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Lusting the Loathed

Chapter One - Of First Meetings

Chapter Song: Belle & Sebastian - Sleep The Clock Around

"Gosh, you're so lucky to be working with him!" Marlene McKinnon grinned as her eyes shined brightly. "I can just see it now... 'Lily Evans: Head Girl... along with James Potter: Head Boy'. It sounds like a movie title to me. I mean, you already share a room with him!" She grabbed a piece of bread and started smearing butter on it.

Lily Evans rolled her eyes. She wished Marlene would stop being such an idiot. "It probably wouldn't be a successful movie if he starred in it. The way you talk, it's as if I'm going to work with a god. Yes, many may think he's handsome, but to me it's not a big deal at all. He may be somewhat good-looking, but so what? You can't judge a person only by his looks. I think I'm about the only girl at Hogwarts who doesn't like him. Mar, he has an awful personality. Just absolutely loathsome." She scooped some mashed potatoes on her plate.

Marlene snorted. "Get off of it, Lily. Sure, he may be mean to old Snivelly, but he does look good, am I not right?" Marlene took a swig of pumpkin juice. "Goodness, I'm starving." She and Lily were currently at the Great Hall, eating dinner. It was already the first Friday of the school year and Lily was just on her way to the first Head Students meeting of the year.

"Yes, Mar, I already said he is kind of good looking, but that's not important. Everyone is either congratulating me or glaring at me, it's getting so bloody annoying. He should be excited to work with me." Lily took a large bite of her potatoes. "I'm not too bad to look at, am I? And we don't share a room, we share a bathroom. I don't even know why we share a bathroom. It's an invasion of privacy is what it is. Ew, this needs gravy."

Marlene chuckled, causing her brown curls falling across her chocolate brown eyes, which were shining with mirth. She put an extra layer of jam on her bread and started eating it. "Of course you're not bad to look at, Lily. You're absolutely lovely. But for a seventeen-year-old girl, your self-esteem is at its very peak. We're supposed to be whining about how dreadful we look and how fat we are. Fine, you may not care for his looks, but I hear he's smashing in the sack."

Lily rolled her eyes. "I hate girls, whining about how fat they are when they're practically sticks." She poured gravy all over her mashed potatoes and sampled it. Delicious. "And James in the sack? Ew, Mar. You've sullied my innocent brain."

"Like there was anything to sully in the first place."

"Ooh, I've got to go, I was supposed to meet James at Dumbledore's office at... seven." She finished the remains of her dinner and checked her magically-powered watch. "And... it's already a few minutes past seven. Damn, I'm late."

"Oh golly! I sure hope you have some fun, now hurry off now, can't be late for the meeting with the most gorgeous boy at our school!" Marlene faux-squealed as she buttered another piece of bread. "You should try one, they're really delicious."

Lily grimaced. "No thanks. For the first time, I really rather be late to this meeting. I really don't want to go."

"Oh, you should go. I really wouldn't want to delay you since I know you're dying to work with him," Marlene winked.

"Sure, I mean, he's just so bloody amazing," Lily replied dryly. "I've really got to go now. See you later, Mar!"

"Bring protection!" Marlene trilled happily, waving merrily and wishing her friend good luck in her own way.

Lily scowled and ran down the hall, racing against time in order to get to Professor Dumbledore's office, hopefully not late.

"Chocolate Frog," she said promptly as she approached the gargoyle and the secluded entrance was revealed. She stepped in and exhaled slowly. No, she wasn't late... of course she wasn't late... she was Lily, for god's sake!

Inside the office were a numerous amount of quirky things, scattered randomly, and all belonging to the very famous Albus Dumbledore. In the middle was Professor Dumbledore himself, sitting at his large, oak desk, with James Potter hunched by his side, listening and nodding dutifully, just like a good Head Boy would. Lily was surprised. She was expecting him to be even later than her! He was still in his Quidditch uniform and still had some sweat on his brow. From Lily's point, it showed off how tall and lean he was. Lily hated to admit it, but it was quite a nice sight, but Lily would rather die a million deaths than admitting that to anyone. Yes, she was stubborn and proud. His cherished and beloved broomstick was behind his back, lying silently against the wall. It was probably called something stupid, like the golden stick-made-out-of-shit. The quiet murmurs shared between Headmaster Dumbledore and James were getting faster, louder, and more excited. They were most likely making plans for the some school event, perhaps maybe a dance, even though school had just started.

Lily cleared her throat.

"Miss Evans," Dumbledore smiled, looking up. "How nice of you to finally join us."

"Sorry," Lily replied, looking embarrassed, "There were some distractions in the corridors I had to attend to."

"Sure, Evans," James scoffed, "I could make it here in less than five minutes from my last class which was on the other side of the school with today's important, and might I add, grueling, Quidditch practice only a mere half an hour away? And you can't even get here from, what, the Common Room after taking a nap in your comfortable and swanky dormitory?" It was this kind of talk that led Lily to loathe James. Meaningless, harmful, and annoying teasing. Plus, the fact that his ego was so bloody big, she was surprised his head alone could even fit it in the room.

