Lost innocence


WARNING- will Contain Rape and Molestation

A/N- this is in 1st person of Paige and 3rd, it switches off, but I assure you it's not confusing.

Piper and Paige are sisters, and Piper and Phoebe are very close family friends (sort of like Carly and Courtney from Alexandra's stories)

Chapter 1- Before the Storm

She tossed and turned in her sleep as the nightmare encompasses her dream. Sweat trickles down her face as she struggles to awaken. Suddenly her eyes pop open and the first thought in her mind was to call…

"Piper! Piper!" 6-year-old Paige yelled. Piper ran into her room from the bathroom, because she was getting ready for her first date, since she was 16, Grams allowed her too.

"Honey what's wrong? Did you have another dream?" Piper asked gently.

Paige nodded "I almost die, he try to kill me!"

Piper sighed, "Were you watching those movies again?" Paige hung her head low. Piper walked over to her bed and picked Paige up, then sat down.

"You know what mom and I told you about those movies, you know what happens, yet you did it anyway" Paige stuck her lip out and was tearing up.

"I sorry Piper, but Lisa called me a baby cause I told her I wasn't allowed to watch scary movies, and that I didn't like them much anyway, so I wanted to show I can and that I'm no baby" Paige huffed, then stuck her thumb in her mouth.

"Sweetie, she's just maybe...going through a stage, so just don't listen to her"

Paige rolled her eyes " Well when will this stage be over?" Piper laughed "I don't know"

"But she's my friend, and both our Gramses is friends"

Piper cuddled her closer. "That doesn't mean you have to be, I understand you are, and that's ok babe"

Paige sighed. "I guess your right" Piper pulled Paige's face closer until their noses touched "Of course I'm right, I'm your big sister" Paige giggled

"Now its time for you to go to bed Missy" Paige nodded but stayed where she was and meekly said "Will you sleep wif me?"

"I can't babe, I have a date tonight" Paige's face fell. "But I will stay with you until you fall asleep" Paige smirked and climbed onto the bed.

"Alrighty, under the covers" She did so and giggled as Piper tickled her from above the covers.

Piper tucked her in and gave her a kiss on the forehead "Now close your eyes and sleep honey" As Paige did so, she started to rub her back, knowing it calms her down.

A little while later a car honked outside. Piper peeked out the window and saw that it was her date. She looked back at Paige knowing she's a fairly light sleeper, and she saw her slightly open her eyes. "Shhh hun, go back to sleep" Paige wanted to protest, but was to tired too, so she just nodded and closed her eyes.

Piper stayed there a little while longer till she was sure Paige was asleep, and then she got up and headed for the door. She opened it quietly and walked out into the hallway; she turned to close the door, but paused and thought.

Ever since she started hanging out with Lisa more, she has been doing the most dangerous things to show her she is a 'big girl'. I don't understand, she never had a problem with wanting to grow up so fast. She sighed 'I want to know what's going on Paige, please talk to me' She silently wished.

A/N- I know this may seem insignificant or boring, but this was important. Tell me if you wish for me to continue.