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This fic will be a songfic, containing two songs relating to vampires. Hehehehehe...

Here's a character guide:

Tea Gardner – human, age 16

Tristan Taylor – human, age 16

Joey Wheeler – human, age 16

Serenity Wheeler – human, age 13

Isis Ishtar – human, age 20

Bakura – vampire, age unknown (but let's say he looks about 16)

Mai Valentine – vampire, age 19

Marik Ishtar – vampire, age 16

Duke Devlin – vampire, age 16

Malik Ishtar – human, vampire slayer, age 16

Yami Muto – human, vampire slayer, age 16

Seto Kaiba – human, vampire slayer, age 18

Yugi and Ryou – you'll find out what happened to them...

Mokuba – human, age 12

Odeon isn't mentioned at all. Sorry for those Odeon/Mokuba fans. (T-T)

Summary: It's October once again in Domino City, and everyone is preparing for another Halloween, including a group of vampires who've recently settled in a graveyard. After several attacks on innocent civilians, a group of slayers get together to try to hunt down the Undead. But unknown to them, Bakura (leader of the vampires) has fallen in love with Tea, a mortal. However, Malik and the others aren't about to let another person be murdered, and Tea's trapped in the middle of it all. Who will win, the vampires or the slayers?

Bakura x Tea


Once in a Full Moon

By: Chi Yagami


Chapter One – Vampire Rock

Across the fields and farms that stretched for miles lay a small town. It only consisted of a few apartment complexes and a large town hall building. But not a soul could be seen walking the streets, and there wasn't a single light on in the entire town. It was a ghost town, and no one dared to move in.

No one wanted to live there because there was a rumor, a rumor about vampires. But it wasn't just a rumor; oh no, it was true.

They were currently gathered in the town hall, only candles were lit if necessary. The leader, Dracula VIII (the real Dracula's great nephew), was standing behind a tall podium. Halloween had once again come, and it was time to spread across Japan to gather food and have some fun.

The many other vampires who weren't of the council (only those vampires who'd been around since the 1600s were permitted to be council members) were sitting in chairs around the great room.

Listen up, fellow vampires," Dracula VIII said with his heavy Transylvanian accent, "we have much to accomplish tonight. Tomorrow is the first day of October, and we need to get moving.

"Now, you all have been assigned to your groups, yes? Good, good... Your group will venture to the specific city/town that you choose and feast upon the many souls that live there.

"All of you must be back here by midnight on Halloween, or else you will turn to dust. Luckily, only several of our clan have been destroyed by dust, although slayers have slaughtered many others. Other clans around the world have been slowly disappearing because they can't make it back to their sanctuary in time," he continued. A male vampire who looked about thirty stood up.

"Who will bring back the great offering?" he asked.

Dracula VIII shifted his weight and cleared his throat.

"Group XXI – 3V will bring back the human offering," he said, pointing to a small group of vampires who reluctantly stood up.

Several of the older vampires stood up in rage. They were going to rely on a group of teens to get the human offering?

"You're putting our fate in their hands? But they're so young! There's only four of them, and one of them was just recruited last year!"

"Please, please, everybody calm down," the old vampire said loudly. "They know what to do! They know that in order for our clan to survive, we must sacrifice a live human! And because last year's sacrifice pleased Him so well, this year's sacrifice will be coming from the same city! And we always have back-up groups, just in case."

The vampires began to settle down. Dracula VIII announced that as the group to get the sacrifice, the group of teens would be opening the festivities of October with a song they had made up themselves. After that, they'd have a party until midnight, when they'd set off towards the cities.

The group had ten minutes to prepare backstage. The four of them just shrugged and began to go over the lyrics and music.

"I can't believe we're going back to Domino City," Marik grumbled. "I thought I'd seen the last of that place."

He pulled his drumsticks out of his pockets and began to play a beat on his drum set. The lead singer and only female of the group shot him a glance.

