… Bump in the night.

By Norwalker

Chapter 3

Summary: A little Halloween treat. Of course, what would Halloween be without its tricks?

Timeline: Season three, between " Homecoming" and " Band Candy"

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimers: Joss Whedon, Mutant enemy and Fox own 'em. Like, we didn't know that already?

The chosen two find themselves in the alley behind The Bronze. They look around, but don't see the vampire they followed out.

" Well, damn… where did Fang-o get to ?" Faith says, looking around," I swear he came out this way."

" He couldn't have gotten away… we came out right after him." Buffy looks around, and grows suspicious. " Faith, not liking this a whole lot."

" Not liking what?" Faith asks, looking around, " it's a vampire. Surely you've dusted one or two in your time, B. He just musta…." But then she stops…because figures start emerging from the shadows. A lot of figures.

" Oh… swell." Buffy looks around, and sees a gang of vampires, at least twelve, surrounding them. " Can you say… chump?" She looks at her fellow slayer.

" Hey, don't look at me… just doing my job…how was I supposed to know it was a trap?" Faith says, feeling defensive, "heck, anyway, it's only 6 to 1… what's with you? Getting the wiggins in your advanced age?"

" Remind me to have a little talk to you about this thing you have with overwhelming odds, ok?" Buffy is clearly not happy with the situation, " Strike that… really not wanting to know."

The two slayers move to the middle of the crowd, realizing there really is no way to get out of this…having checked the door they came out of and finding it locked. They instinctively go back to back…covering each other. The vampires start to move in on them.

" Hey…there's two of them, " One of the vamps says to another, " The boss didn't say there was gonna be two of them!"

" So? It's still 6 to 1 odds… geeze, were you such a coward when you were living?" the second vamp says.

" Well, what's to say there aren't more of them hanging around, just waiting?"

"Get real. Even if there are, that's just more to go around. I hear slayer's blood is like…a really good drug…so just get your mind on business, and we'll all soon be feasting."

A few of the bolder vampires rush at the slayers, and the fight is on. The slayers work in unrehearsed synchronicity, punching and kicking the attacking vampires. The vampires, realizing it's not going to be an easy kill, back off a little and start circling the slayers, looking for a weak point. The slayers move with them, and when an opportunity presents itself, they go in for the kill. One by one they start dusting the small attack group, until the three vampires are dispatched.

" Get 'em, overwhelm them, " the obvious leader of the group shouts at the rest of the group. They all come in for the attack, and things get a little hairy.

Buffy and Faith split up, dividing the group up. At first things seem pretty grim, as the vampires surround them, giving punches as good as they're getting. But desperation breeds inspiration, and soon the slayers are creating new ways to dispatch the horde surrounding them.

Buffy starts using two stakes, dusting two vampires at once. This dispatches two of the five surrounding her, but one of the remaining 3 vamps gets behind her, and holds her in an arm lock. The other two advance, figuring that the little slayer is pretty much subdued. But Buffy launches up and off her feet, bringing both feet into…well, lets say that the family jewels were damaged severely. The two vamps grab their groins, and go down, as Buffy manages to bring the third over her head, and onto the ground, where stake meets heart and turns him to Hoover material.

Faith, in the meantime, is busy with her own set of vampires. Grabbing the first vampire to attack her, she tosses him into the remaining three, bowling them over. She runs at them, and starts using the stake to dust them. She gets two of them, but a third sweeps her legs from under her, and she finds herself on her back, the vampire hovering over her. He drops down on her for the kill, hoping to pin her body to the ground as he feeds on her. He manages instead to fall on her upturned stake, and turns to dust. The fourth vampire, sussing the situation, all of a sudden not liking the odds, turns and runs. Faith throws her stake, and it hits him square in the back…and through his heart…. and he's gone.

