Yin and Yang


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That single name meant so much to a certain five teenagers...Pain. Love. Hate. Grief. Fury. Despair.

That single name could light a to-be burning fire, distinguish a bright sun, and start a flow of tears...

Terra. A blonde haired, blue-eyed girl that meant so much to five unique teens. A girl who had sacrificed her life to undo the chaos that she had created. A girl who didn't know how to make choices, and thislead to her to wandering down a dark, lonely path. A girl who didn't deserve the death she had received. A girl who had extraordinary powers...

A girl one of those teens had loved.

Because of all this, those special teenagers were cooped inside during a sunny spring day. Thoseextraordinary teenagers were the legendary Teen Titans: Robin, the leader, Raven, the empath, Starfire, the extraterrestrial, Cyborg, the machine, and Beastboy, the changeling.

Robin, teen wonder,and Cyborg,the...cyborg,were perched in front of a computer, researching to find a way to reverse the effects of the volcano on Terra. Starfire was in standing in front of the huge widescreen television, conversing with scientists on Tamaran, her home planet. The tall, redheaded girl was trying to find out if there was a cure in her motherland. Raven was floating right above the coach, trying to get in touch with experts on Azarath, her home planet. Her lavender violet eyes were closed and her soft gray lips were quietly muttering words underneath her breath. The chakra on her forehead was glowing a soft blue.

And Beastboy...

Beastboy was lying on the bottom bunk of his bed, gazing at a crumpled picture with pain reflecting in his vibrant green eyes. In the picture, the green-skinned changeling had his arm around Terra, who was laughing. In the background, the other Titans playing rugby, with the exception of Raven, who was meditating. The sky was a beautiful cerulean, the sun smiling down on Jump City, and one could almost feel the warmth and happiness on that pleasant April day by just glancing at the picture. It had been a perfect day...

The fourteen-year-old sighed. It had been three weeks since Terra's transformation and Slade's apparent death. During that time, Beastboy hardly ever left his room. The pain was still fresh inside him and it felt as if someone had cut out his heart andcarved outa huge chunk of it before returning it to his chest.

Hesighed again and returned the picture to its spot under his pillow, alongside his only picture of his long deceased parents. Beastboy glanced at it briefly before carefully placing the fluffy pillow atop of the pictures.

There was agentle knock on the door.

"Come in," Beastboy muttered, sitting up.

The door hissed open and Robin stood in the entrance, his masked eyes examining his teammate sympathetically. He looked so heartbroken, so forlorn...it would suck to reveal the bad news to him. But he had to do it. There was no other choice.

"Beastboy..." Robin said carefully, stepping his way between piles of discarded comic booksand dirty clothes. "I'm sorry to say this, but...there hasn't been anything. Not a single clueto trying to undo it."

Beastboy knew what 'it' was without any further explanation.

"We have to move on, BB..."

The changeling stared outside his window, the same place Terra had floated when they went out on their first and last date. He sighed for a third time, and then nodded. "I understand. I...guess it's time to move on."

"We'll still research the topic when we have time..." Robin studied his face through his mask. Blank. Just like Raven's often was...

"I know."

"I'm sorry." Robin left quietly, the door shutting quietly behind him.

Beastboy continued staring for a couple more minutes.

Then he stood up and plastered on a fake smile and walked out of his room.

It was time to move on.

Chapter 1: Happy Sweet Sixteen

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos..." Two united voices chanted. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos..."

The two girls, both from other planets, floated in midair, legs crossed. The sunset cast their shadows gracefullyacross the cement roof of Titans Tower. Beautiful colors were smeared across the sky, reflected on the sparkling waters of California. A soft breeze tickled their necks and brushed their hair back. They were lost in their own world, meditating.

Neither noticed when a green boy slipped onto the roof.

Beastboy walked up to the dark haired one quietly, scarcely daring to move. She looked so beautiful, so peaceful...serene. He mentally shook his head and almost blushed for thinking such thoughts. The changeling then opened his mouth and was about to shout BOO when Raven sensed him. She swirled around in midair and they were face-to-face, noses barely an inch apart.

Raven could feel his warm breath on her face and neck, tingling her senses.

"Um...dinner's ready?" He said nervously, sweat dropping. Beastboy hoped the empath wouldn't send him to another dimension.