"Just because you used to live there doesn't mean that the whole group should be forced to go somewhere else," Mai replied sharply. She nudged Duke, the base guitar player, in the stomach.

"Yeah, I'd like to visit Domino City... although I am sorry that you're returning to the place where you were bitten."

Mai nodded. Marik Ishtar had once been human. Last Halloween, he and his brother, Malik, had stayed out late one night. Malik had gone home, and Marik had been attacked by a vampire. Marik guessed that his brother never really found out why he disappeared. And his sister Isis must have been worried too.

'Malik and Isis must think I ran away or something...'

"Just promise me one thing," Marik said. The other three nodded. "You won't touch my brother or sister. I don't want them to become one of us. No offense to y'all, but being a vampire really sucks."

They all agreed. Mai looked over to the main guitar player. Bakura hadn't said anything since they'd gone backstage.

'He must be thinking of his brother, Ryou.'

Bakura and Ryou had been traveling across Japan when they'd stumbled across this town. Of course, he'd regretted ever coming here. The vampires had attacked him, and he'd become one of them. But instead of letting them bite Ryou, Bakura had saved him. Well, not really.

'But it sure as Hell beats living forever, sucking the blood out of others.'

That night replayed itself over and over again in Bakura's head.


Bakura struggled to open his eyes. Something didn't feel right; his neck ached and his body was numb. He finally cracked an eye open to see the vampires fighting Ryou.

"Ryou!" he cried out, but he found he couldn't move. He saw Ryou become weaker and weaker.

Bakura slowly stood up and looked around.

'Oh no... I'm... I'm one of them. I'm a vampire! No! I can't let the same fate that got me befall Ryou, too! I've got to do something!'

He felt around in his pockets, and he remembered the gun that traveler had given him. It was the only way...

Tears flying down from his cheeks, Bakura turned and faced Ryou. He held up the gun in a shaking hand.

"Ryou, I'm sorry," he cried out, getting everybody's attention.

Ryou turned to face his brother just in time to see him pull the trigger. His big brown eyes widened as the bullet struck his chest.

Bakura sank to his knees. He couldn't believe he'd just done that.

'I just murdered Ryou... I just murdered my brother...'

The other vampires scattered like roaches when the garage light turned on.

Bakura slowly approached Ryou. He knelt down beside him and pulled him into his arms.

Bakura regretted the way he'd treated his brother. Ever since he could remember, Bakura had always treated Ryou badly. One time he'd even broken his arm.

"Ryou," he sobbed, tears falling from his eyes, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry I never treated you equally, and I'm sorry that I never appreciated you the way you appreciated me!"

Ryou opened his eyes slowly.

"Bakura," he whispered in a weak voice, "I'm sorry too. I'm sorry I couldn't protect you from them... I'll try harder next time..."

"Next time! There isn't going to be a next time," Bakura shouted. "Ryou, you're dieing! I'm sorry; I just couldn't bare the thought of you enduring this life I'm stuck with now... At least you get to go to heaven and see Mom and Dad... Ryou? RYOU?"

That had been the last time Bakura had ever seen or heard Ryou.

-End Flashback-

Bakura had become ruthless after that. He'd bite or kill anyone who got in his way. He eventually became friends with Mai and Duke, and then Marik, but he still felt alone.

"Bakura, are you coming?" Mai asked him suddenly. "We're on in five."

He nodded and picked up his guitar.

The curtains opened, and they began to play.

"How are y'all doing tonight?" Mai asked into the microphone. The crowd of vampires gave a cheering response, especially the males. Bakura had to admit that Mai did draw a little too much attention to herself with those sluttish clothes she always wore.

"Tonight's song is called Vampire Rock! Enjoy!"

And so the song began.

Bakura smiled. Mai had a wonderful voice, and he could tell the crowd was enjoying it.

Marik beat hard on his drums as Duke and Bakura strummed their guitars. It wasn't as bad as he thought it would be.