"Shut up, Potter," Lily muttered, shooting him a glare. "You didn't have to walk far from here."

James rolled his eyes. "Farther than the Gryffindor Common Room."

"I'm trying to ignore you, can't you see?" Lily snapped and turned to Professor Dumbledore. "I'm terribly sorry for my tardiness but I'd like to get the meeting started straight away."

Dumbledore looked amused. "That's wonderful, Lily. Mr. Potter and I were discussing all the general events in the coming year. How many Hogsmeade visits, dances, and the likes. We really do need to sort out all the odds and ends. I need to leave soon to attend to other matters, but I've gone over a good deal with Mr. Potter. I would suggest that you two go over the rest of the details, if you believe you can cooperate effectively." Dumbledore gave them both a small, indulgent smile, and waited for their answer with raised eyebrows.

"We'll be fine, Professor," James answered promptly and waved the matter off with his hand. "That was just harmless bickering."

"I guess," Lily replied dully, not wanting Dumbledore to leave. But when he did leave, it was always attending important business matters.

"So I can trust you not to do each other injury?" Dumbledore asked, staring up at them from his half-moon glasses. The seriousness in his voice sounding a little forced to Lily.

"We won't. We are, after all, the Head students," Lily answered firmly. If Dumbledore had to go, then she would try to handle the situation gracefully.

"Very well," Dumbledore said as he rose, "I will be off. Good luck! You can finish your business in the Head Students room." He walked out from behind the desk and shooed them both toward the door.

"Great," James muttered they walked past Dumbledore. "We'll need it."

Lily kicked him in the ankle. "Ow!" James muttered. "Why you little..."

"Bye Professor!" Lily smiled brightly, waving to Dumbledore. She turned to face James as they walked to the staircase and her expression turned sour.

"Come on, Potter, let's get this damned thing over with."

"Took the words straight out of my mouth," James muttered, grabbing his broom and followed her out the door.

Lily walked into James's Head Boy room. A few years ago, they installed a Head Student's bathroom, but it was pretty pointless for the Head Students to walk from their common rooms every morning just to get to the Head Student's Bathrooms, so they installed bedrooms adjoining on opposite sides of the bathroom. It made more sense and the Head Boy and Girl were always very sensible, responsible students... so nothing foolish ever happened. Even so, the Professors programmed the rooms to have individual passwords, along with the bathroom that were changed weekly.

James's room was decent. Lily expected it to be messy, with clothes thrown over the floor, Quidditch accessories littering the bed, and trash cluttering up the room, but it was actually neat and tidy. It was much emptier than her room; every time Lily took a step, she could hear her heels click on the ground due to the lack of carpeting and furniture to absorb the noise. In fact, Lily's own room was messier. James' room was painted maroon and gold, down to the last millimeter. To Lily, it was just a little too much.

"This room is really, really maroon and gold," Lily commented in a strained voice, her eyes squinting as she paced the room. "You must take a lot of pride in Gryffindor."

James nodded. "Well, yes. I have to show lots of pride for our house, don't I? I am the Quidditch Captain and the Head Boy. Everyone loves the theme. Even the non-Gryffindors. Make yourself comfortable." He put his broom aside and took off his sweater, then settled onto his couch, laying there and relaxing with his eyes closed. Lily had to snap herself out of her admiration of his eyelashes to take in his words.

"We're not allowed to have visitors here, James. It's against the rules," she said sternly.

"So you've never had visitors in your room?" James asked.

Lily didn't say anything.

"Thought so. I don't care much for the rules, Lily," James responded carelessly. "I thought you already knew that."

Again, Lily didn't reply.

James smirked.

Lily rolled her eyes. "Anyways, let's get down to business. I expect you to take this job seriously. This is a warning, considering your past credentials. If I find you ever forgetting how important this job is, I will remind you the hard way. I am not going to be the one stuck doing everything while you bask in glory.

"Seriously, Lily, calm the bloody hell down. You don't have to be so angry all the time." He lay down again and stared at the ceiling. "Yes, yes, I have been slightly careless in the past and I simply lack a regard for rules, in fact, I don't even know why Dumbledore chose me for this job, Remus would've been a far superior choice..."

"Are you done yet?" Lily asked, crossing her arms. "You're just pointing out all your faults and making me think twice about even accepting the post of Head Girl with you as my partner."

James waggled his finger. "Lily, Lily, Lily... did I say I was done? No. Yes, I may be all those things, but that doesn't mean I won't be a fantastic Head Boy. I love Hogwarts and I want this year, our last, to be nothing below perfection. And Merlin, you're just about the only girl I know who's angry all the time. Calm down."

"I'm not angry all the time--just when I'm near you. So, it's really your fault." Lily settled herself into an overstuffed, maroon armchair and took out a few pieces of parchment. "Fine, it's settled. You'll be taking this job seriously. Good. I trust you love Hogwarts enough to do us some justice for our last year, so let's just get down to it--how many Hogsmeade visits should we have this year?" Lily asked. The quicker they started, the quicker they could leave.