"Faith… a little help here, please" Buffy calls out, sounding stressed. The two vamps she kicked had recovered, and they had her pinned back against the wall. She was fighting, but one of the vamps had a knife, and had cut her in the arm and leg. The blood was adding to their frenzy. Faith ran over, and kicked the one with the knife, sending him flying head first into the wall. Buffy grabbed the other, and pulled him in, staking him as he was coming towards her. Faith in the meantime was pounding the other vamp over and over into the wall.

" Screw you, you prick!" Smash." How's it feel, asshole?" Smash " Want another go?" Smash " Don't be screwin' with my friends" Smash. The vampire's out, beyond feeling it, but Faith keeps smashing his head into the wall

"Faith, just stake him and get it done, " Buffy says, coming over to her." Faith, stop!" Buffy stakes the vamp, turning him to dust.

" Why the hell did you do that?" Faith cries out. She sees the blood on Buffy's costume. " Crap, you're bleeding!" Faith starts ripping at her skirt, making long strips of cloth.

" It's nothing, Faith. I'm ok… we got more important things to worry about."

" Shut up!" Faith says, using the strips as makeshift bandages. She starts winding one around Buffy's leg.

" Faith, calm down, I'm ok..."

" Just SHUT UP!" Faith yells at her, attending to her wounds. " You're hurt"

" Faith. Look at me!" Buffy says, pulling her sister slayer to her feet. She sees the fear in her eyes. " I'm ok, focus…I'm ok." She takes one of the strips of cloth from Faith, and winds it around her arm. Faith walks off a ways, back turned to Buffy.

" Faith?"

" What?" Faith growls.

" Someone lured us out here. They wanted us out of the way. Something's going on in The Bronze. We gotta get back inside."

" The damned door's locked."

"There's another way… on the roof"

" Huh?"

" The roof… I used it before, couple of years ago. When the Master had his followers seal off The Bronze. We just crawl down the airshaft and boom, on the upper catwalk…"

Faith goes over to the alley door, and starts kicking it.

" Faith, what're you doing? Those doors have steel cores. You can't kick it down."

" Just watch me!" Faith keeps kicking the door.

" Faith, I don't want to tip them off… I want to sneak in and suss out the sitch before we go wonky on them" Buffy says, going over to Faith.

"Well, I can't go your way… so it's this way or no way."

" Faith, it's easy, trust me…"

" NO! I can't do it." Faith kicks at the door." I can't stand closed in spaces, I go nuts…"

" Faith, it's real short…only like 10-20 feet. It's fast…"

" Doesn't matter, I get hinky just thinkin' about it." Faith looks at the door and sees no progress. " Dammit, what's wrong with this crappy door?"

" Faith… Faith, you're not gonna get through that. The roof's the only way…" Buffy comes over, and turns Faith towards her. " I'll be right there with you… I won't let anything happen to you. Trust me."

Faith looks at her, then the door, then back at her. Her eyes express her fears, but she clenches her jaw.

" You better be right about this… or I'm gonna throw your bony ass off the roof."

" Just follow me!" Buffy says. She starts to climb up on the roof.

Faith follows, reluctantly.


"What in the …." Xander whispers, in the dark.

The entire Bronze has gone black… no lights are working except for the emergency exit signs. All around them they hear people panicking.

" I'm scared," Willow whispers.

" You're always scared, you big…" There's a crash behind them onstage. "… ah… what was that?" Xander sounds scared himself. " I heard a noise"

" Uh-huh. Look who's wearing the extra large pampers now!" Willow whispers.


Suddenly, a spotlight comes up on stage. Xander and Willow see a tall woman… very tall, close to 6 feet tall, standing onstage with them, not 10 feet away…the back off, sneaking backstage.

From another part of the bronze, someone else is observing the action. When the lights went out, Rupert Giles immediately thought This is it. Feeling his way around, he circled the bar, trying to get a vantage point where he could watch and wait. Fortunately, being forewarned helped… the sword at his side was real, not the fake one that came with the costume. He also had a stake shoved through his belt. Thank god Faith didn't see that earlier, or I'm sure she would've made a snide remark about it. Otherwise, right now, there wasn't much he could do until there was light. At that moment, the spotlight came on.

