What's the point of living?

Always being judged, always criticized, always mocked for the tiniest things.

No rest, just working every day, every hour, every minute.

Always on guard, never resting, always watching for danger.

Inuyasha sighed, and then sat down at the roots of Goshinboku. He put one hand on Tetsusaiga.

"You're always with me," he murmured softly, gently caressing the battered sword. "You're far more faithful than anyone else I know."

'That's not true,' a voice in his head scolded him. 'Kagome's been by your side ever since you met her.'

"Well, Kagome gets mad at me, and has to go back to her own time often. Tetsusaiga doesn't do that."

'She always comes back.'


'Stupid! Don't you realize what I'm saying, or are you too far gone?!'

"I'm tired of life. I don't want to go on living."

'What about Naraku? What about the Shikon Jewel?'

"Other people can beat Naraku. Other people can collect the jewel shards. They don't need me."

'Yes they do! What about Kagome?'

"Shut UP!" Inuyasha jumped up, shaking away the voice in his head. Snorting, he sat back down, contemplating how to do it. After a few minutes of thinking, his eyes fell on Tetsusaiga.

He pulled it slowly out of its sheath, rubbing his finger along the sharp edge, smiling when he cut his finger on it. He brought the sword to his eyes for closer inspection.

"So old and rusty. Never killed humans. But perfect for killing demons."

He brought it higher, then with one quick motion stabbed himself through the chest. "Ugh-"

It was painless for the first few seconds, then suddenly a sharp pain hit him, causing him to double over, instinctively using his hand to staunch the flow of blood.

He grimaced, then smiled, lifting his hand, pleased to see the thick, crimson blood that covered it. His vision was going hazy, his eyes half-closing.

Inuyasha heard a scream, and looked up. He saw Kagome, standing a few yards away, hand to her mouth, shocked and horrified. He smiled one last time, then toppled over and lay still forever, leaving behind all the pain, weariness, and sorrow.

Zora's Notes: If you're thinking, "That was so weird! Inuyasha is totally out of character!" don't worry. I think so too, and I wrote it! Heh. I still like it, though! Now is that wonderful time when you click on the review button and tell me what you think! Be honest!