Wow, his breath doesn't even smell like tofu, observed Raven. Her ears tinged pink as they looked into each other's eyes awkwardly.

Starfire turned around, emerald green eyes bright and enthusiastic. "Who has cooked the dinner today, friend Beastboy?"

Beastboy backed up from Raven and straightened up. "Robin." He arched an eyebrow. "And he saved a seat for you next to him, Starfire." The teen grinned, a spark of mischief coming into his eyes.

"Most glorious! What has he prepared for tonight's feast?" Starfire twirled in midair, her purple miniskirt swishing. Her voice rang out into the cool air.

"You'll have to come down and find out!" Beastboy grinned again and ran back downstairs.

Raven lowered herself slowly onto the floor, her blue clad feet touching the ground lightly. It had been a year since Terra and Beastboy was back to his normal self. She was glad. But...had no one remembered AGAIN?

This is most probably because you have informed none about it, Intelligence reasoned in her mind.

They all don't like us, sniffed Timid. That's why they didn't remember. No one likes us. Especially Beastboy.

Raven ignored Timid. Intelligence was right. She didn't really talk about her past. But then again, none of the Titans did, with the exception of Starfire sometimes.

Starfire flew down from the roof enthusiastically, her usual happy expression painted on her face. Raven flew down more calmly, wondering why the tower was so quiet. At dinnertime, the tower usually rumbled with sounds from the kitchen and Cyborg and Beastboy arguing about one thing or another.

By the time the empath entered the dark kitchen, it was very obvious what was happening to her. She braced herself for impact.

The light switched on.


Raven was surprised. There were voices coming from the television, also. A quick glance showed her that most of the residents of Jump City had gathered in the streets and had just assisted the other Titans in blowing her eardrums up.

The said four Titans were now gathered in the kitchen in front of her, beaming. The entire kitchen was decorated with festive colors, and a large banner stretched across the ceiling. The table was strewn with delicious foods with tempting smells, some of them dishes from Azarath. On the side counter, there was a large chocolate cake with the words, "Happy Sweet Sixteen, Rae!" written in blue icing on top.

Raven smiled.

Beastboy nearly melted on the spot. Raven actually smiled. She liked it!

"This must've taken you some time," The empath commented, therare smile still playing around her lips. She was touched. No other Titan had had a surprise party during the last two years.

Yay! This is so cool! Happy giggled inside Raven. Awesome!

"Booyah! Let's chow now!" Cyborg sat down quickly and the other Titans followed suit, Beastboy purposefully sitting next to Raven.

"Do you...really like it?" Beastboy quietly said, staring into her violet eyes. He was very close to her.

In the background of her pounding heart, Raven could distantly hear the other Titans chattering away. She nodded and allowed herself another small smile. Two smiles in one day. Not bad.

Beastboy leaned back, satisfied. His eyes sparkled. "Good. Now eat."

The meal was delicious, some dishes with vegetables and some with meat.

"Did you cook this?" Raven asked Robin in her monotonous voice.

"Yes I did! It took me hours and lots of hard work..." Robin grinned and puffed out his chest. He glanced slightly at Starfire.

Cyborg snorted loudly. "It sure took a lot of time and hard work to punch in a couple of numbers on the phone!"

Robin blushed. "Well, you're not the one paying..."

"And neither are you!"

"Still, I was the one who..."

Raven tuned the others out. Truth be told, she honestly thought they hadn't remembered. The empath wondered how they had, being as she had only spoken about her birthday once, and only once, when they had first joined together as a team. She decided to take a trip in someone's mind...

A small, invisible tendril of power stretched from her mind to the center of the table. It paused. No, Starfire wouldn't do. Raven knew from experience that she thought in Tamaranian. Cyborg's mind was too mechanical. Robin...

The tendril of power reached towards his mind and the minds connected.

Starfire' so pretty. I love the way her eyes are so bright...Wait, did I just think that? Uh... What's Rae doing over there? It looks like she just spaced out...Wonder what she's thinking...

Raven snapped out of Robin's mind. She raised her eyes to meet his masked ones. They held each other's gaze for two seconds until Robin turned away.

He definitely wasn't the one who remembered... Raven turned towards Beastboy, who was arguing with Cyborg about meat. She entered his mind...