The female vampire approaches the mic, and taps it.

" Hey…is this thing working ? Cool. Hi all. Sorry about scaring you with my little dramatics. Actually, not all that sorry… loving the fear and panic rolling off you like waves. But then, I'm a vampire, " The woman morphs, and there are a few scattered screams in the crowd. " That's it? That's the best you can do? Aw, c'mon, I'm sure you can do better." She growls at the crowd, and there are more screams. " Ok, that's better. So, is everybody havin' a tingle moment now? Hope so, cuz we're really gonna crank up this party now. Welcome to Bloodfest '98 !!!"

" So, I guess you're wondering what Bloodfest '98 is exactly. Well, that's where me and mine… the vampires out there amongst you, have our fun. See, we played the trick, and you all are the treat. Pretty cool, huh? Oh, and … uh… don't bother heading for the exits. We got 'em blocked. Hate for you to miss out on the fun by walking out on the party. Nope, no party poops allowed. Just sit back and enjoy. Well, maybe enjoy is a bit strong. Just get ready to die!"

"Excuse me!"


Faith and Buffy stand at the opening to the air vent. Buffy pulls off the cover, and starts to go in. Faith stands there, looking uncertain. She starts to kneel down to follow Buffy, and stops. Can't do this… gotta do this. Can't… it's too small. Just chill and do it.

"Faith, come on. I'm right here… won't leave you alone… it's really short. I promise." Buffy calls back over her shoulder.

Faith hunkers down, and puts her head inside the airshaft. Immediately, she feels a panic attack coming on. She backs out. " I can't, B… I just can't" She backs away from the opening.

Buffy sighs, and backs up towards the opening. She comes out, and stands next to Faith.

" Faith, I need you. I don't know what I'm gonna find in there, " Buffy says, " Please… it's not very far, and we'll be out really quick."

Faith bites her lip. She hates this…especially showing weakness in front of Buffy. Dammit, she's never gonna let me live this down. But I can't go in there… I just…aw crap. Faith stands on the roof, shifting her weight from foot to foot.

" Ok, lets try something else." Buffy backs into the airshaft, so she's facing outward, towards Faith. She reaches out a hand.

" Take my hand, Faith. That way you'll know I there," Buffy urges her on, " C'mon…the sooner we do this, the sooner it's over."

"If you ever tell anybody about this, I'll kick your ass, B," Faith says. She reaches out her hand, and grips Buffy's. She slowly enters as Buffy backs down the shaft.

" Ok, I can't see behind me, so you're gonna have to watch for the end. Not looking to drop suddenly out onto the floor…ok?"

" 'K " Faith says, nervously, entering the shaft fully. She's feeling surrounded, and not liking the feeling. The shaft itself is small…barely enough room for her to crawl in. She can see Buffy back-lighted in front of her, and twisting a little, can see over her shoulder behind her. Her panic starts to rise. God, are these walls closing in? Dammit, that can't be happening, but I swear they're getting closer… I hate this… dammit… I'm really hating this… . She grips Buffy's hand tightly as they make their way down the shaft.

" Ow, ow… let up a little, Faith, or you're gonna break my hand" Buffy complains.

" Sorry, sorry"

"It's ok… were getting closer … how're things behind me?"

" It's fine… I can see the …."

At that moment, about 10 feet down the airshaft, the light goes out.

"What the hell?" Faith says, starting to panic.

" Don't freak, Faith… it's ok, nothing's changed… we're ok."

But panic is beginning to overwhelm Faith. She remembers all the hours she was locked in a closet when she was a child, as 'punishment'. Gotta get out, gotta GET OUT.

" Can't.. gotta get outta here, " Faith says, starting to pull on Buffy, who won't let her go. " Let me GO!"

