Erm. This just came to me... I don't know exactly why I wrote it. I just needed to get it out of my system I guess. It's not the best, it doesn't make that much sense... but basically I wrote it about Naruto. Basically; he committed suicide by jumping off a cliff and now this is just reflecting upon it.

The Cliff

He thought they'd say thank goodness,

"He's finally gone."

He thought they'd be relived.

He was wrong.

He thought that they would rejoice,

"The demons finally died".

He thought he heard their voice,

As they laughed at his pain.

But he heard wrong.

He missed all the tears,

All the calls and all the fears.

As they realized he was missing.

He thought they'd say,

"He slipped, how fortunate."

He thought they'd say,

"How clumsy."

But he was wrong.

Instead they asked,


Instead they cried out,


Can't you see they loved you?

Did you not see them cry?

Did you look down to see them,

From your place up in the sky.

You took that jump and went off that cliff,

But now do you see?

Have your eyes been open and do you know what you mean?

Maybe not all loved you,

Maybe you were not famous.

But not being a celebrity,

Doesn't mean your worthless.

They cared for you, they loved you.

They wanted to you to be there.

But now that you're gone,

Now that you're gone.

They can't tell you,

That you were wrong.

The End

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