Meat is so GROSS! Doesn't he understand that I have BEEN those animals before!

I want a Popsicle.

Hey, my finger sorta smells like salad.

Are my thoughts random? I should research this.

Do they have urinals in Beijing?

I wonder if any of the others remembered Raven's birthday. Beastboy leaned back in his seat, still arguing, but his mind wasn't on it. Definitely wasn't Starfire or Robin...And I don't think Cyborg did, either. Why did that day stick in my brain anyway? Oh well. Maybe my brain is just weird. I mean, I think about secret janito--

Raven exited his mind quickly. So it was Beastboy who remembered. Odd.

"Hey, Rae, do you like chocolate?" Beastboy asked Raven, smiling. His green eyes sparkled, Raven's face reflected in them.

Raven stared at him. What happened to his conversation with Cyborg? "Not really. But I'll eat some cake..."

Beastboy grinned. "You don't have to, 'cause I got you GREEN TEA ICE CREAM!"

A stunned silence followed his enthusiastic statement.

"What is this...green of tea cream of ice friend Beastboy speaks of?" Starfire said uncertainly, breaking the silence, large eyes looking questionably at Robin.

"Ice cream flavored of tea... Green tea is a flavor of tea," Robin started a long-winded explanation.

"Ew," Cyborg stated. He raised his eyebrow at Beastboy.

Beastboy only had ears for Raven's opinion.

"Um," She said, hesitating. Raven loved green tea ice cream, but she didn't want to admit she liked anything sweet. "Thanks, BB." Another smile was given to him.Three smiles. This was going over the edge.

Cyborg gagged.

Beastboy stood up happily to prepare her the ice cream, then suddenly stopped, an expression of surprise suddenly upon his green face. "PRESENTS! We gotta open presents before desert!" He zoomed out of the room to get his present.

"That's right..." Robin mused. He went off to get his present.

"Glorious!" Starfire exclaimed. "Raven, I have gotten you the most wondrous present that I hope you shall appreciate!" She flew off, Cyborg following.

Beastboy was first to return, a small present wrapped in dark blue paper in his hands.

Soon all the Titans were gathered around Raven on the table, with their presents. Raven gazed at the pile, then carefully selected Starfire's, peeling off the wrapping paper, baby pink with yellow smiley faces, neatly.

"Wow..." Was all she could say. In the box lay a beautiful cloak with velvety cloth. There was only one problem...

It was bright pink.

The boys stifled their laughter as Starfire beamed at her.

"I...really appreciate it, Star," Raven forced a smile on her face. "Thanks." She didn't count that last smile as a real smile.

Rae opened Cyborg's next, which was a book full of Edgar Allen Poe's stories and poems. On the first page was the poem Nevermore.

"Quoth the raven, Nevermore," Cyborg incanted, smiling.

"Thanks, Cy." Raven actually liked it, even though she had a similar book. This one had a lot more stories and poems, though.

Robin had given her a box of assorted imported herbal teas from all over the world that were supposed to be very rare and good for the heart and soul. She promised herself to try one the next day.

Last was Beastboy's. Raven examined the small present carefully before opening it. It was a small, dark blue velvet box that opened up when she touched it. Inside, amidst black velvet,was a beautiful circular locket with a large sapphire on top of the locket part. There was also a small note scribbled in Beastboy's messy handwriting:

Talk to me through my head and I'll explain.

She raised an eyebrow but complied.

What's with this? It's...really pretty.

She locked eyes with the younger teen.

Well, you're pretty, the locket's pretty...I thought you might like it. Beastboy smiled at her. Look inside.

She opened it. Inside was a rare picture of her and Beastboy together. She was smiling slightly and Beastboy was grinning. A light stain of pink flew across Raven's cheeks.


The other Titans looked at the two, staring at each other and blushing and smiling for apparently no reason whatsoever. They had no clue what was happening.

"Thanks for everything," Raven tore her gaze away from Beastboy's too-handsomegreen eyes and put up her hood. "They were...great gifts."

"I am most glad you liked them, friend Raven!" Starfire squealed. "Now, let us all eat cake!"

Well, you're pretty, the locket's pretty...

Raven gazed at her ceiling. It was past midnight and she couldn't sleep. Beastboy's words kept sticking in her mind.

You're pretty...