"Every weekend," James answered promptly.

Lily rolled her eyes. "Work with me here, James, that's ludicrous. Once a month."

"Once a month? Are you joking?" James exclaimed. "That's preposterous! Every weekend, Lily."

"Once a week, James? No one would do their homework. Once a month."

"Fine, once every two weeks. And if it was once a week, you'd still do your homework."

"Damn it, fine. Once every two weeks." Lily scrawled it down.

"Wow, you said 'damn it'," James remarked, grinning.

"Yes. And now I'm going to say, 'fuck you'." Lily smiled sweetly. "Now, Halloween. Main dishes for the feast?"

James flickered with interest. "The usual meats and whatnot, but as side treats, butterbeer, definitely. And loads of candies from Honeydukes floating around, since Halloween is when all the Muggle children go around and ask for sweets. Muggle Studies does come in handy sometimes."

Lily paused. "That's actually a really good idea. I do love butterbeer."

"Wow," James said, slightly smiling, as he scribbled down more plans. "Lily Evans complimenting me. I think hell just froze over, since you were just about oozing with anger a minute or two ago."

"Miracles can happen when you focus, James, besides, there's a very thin line between anger and happiness, just like love and hate," Lily murmured as she organized her notes. "Even though it's a good idea, we need main courses. 'The usual,' as you suggested, meaning... chicken?"

"Yes," James agreed. "Chicken. Pork, lamb, and beef, too. We should make it a really big feast. Oh, and there must be loads of enchanted pumpkins with caddles in them lit up with fire. Maybe Severus will accidentally set himself on fire." He grinned.

Lily shook her head. "Always thinking of yourself or some other way to torture Severus. By the way, it's candles. Not caddles."

"I'm always thinking about how I'm the perfect model student so the ickle firsties will look up to me," he quipped.

"Yes, James, you're setting a example." Lily was impatient; she wanted to get on with the plans for Halloween so she could leave. "They look at you and want to be like you, and they certainly won't make any wrong decisions," she laughed hollowly.

"I certainly don't. How about you, Lily? You say you don't make any wrong decisions?" James asked.

Lily was silent.

He laughed darkly. "You're funny, Evans."

"Good idea, Potter, let's take a step back from being on a first-name basis," Lily sneered. "Can we get back to the plans now?"

"Sure. What else do we need to talk about? Nothing too detailed? It's beginning of September while the Halloween is practically ages away. We still have lots of time."

"I'd prefer if we didn't procrastinate with this, I want it to be successful."

"As do I, Miss Evans," he replied formally, with a mock-serious bow of his head

"Good. So, butterbeer, pork, beef, chicken, and lit-up pumpkins with candles inside. That's all we have so far."

James sat up. "Oh, I forgot something." He got up and walked to a rectangular shaped box in next to his bed. He opened it and threw something to Lily.

"What is this?" Lily asked, looking at the item suspiciously. It was canned and felt soothingly cold.

"Nice catch," James said as he took one of the cans for himself. "Just pop the lid and drink."

Lily opened the tab; she could hear it fizzling inside. She delicately took a sip and squealed with pleasure. "It's butterbeer!"

James nodded, still amused by Lily's childlike state, and walked back to his couch. "The one and only."

"How did you... what is this... how...?"

"Honeydukes has a secret stash of canned butterbeer in the back. I refill that damned box weekly and charmed it so it'd keep its contents cool, like a frigidter." James smiled in reminisce. "Ahh, Muggle Studies seem to be popping up everywhere today, doesn't it?"

"It's called refrigerator," Lily corrected him. "I didn't know you took Muggle Studies."

"It seemed kind of interesting, but it turned out pretty boring and was just another easy high mark."

"Well you weren't very good, forgetting candles and refridgerator." It was so typical of James to find a way to squeeze in the topic of his schoolwork into the conversation. "Well, I'm impressed, nevertheless," Lily said and tipped her drink at him. "Thank you. This is lovely."

"You're most welcome," James replied, taking a sip. "Cheers."

"Cheers," Lily repeated. She sipped and paused for a moment. A silence was filling the air, but it was not awkward. Perhaps James wasn't as loathsome as she had thought. Perhaps he was like everyone said he was: suave, nice, charming, cute. Maybe, if she just gave him a chance…

"Well," James said, getting up and stretching slightly, "I think we've done well today. We both got out alive."

"Today was surprising, to say the least," Lily replied, smiling slightly, "but it worked out for the best. Oh, and James?"


"Now that I know you have secret stash of Butterbeer hidden in your bedroom, I'll be breaking in time from time." Lily smirked. "See you."

She closed the door shut as she crossed the bathroom to get into her own room. Life was getting weirder by the moment. She had spent time with James, and he wasn't all that bad.

Lily sighed as she entered her room. Damn, and she had thought she hated James Potter–well, at least disliked him–but it wasn't that hard to tolerate the prat. She had to anyway, sooner or later, since they'd be working together on the major events for school. Lily dumped her stuff onto her bed and lay down, breathing a deep sigh. Like they said, life was a bitch sometimes.