Okay, this is a little one shot that I made (hah, that sounds like a drink). So enjoy or get lost. Oh, and If you get offended about me calling myself Numbuh 666, then don't read this.

Operation SHOW





Me (Numbuh 666): So... Numbuh 4? How are you?

Wally: How about where the heck am I?! And who are you?

Me: I'm The show host for today! And you're my VICTIM (laughs maniacally)

Wally: Yah right! I'm outta here!

Me: not so fast! We have a special guest for you!

Wally: Whos that?

Me: It's a REALLY SPECIAL PERSON! And you can only see this person if you STAY IN YOUR CHAIR!

Wally: uh, fine. Just hurry up. I have to go to the bathroom!

Me: (snickers) curiousity killed that cat...

Wally: What?

Me: NOTHING! Okay, special contestant, come on in!

(Door opens, smog emerges, and you see KUKI!)

Wally: Kuki?! I could see her any day! We live in the same treehouse! (gets up)

Me: Shut up and sit down Wally! I know your trying to get away! (straps to the chair) and Kuki, have a seat!

Wally: Kuki! No! IT'S A TRAP!

Me: No, it isn't. It's a game I like to call TRUTH OR DARE! Ill go first.

Wally: No fair!

Me: Live with it chump.

Kuki: Hey! Don't call him a chump! Only I can call him that!

Me: Sorry. Well, WALLABY, Truth or Dare? (grins devilishly)

Wally: Dare.

Me: Okay, I dare you to tell me who you like!

Wally: What? You cant do that! That's a truth question!

Me: Okay, I'll exploit you instead. WALLY LOVES KU-

Wally: Okay okay! Geez! Cruddy teenager... I like... my teammates? Cuz there my friends?

Me: Very funny Mr. Stupid. Lets try this... tell me who you like or I'll do something REALLY EVIL!

Wally: What could YOU possibley do?

Me: would you like me to demonstrate? (pulls up sleeves)

Wally: eh (gulps) no thanks.

Me: Good. So spill.

Wally: I like Kuki alright! ARE YOU HAPPY?!

Me: Very!

Kuki: (gasp) WOW! You like ME Numbuh 4! I thought you liked Numbuh 86!

Wally: What?! NO WAY! Not only is she a cruddy girl, she is mean an stupid! And she hates me.

Me: Well, she does think your cute.

Kuki and Wally: WHAT!?

Wally: Where did you hear that crud?

Kuki: yah!

Me: tape recorder (plays back)

Wally: (mouth opens like a GAPING HOLE!)

Kuki: oh... well, I like you Numbuh 4!

Wally: really...?

Me: yes, everything is going according to planned...

Kuki: (unties Numbuh 4) come on! Lets go get some ice cream!

Wally: Yah, okay...

Me: Well, thank you for joining us today! Wally, Kuki, it was a pleasure meeting you (shakes hands).

Wally: yah, whatever.

Kuki: YAY! Good seeing you to Numbuh 666! (walks off hand in hand with wally)

Me: haha... little do they know, but I planted a recording device on Numbuh 4's hand. MOO HAHA! (listens)

Wally: Hey, I'm gonna go wash my hands. That Numbuh 666 was pretty weird. I don't want her cooties on me.

Kuki: Good idea! Then we can REALLY get this party started! Party! Ice cream Party!

Me: Wha...? WASH HIS HANDS?! (hears the sound of running water and... the thing short circuts) NO! NO! NEVER!!! Gr... this isn't the last of me!