October 10, 2004, 5:01 PM

Hee heee heeee

I own no characters… you know who does, and it ain't me!

Mindless action/adventure, with romantic hopelessness for Maryanna! ;)

Angel knew he was in trouble, and was fading fast! Left, right, duck! He moved as fast as in-humanly possible that his powers would allow. But even with all this, he still knew the end was near! Blood covered the dirty alley streets. The vampire sighed as he noticed his wounds, it would not be quick and painless. "Ha! Give it up, Vampire! You are not to win this epic battle!" laughed the figure next to the fallen hero. "Just give in…" hissed the man, who laughed at the clear pain. "Never!" Angel barked, but it was too late, things grew dark, and not a muscle of the poor warrior would move. Angel had been defeated….

"Ha ha! I win!" Wesley laughed. "SO? That was just Cheese Fighters! A video game is not anything!" Angel pouted, he could not believe he had lost!

"Now give it to me" Wesley held out his palm, expectant. "Make me." the vampire denied the Englishman. "I won fair and square, now give me my reward." Wesley said, DEADLY. "Tuh, yeah like that's gonna scare me. Vampire, hello!" said the hero, declaring his name, as if to declare the fate of the fight. "Oh, I think you'll give me what I want…." said the immortal, (Wesley is now immortal, wow!), cryptically.

"And why would that be?" asked Angel, just a twang of fear flavoring his voice.

Wesley smirked. "Because, I'll tell Lola the real reason as to why your arrival of your date last Thursday was late." Wesley's eyes twinkled brightly with satisfaction. He would get what he wanted, whether Angel was happy with it or not.

"Y-you're bluffing. I have nothing to hide! There was a lot of traffic!" Angel seethed. "But for someone who climbs buildings, that would not be a problem…" Wesley remarked. "Uh…" Angel's voice faltered. His eyes darted with nervousness. He was stuck…

"If I give it, you must promise to never tell anyone about last Thursday, about the, the, tooth brushing… Got it!" Angel yelled angry. "Certainly, what are friends for?" asked Wesley, again putting his palm out. Angel reached inside his pants and Wesley greedily grabbed for the desired item.

"Mmmh, it's so good!" Wesley hummed. Angel rolled his eyes.

Then Cordelia walked into the apt. "OMG! Wesley what the freak are you doing!" she paled.

"Geese Cordelia relax!" the vamp sighed.

"I'm just enjoying a candy bar." Wesley bit the Hershey bar with much gusto. "I know, but Gawd, that's the 5th one I've seen you eat this week! Don't you know how much fat is in one of those!" Cordelia squeaked, hysterical.

"Er, rather, but Cordelia, I'm immortal, that means I'll always be as I am. Plus no sickness or disease. The only thing that will kill me is chopping off my head." Wesley explained to the brunette woman.

"Whatever." she said, leaving the two to their candy goodness.

"This isn't what I expected, but it'll do." Wes munched the bar.

"Really, because, I was going to .." but Wesley cut Angel off by delivering a passion filled kiss to his lips. He tossed the candy bar away, and smirked very deviously at his lover.

"You were saying?" Wesley cocked his eyebrow. "Do this." Angel said, pulling Wesley down on the couch….

The end… ;) hope you all liked it! Love ya all!