Bakura loved this part. It was just Marik and him playing away on their instruments. He wished Ryou was here to see him; Ryou'd always loved music and dancing.

When the song had ended, they got a standing ovation. Bakura smiled, and he looked at his friends. They were enjoying themselves as well, especially Mai, who was being asked out by tons of males.

The rest of the night was all celebration. Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves, having one last night together before they went their separate ways.

Well, almost everyone was having fun.

Bakura was sitting alone at one of the tables. A half-empty cup of blood was sitting on the table, and he hadn't even bothered to wipe the dribbles from his lips. Marik pulled up a chair and sat down.

"What's troubling you? Are you worried about not bringing back a human sacrifice? Heh, I'll get one. I know exactly who to get revenge on... Hehehe, Weevil, I wouldn't take walks at night anymore..."

"Don't you feel weird about going back to your hometown? I mean, what if your brother or sister see you?" Bakura asked.

"That's why I'm going to try to avoid walking by my house, or any of the hangout spots."

"What about your friends? What about Malik's friends?" he asked.

Neither of us ever had any. That's the only good thing that I'll admit that came out of being a vampire: I got friends."

"Well, what if Malik made some friends?"

"I dunno... I mean, since we're only going to be feasting at night, maybe I won't be able to tell who it is," Marik replied hopefully.

"Yeah, but once they wake up and find out that they're a vampire, you've got to take them back to the graveyard and make them take one of the VPs."

"Ah, the Vampire Pills... How do they work again?"

"Well, the taker sort of suddenly knows what to do. All new vampires suddenly know to fly back here, even if they've never been here before," Bakura explained. "I forgot you've only been with us for a year..."

Duke sat down next to them.

"So, Marik, do you know if there are any hot girls in Domino City?" he asked. Marik chuckled.

"Yes, there are a few..."

When it got close to midnight, the party ended. The vampires began taking off, heading for their destinations.

"Hey," Marik said, turning to the group, "I know of a good cemetery with a place we can hide from the sun in Domino City."


The four young vampires took off, heading for Domino City.


The Domino High School doors were crammed with students desperate to get out of school for the weekend. Five, in fact, were planning on what they were going to do.

"Maybe we could all go see a movie," Tea suggested. It was getting colder every day, and she didn't really want to be outside.

"I say we enter a dueling tournament at the Domino Arcade," Yami said. He ran a hand through his tri-colored, spiky hair.

Tea looked at her four friends: Joey was trying to scare Tristan, Yami was looking through his deck, and Malik seemed to be lost in his own little world.

"Malik?" she asked, taking his hand in hers. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," he replied, giving her a tiny smile. "It's just that..."

"Your brother?"

He nodded. Tea gave him a hug and patted him on the back.

"I say we go shopping for Halloween costumes," Joey said grinning.

"What, so you can dress up like the dog you are?"

They turned to see Kaiba, his usual smirk plastered to his face. He strolled haughtily past them and got into his limo. Joey stuck his tongue out after the fleeing car.

"I hate dat Kaiba guy," he muttered.

"Don't we all," Tristan agreed. "Well, I have to go to the junior high..."

"Oh no, you ain't touching my sis!"

"Joey ran after Tristan, who was howling with laughter. Tea smiled and looked back at the remaining two.

"I should probably go help my sister out at the museum," Malik said. "Supposedly we're showing some artifacts depicting vampires..."

He left, and Tea and Yami began to walk towards the arcade.

"Do you like Halloween?" she asked him. Yami shrugged.

"If you mean getting dressed up like somebody else, running around and acting stupid, and getting candy for it, yeah. If you mean the time of year... not really... I mean... Yugi was..."

Tea nodded.

Three years ago during October, Yami and Yugi had gone to see a late night movie. They had been walking home when a wolf had attacked them. Yami had put up a pretty good fight, but the wolf had been too strong. Yugi had jumped in front of his brother to block the wolf's raging claws but had gotten killed instead. Yami had never forgiven himself. One of the reasons Malik and Yami had bonded so easily was that they had both lost their brothers.

