Author's Note: Ah, don't worry peeps! I'm not stopping my "The Pieces Of Revenge" fic. Truthfully, I got like half of it already written down. This is just something I wanted to write for Pixie Ayanami. She had a bit of trouble. I'm not going to say what it was though; I don't like talking about other people's personal things. Anyway, this fic is dedicated to her. Hope you enjoy Pix! Oh yeah...all the other reviewers too, lol.


He had lied to her. He manipulated her with false companionship, with false love. He used her loneliness against her. He struck at where she hurt most...her heart.

He had broken it.

And Raven hated Malchior for it...and also hated herself for being such a fool.

She should've known, she should've seen through his tricks, should've seen the truth.

But she didn't. And that hurt worse. She was disgusted with him...but also herself to allow the need for someone to understand her overcome her.

She had, for once, thought she had found someone to accept her for what she was. She thought that she found someone that understood her, someone that she could love...and love her back.

But it had been a lie; it had all been a lie.

She had been used. During the whole time, Malchior had secretly thought of her as a servant, a pawn, not a real person. She was just a key to his escape, nothing more.

Raven had never felt the kind of betrayal that she had felt when the truth had been unveiled. Her heart had been broken; it had become hard to breathe, to even think. She had only been able to sit where she was when he escaped, feeling numb. Then it all came back to her, the rage she suddenly felt putting her into action.

There had been a place to put that rage. She put it into action, into revenge.

However, even when she imprisoned him back in the book where she found him, the pain had come back. She started to think that she truly was alone in the world...that there was no one that could understand her, that she can go for comfort when she felt scared, alone, or sad.

And she came to realize that she was a bigger fool then she had originally thought.

She wasn't alone, she never had been. She just couldn't see it. There were people that cared for her. Her friends. They would help her and comfort her when she needed it.

No matter what, she could turn to them. They could heal her broken heart, something that she couldn't do alone. She was grateful, she was glad to have them with her. She no longer had to hide in the shadows, or protect herself with the walls she had built around her heart.

She wasn't alone. She never was, never had, and never will be.

Because her friends...her family, would always be there.


Author's Note: Lol, yeah short. I kind of wish I made this longer...but oh well. I hope you all enjoyed this! And I hope you enjoyed it too Pix!