"Faith, no… just relax… "

" I GOTTA GET OUT… I GOTTA!" Faith starts yelling, yanking harder on Buffy's hand.

" Faith, quiet. They'll hear you!" Buffy tries to calm Faith down

" LET ME THE FREAKIN' GO, DAMMIT!" Faith screams, fully panicked .

Buffy, afraid Faith's screams will be heard, and catching some of Faith's panic, does the only thing she can think of to calm Faith down and keep her quiet.

She kisses her. She pulls her in and puts a heavy lip-lock on her. Faith struggles at first, then starts to calm down. She gives into the kiss, as it gives her something to focus on.

" What…why'd you do that?" Faith asks, when the kiss breaks. She's no longer panicking; now she's confused… and a little excited.

" Trust me, Faith. It wasn't personal. Just the only thing I could think of to shut you the hell up," Buffy says, but can't help but lick her own lips. Mmm… not bad. A dim light comes on behind her.

" Hey, light's back, " Faith says, looking over Buffy's shoulder. She's trying to swing the attention back to the job. Not wanting to admit how much she liked what just happened.

"Are you ok now?" Buffy asks, looking at Faith. She can't make out her expression in the dim light.

Faith nods.

" Ok, let's get outta here and see what's happening out there."

The slayers slowly make their way down the airshaft, and suddenly come to another grate.

" Damn," Buffy says, hitting the grate with her foot. " I left that off last time, just in case I had to go through this again… someone must've replaced it."

" Well, kick it out, B." Faith whispers.

" Right, and let EVERYONE know we're here? No, gotta think of something else…" Buffy sighs. Damn Faith. I can't turn around in this shaft… and I can't kick out the cover, or it's gonna make a huge noise…

" Faith, back up a little, and let go of my hand." Buffy whispers.


" I need to lie down…"

"Fine time for a nap, B."

" Funny. I need to lie down so you can crawl over me and pull off the grate."

" You gotta be kidding."

" Believe me, I wish I were. But there's no other choice."

Faith makes a disgusted noise, but she lets go of Buffy's hand and backs up. Buffy lies down as flat as she can.

" Ok, do it." Buffy says, muffled

" Don't do anything funny, " Faith teases her.

" Yeah, right, " Buffy says, the disgust plain in her voice.

Faith crawls over Buffy. It's a tight squeeze… thin as they both are, this isn't an airshaft made for two. Her weight presses down on Buffy.

" Ugh, " Buffy says, losing her breath.

" Sorry, B." Faith says, squeezing over her.

" Hands…HANDS… watch the hands!" Buffy whispers when Faith's hand hits a sensitive spot.

" Chill , Buffy. Really NOT on purpose… not a lot of place to put my hands…"

Faith crawls forward a bit more, and gets her hands on the cover. She starts to work it out of the shaft. Buffy, in the meantime, trying to breathe, turns her head to the side, finding her head is like inches below Faith's crotch. Oh, this is pleasant… how do I get myself into these things? She sighs heavily.

" Ok, got it" Faith starts to crawl backwards, then stops. " Damn… I can't go backwards…it doesn't fit in the hole."

Buffy, feeling like a grape in a wine press, curses softly. " Ok, just go forward… and try not to drop it, ok?"

" Fine," Faith whispers. She starts to move forward .

Buffy grunts a few times when Faith's knees hit tender places, but otherwise it goes relatively smoothly. Faith, finally getting free of the air duct, breathes a sigh of relief. Seeing the catwalk below her, she jumps down and lands on her feet. She looks up to see how Buffy's doing.

Buffy, coming out backwards, eases herself out, using the wall to brace herself. She's hanging by one arm over the catwalk, and pushes off… landing a yard from Faith. They look over the catwalk, and see the stage below them… and the woman at the microphone. They hear a growl, and Faith turns to see the vampire manipulating the spot coming towards them. With a couple of well placed punches and a handy stake, she subdues him. Buffy waves her over.