Tea spent the afternoon at the arcade, watching Yami engage in various duels. He beat Weevil, Rex, and Mako all in less than half an hour.

She also made him partake in DDR with her. She loved hanging out with Yami, but something seemed to be missing, or rather... someone...



Bakura looked around the room; there wasn't much to see. The small tomb that they were in had a few coffins, but they only contained dead people. The fairly large tomb was located in the corner of the Domino Cemetery, behind a large oak tree. Mai was sleeping in an empty coffin they'd discovered, and Marik was drawing pictures in the dirt. Duke was glancing at the city map, trying to decide how to divide the city up.

"You know what?" Marik said, standing up and walking over to Duke. "I think I should take the area containing my home."

"But why? I thought you wanted to avoid your family as much as possible!"

"I just want to make sure that they don't accidentally get hurt."

"Fine... I think that's the west side of Domino, which leaves..."

"The east, north, and south sides, you baka," Bakura answered for him. "I'll take the east."

"Then I'll take the south, and Mai can have the north," Duke said, rolling up the map. "We still have an hour before sunset."

Bakura lay down on the hard ground and closed his eyes. He would show no mercy to the people of Domino, just as he had shown no mercy to any of the other cities he'd visited. He drifted off into a hazy sleep.

Bakura woke up three hours later. He was alone, and he could feel that night had come. He suspected that Mai, Duke, and Marik had spread out through the city. If he was remembering correctly, Bakura thought that the cemetery was part of the east quarter of the city, so he didn't have to walk very far.

He pushed open the stone door and stepped outside. Oh how he loved walking through graveyards at night! And so did someone else, for Bakura spotted a figure looming over a gravestone just up ahead. He quickly darted behind a tree and tried to get a closer look.

'My first victim...'

Tea had gotten out of the arcade a little later than she had wanted; Yami had gotten stuck in a duel against Kaiba, and it had gone on forever!

She had decided to stop by the cemetery. It was on the way to the park where she took her evening jogs anyway, and she wanted to pay Yugi a visit. She missed him.

'Am I only hanging out with Yami because he looks and acts practically like Yugi? No... It can't be; I'm not that shallow... Am I?'

She kneeled in front of his grave and placed a daisy next to his grave.

"Oh Yugi... I wish you were here," she said softly.

Bakura, upon hearing the voice, realized it was a girl, and she would probably go down much easier than a boy. He smirked. He'd wait until she tried to leave, and then...

Tea sat staring at the inscriptions on the tombstone for quite some time. Bakura began to wonder if she'd fallen asleep. She turned suddenly, facing him.

Bakura melted when he saw her beautiful sapphire eyes. She didn't have a bad figure either. She stood up and turned away, back towards the entrance.

He couldn't let her escape just yet, but something was holding him back. It was a good thing he'd stayed where he was.

"Hey! Tea! Over here!"

Bakura watched as the girl called Tea crossed the street and meet up with a tall, blonde guy. They began to walk around the park.

'Whew! I might not have stood up so fairly against two of them... No matter, I will find that girl again... Tea.'

Bakura strolled out of the graveyard and began walking towards nowhere in particular. The girl intrigued him, but all the same, she was a victim and only a victim.

After he took the old man to the graveyard and had given him a VP, Bakura waited in the tomb for the other three. Mai, Duke, and Marik returned shortly with their victims. They, too, fed them and bid them good-bye.

"So, any sign of your siblings?"

"No," Marik said with a sigh of relief, "not yet anyways. I did see a person from the school though, but they went inside before I could get at them."

"I think it's almost sunrise. Good night."

Mai went to sleep. Marik fiddled with his shirt chain, and Duke stared at the map.

As for himself, Bakura went to sleep too. He couldn't stand watching other people sleep, and he also couldn't wait till sundown. He would go find her...


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