Malchior had said the same to her...Told her that she was pretty...beautiful, even. But he hadn't meant it...Had he?

Yes, but of course Beastboy means it in a friend to friend way, Intelligence said.

No! Happy twirled around in her pink cloak. Of course he thinks we're really pretty!

We love him...

Raven sat up in bed. WHAT had she just thought! Which emotion was that?

Me. I'm Love...I love him. WE love him. Much more than Malchior.

In her mind, a Raven with a red cloak stood. The red was a much softer red than Rage's.

Raven shook her head. "No, no..." She said softly, holding the sides of her head with her hands. "Why did you have to come back?" The first step to insanity was hearing voices in her head, was it not? Didn't someone once say, 'I hear voices and they don't like you'?

Before, Love had appeared when Raven had discovered Malchior. After Malchior, Raven didn't want to be in any relationships. She hadn't wanted to be when she saw what happened to Beastboy and Terra, and after Malchior, Raven made a promise to herself: Never fall in love. Ever.

Her window cracked with a sharp bang.

"No...I'm not...I can't fall in—"

There was a knock at the door. "Rae?" An inquiring voice came from her door. "It's BB... Can I come in? Or, um, stand at the doorway or something..."

Raven waved her hand and the door opened, revealing Beastboy in his pajamas. "Come in...but don't touch anything. If you will, you'll regret it..."

The teen stepped in cautiously. He had grown a lot since Terra and was now taller than Raven. Slightly. He glanced at the window, in which the bright moonlight was pouring.

"What's wrong, Rae?" He said quietly, his voice weaved with concern. Beastboy wandered towards her bed, sitting himself on the edge, careful not to sit on her legs or some other body part. "I heard you..."

Her violet eyes met his green ones once again. Raven's heart felt fluttery inside, but she forced out a steady reply. "Nothing. Just...Just a bad dream. How did you hear me?"

The changeling pointed to his ears. "They're not just for decoration." He grinned. "Plus, I couldn't fall asleep. Too much sugar. Sugar sugar sugar!"

"Great. Just the thing we need: Beastboy getting high," Raven commented in her usual monotone. If she had been standing, her knees would've felt weak under Beastboy's steady gaze. She couldn't fall in love...she wouldn't allow it. Especially with Beastboy, of all people. He talked too much, was annoying, and was way too happy for her taste. They were complete opposites.

"Opposites attract..." Beastboy said softly, turning his gaze to the bright full moon.

Had he just read her thoughts?

"Maybe...maybe that's what brought Robin and Starfire together. Or it will, eventually..."

Raven watched him look out the window, his form silhouetted against the night sky.

"And how are they opposites?" Raven asked quietly.

Somewhere outside Titans Tower, a cricket sang out.

"Well," BB paused. "Robin hates to lose. But Star doesn't care that much if she loses a card game or something...She's just happy that she gets to play at all..." Beastboy smirked. "Okay, so they're not that opposite... Then again, Robin's human and Starfire's...not." He looked back at Raven. He loved how lovelyand tranquil she looked when she was relaxed...Right now she was leaning on her left side, propped up by her elbow, violet eyes looking straight into his. The blankets covered her nightgown, but her perfect figure was still visible. Raven's purple hair shone in the moonlight, shining like thousands of diamonds in the sun. He didn't care if she was the devil's daughter: thegorgeous girl before him was an angel in his mind. "Who would you think are complete opposites that we both know?"

There was a silence as another cricket answered.

Raven tore their locked eyes. This was getting too intimate, and seeing Beastboy using his brain was the stuff nightmares are made of."That's an obvious question. Us. I like darkness, you like sun. You like to make jokes, I think they're annoying. You're optimistic, I'm pessimistic. I am Yin, you are Yang. We don't attract, even though we're opposites. End of story. Get out of my room."

Beastboy looked surprised at her sudden aggressiveness. "Sorry, Rae...didn't mean to piss you off." He stood up quickly. Raven could sense a tiny flicker of anger and annoyance. "Good night then...Don't have any more bad dreams. You might want to ask Cyborg to fix that window."

He left.

Raven felt the spot where he had sat, less than a minute before. It was obviously still warm. She sighed and buried her face in her pillow. She had messed it up. But it was for the good of them both. Neither could handle a relationship at this point.

Could they?

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