" What the hell is going on down there?" Faith whispers. Buffy puts her finger to her lips.

"… So, I guess you're wondering what Bloodfest '98 is exactly. Well, that's where me and mine… the vampires out there amongst you, have our fun. See, we played the trick, and you all are the treat. Pretty cool, huh? Oh, and … uh… don't bother heading for the exits. We got 'em blocked. Hate for you to miss out on the fun by walking out on the party. Nope, no party poops allowed. Just sit back and enjoy. Well, maybe enjoy is a bit strong. Just get ready to die!"

"What is the deal with vamps and the Bronze, anyway?" Faith says, shaking her head. " They seem to have a thing for this place…"

"Shhh" Buffy says.

"Excuse me!"

Buffy and Faith look at each other. They speak simultaneously.

" Giles?"

" What the hell is he doing?"


" Excuse me!" Giles calls out.

" What? Who the hell?" The female vampire scans the crowd.

" Pardon me, " Giles says, making his way through the crowd, walking towards the stage. " I have a question."

The female vampire looks at Giles, dressed as Zorro, and starts laughing. And I thought this was going to be a dull night.

"What's the beef, pops?" The female vampire, amused, addresses Giles. " I mean, I gotta give you points for guts for wearing that costume at your age. So, what's buggin' you?"

" Well, frankly, I don't believe you. I don't think you're vampires at all." Giles says, bold as brass. " I know a little something about vampires, and frankly, you just don't fit the profile."

" Oh, really?" The female vampire snickers, " is that right? So, just what do you think we are then?"

Giles shrugs, " Oh, I don't know. Maybe you're part of the entertainment. Or, possibly, you're just street punks looking for an easy score. But vampires? Hardly."

" Ok, I'm intrigued now, " the female vampire nods to some of her lackeys, who grabs Giles. " Why don't you come up here and tell us exactly what a vampire is." They bring him up onstage.

" Hey, boss. When're we gonna start the eating? I mean, this is really kinda lame…"

"Shut up, you moron. This is the best entertainment I've had in a decade," the female vampire shuts him down." It's really kind of amusing, unlike you cretins." She walks over to Giles, and puts her arm around his shoulders. " Ok, Pops, you got my attention. I gotta admit, you got a pair on you. So, educate us, oh wise one. Tell us all about vampires." She leads him to the microphone. " Go ahead, go for it."

Giles clears his throat. He's trying to stall for a bit, hoping the slayers will show up. Where are Buffy and Faith? They were supposed to be watching out for this. Where did they get to? Damn it, I wish they'd listen to me once in awhile. I just hope I can stall long enough for them to reappear.

" Umm… what's the hold up, Pops? Forget your lines?" The female vampire growls, growing impatient.

" Uhhh… well, lets see. Vampires are a special breed of demon; rather a human/ demon hybrid. Not very social, they tend to hunt alone, hanging in dark alleys or in the shadows, waiting for a victim." Giles scans over the crowd, looking for the slayers. Right now would be an excellent time to make an appearance.

" Ok. Well, just FYI, not really into alleys.Kinda boring. Really prefer clubs… but please, do go on" the female vampire prompts Giles.

Willow and Xander watch amazed from backstage.

" What is he doing?" Xander whispers, " Is he trying to get killed?"

" I think he's trying to stall… hoping Faith and Buffy show up… where ARE Faith and Buffy?"

From the catwalk above, Faith and Buffy are watching, open-mouthed.

" I think G. has finally lost it. What the hell is he thinking?"

" Not really sure, " Buffy answers, " but I'm thinking it's time we put in an appearance."

" Don't like this, B. Not minding fighting vamps, but really would like some light… can't see as well in the dark as a vampire."

Buffy looks around at the row of spotlights. " Look around Faith. Whole row of spotlights. Start flipping them on."

Onstage, Giles continues.

" Of course, vampires will come together at times . This is for convenience sake, to hunt. But, as a breed, they really don't much care for each other."

