want Sasuke, he would just be in denial. He told himself the many reasons why this wasn't right. But those were just excuses. Excuses for him to run away from it all. He had always been running, even until now.

Noticing Kakashi's stare on him, Sasuke turned and found his lips captured in a kiss. It was soft and gentle as their lips brushed against each other. It left him breathless. I love you. Kakashi's breaths ghosted arcoss his lips. Sasuke opened his eyes and found himself lost in the depths of a pair of mismatched eyes. I love you too.

The two of them had always been running away, only this time, they ran into each other.


October 2004

Thank you so much for reading! ) I'm really sorry if my writing did the coupling injustice. KakaSasu is such an awesome pairing! I don't know much about dogs too, except to scream and run away, so please forgive me if the part on Kiseki sounded ridiculous. Kiseki means miracle. Please do drop me a review too! ) Thank you!! I plan to come up with another KakaSasu fic, yoroshiku onegaishimus! )