James cracked his fingers.

"Ah! A new year is beginning yet again!" He yawned at their table, at breakfast. Sirius put down his magazine and raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah I think Dumbledore established that last night when you were goggling Evans," Sirius muttered disgustedly flipping a page.

"What? What! No! Uh…well…she's grown up a lot," James muttered defensively, playing with his food. Sirius made a skeptic noise.

"It's Evans," he drawled. James blushed.

"Whatever…" he said, throwing the thought of a 'new' Lily out of his mind, to prevent any further humiliations.

I took a deep breath and entered the Great Hall, attempting the classic 'calm' look, I'd rehearsed in my mirror hours before breakfast even began. I walked aimlessly through the crowds. Soon, I spotted the Queen bees in the middle of the tables. I took another breath. I walked slowly past the A-Crowd, hoping that the miniskirt, the pink lip gloss, and the 30 shirts were worth it. I saw Jessica (Bitchiest of the Bitches) whisper something to Marietta (daddy's little princess) and she grinned, spreading her raspberry coloured lips across her face, mischievously. Marietta whispered to Jenna (ahem…slutty, quite typical blonde a/n: Sorry, fellow blondes) who was waving to some testosterone powered guys laughing deeply with each other. It was weird for me, just walking past, and I wondered how my legs were still going. I never noticed before how easily I could have fit in if I had tried. I had the body, long legs, long stomach, all that jazz. That's pretty much all you really need to have to fit in. The fashion, the body, and you know… you have to suck up a little bit. Jessica was eyeing me up and down. Starting from the toes to the head. She smiled evilly. Even though this was a bit strange for me I knew this was just how the popular kids communicated. Being popular was like you were always in the spotlight. Everyone was always looking at you. They all knew you were looking at them too. And they liked it. Soon enough I would be in that spotlight. I would be the one soaking up the attention. And I knew I would like it…