" Ok, pops, now you're beginning to bore me, " The female vampire says, showing some irritation. " You said you don't believe we're vampires. Wanna explain that one?"

From backstage, with Willow and Xander.

" Oh, oh… this isn't looking good," Xander whispers. He starts looking around for something to use as a weapon.

" What're you doing?" Willow asks.

" Looking for something I can fight with, if it comes to that."

Willow, feeling queasy, starts to feel around for something she can use.


"Well, as I was saying… vampires don't tend to group much. Much less make elaborate plans. Plus which, they are generally looked down upon by other demons."

" Is that right?" The female vampire asks, " Why is that?"

" Because as a group, they're considered a cowardly lot. This little caper is well organized, and bold. It so isn't like vampires." Giles says.

" Well, pops, hate to disappoint you…." The female vampire begins.

At that moment, ALL the spotlights in the Bronze come on, temporarily blinding the female vampire.

"What the hell?" She yells. " What's going on up there?"

Giles smiles, realizing where the slayers are.

" One more thing? Vampires as a rule are incredibly stupid!"

" Wha-at?" the Female vampire gets out, but that's the last thing she says. Giles pulls out his sword, and before the other vampires onstage can reach him, he turns and decapitates her. Her remains turn to dust.

"HEY!" the two vampires onstage are taken by surprise. They recover quickly, and turn towards Giles. " You're gonna pay for that, you old fart."

Giles backs up, trying to find a way out. The two vampires are getting closer, and he's running out of stage.


From backstage, Xander and Willow run out. Xander is brandishing a microphone stand, and Willow has found an old pipe. They run at the vampires. The vampires, startled, turn to face the lunatics attacking them. Giles calmly raises his sword, and in a stroke, decapitates the two of them.

From up on the catwalk:

" Whoa…radical." Faith says, admiringly, " Who knew G had it in him?"

" Yeah, well…it's not over yet." Buffy says, as some screams arise from the crowd. The lackeys, not liking what's happening, start attacking the crowd.

" Think that's our cue, B." Faith says, " time for some fun."

" You know, I really got to talk to you about your definition of fun." Buffy replies. She calls down to Giles and the others onstage. " Hey, guys… mind if we play?" She turns back to Faith. " Help Giles get an exit open, to get the civilians out… then come back and help me with the vamps."

" Who died and made you General?" Faith says, but she goes over the railing of the catwalk anyway. She lands on a pool table, and jumps off, running towards the stage.

Buffy flips over the railing, landing on the floor. She starts after the first available vampire.

However, it turns out to be not much of a fight. After their leader is killed, the remaining vampires, seeing the writing on the wall, decide to beat a retreat. Halloween is their night off, and they weren't all that crazy about being here in the first place. They aren't really jonesing to become a pile of dust.

Faith and Giles, along with Xander and Willow, get the exits open, and get the civilians out. Faith comes back and with Buffy, they manage to stake a few vampires, but the majority blends with the crowd and get outta dodge, quickly. Almost before it begins, it's over.

The chosen two, looking worse for wear, find a place by the stage to sit down. Faith's costume is in tatters, and Buffy's has been cut and torn in various places. They're soon joined by the scoobies, who stand around them. Xander looks like he's been through the ringer, and Willow… well, the only thing she's got left apparel wise is Xander's now tattered cape. The only one who seems to have been spared serious damage is Giles, who looks fairly fresh, in comparison to the rest.

"Well, that was bracing, " Giles says, brightly.

The rest of the scoobies just glare at him. Suddenly feeling the heat, Giles sits down.

" Hey, guys?" Willow pipes up to the group.

" Yeah, Will?" Buffy replies, a little gruffly," what?"

" Next time I get the bright idea of taking Cordelia on in a contest? Talk me out of it, ok?"

Faith and Buffy look at Willow, who waves them off.

" It's a long story…."

" Willow won the costume contest, but Cordelia embarrassed her in front of everybody." Xander explains.

"Ok, maybe not that long, " Willow glares at Xander, who shoots her a "what did I do?" expression.

" Well, it's getting rather late…" Giles says, standing up. " I'd like to say it's been fun, but…" he trails off, looking at the group. "Anyway, Happy Halloween, all."

A chorus of groans goes up. Giles starts to leave.

" Hey, G.!" Faith calls out.

" Yes, Faith?"

" What you did? That was wicked!" Faith smiles at him.

" Thank you… I think, " Giles says, half smiling. He turns and leaves.

" Next year? I vote, staying in and watching really bad horror flicks, " Buffy says, " Don't think I'm up to all this 'fun'."

" Got my vote, B, " Faith says, smiling.

" Count me in," Xander adds.

" Hey, it wasn't so bad!" Willow protests, then she remembers her humiliation. She looks down at her almost nakedness. " I'm in."

" Take you home, milady?" Xander turns to Willow.

" I guess, " Willow says, a little reluctantly. She's still got all the issues with Xander to deal with. Not sure she's wanting his company right now…but, on the other hand, not sure she doesn't. I gotta do something about this. This is sooo wrong." I guess you have to , if you want your cape back."

Xander gets an evil gleam in his eye. " I dunno about that, Will. " Before she can stop him, he snatches his cape, and heads for the exit. Willow, wearing very little, stands there, mortified. Faith wolf whistles.

" Hot, hot, hot, Girlfriend, " Faith says teasingly.

" Xander Harris, I'm so gonna kill you!" Willow runs off after Xander.

The chosen two are left sitting alone. An awkward silence descends between them. Both are thinking about what happened up in the air duct, but neither is exactly eager to talk about it.

" Helluva night, huh?" Faith pipes up finally.

" Yeah, for a slow night, " Buffy replies. She looks at her bandaged arm. " Thanks."

" For the help, in the alley… and this" She holds up her arm.

" No big, " Faith says, blowing it off.

"Well, it was a big to me," Buffy says, patting Faith's hand. She stands up. " Guess I better head home."

"Hey, Buffy, " Faith says. Buffy stops and turns around. She starts to say something, then stops. " Never mind." Buffy looks at her, then shrugs and turns to go.

Faith watches her walk off.

"Aw, screw this." Faith jumps up, and runs after Buffy. " Hey, B… wait up!"

Buffy, almost at the exit, stops. She turns around and waits for Faith to catch up.

" What, Faith?" She asks, a little impatiently. She just wants this night to be over.

" What was that about, anyway?" Faith asks.

" Could you vague that up a little?" Buffy says, edgily, " What are you talking about?"

" You know exactly what I'm talking about, " Faith says, testily, " the kiss. Why?"

Buffy sighs. Aw, crap, I almost made it. " Look, I told you. I had to shut you up. You were getting all wonky."

" Uh-huh. How come you just didn't slap me. Isn't that what you do when someone gets wigged out?" Faith asks.

" Fine. Next time, I'll slap you, " Buffy says. She turns to leave.

" Hey, B." Faith grabs her arm.

"WHAT?" Buffy yells, getting totally pissed off.

In the next minute, she finds herself pinned up against the doorjamb. Faith is pressed against her, staring into her face.

" Faith, let me…" But she doesn't get to finish, because Faith is kissing her. Hard, hot and passionate. Buffy, at first, struggles against her, trying to push her away. But after awhile, her arms go around Faith's neck, and the kiss seems to go on forever. Finally it breaks, and the two lean against each other, heads together. They don't speak, just look into each other's eyes.

Faith breaks the silence. " Happy Halloween, Blondie". She reaches behind Buffy, and squeezes her butt cheek.

" HEY!" Buffy protests, but Faith is already out the door and gone.

Buffy leans against the door for awhile, her brows knitted together. Then a little smile appears, and she pushes off the doorjamb, and walks out. The door swings shut after her.