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Summary: It's October once again in Domino City, and everyone is preparing for another Halloween, including a group of vampires who've recently settled in a graveyard. After several attacks on innocent civilians, a group of slayers get together to try to hunt down the Undead. But unknown to them, Bakura (a vampire) has fallen in love with Tea, a mortal. However, Malik and the others aren't about to let another person be murdered, and Tea's trapped in the middle of it all. Who will win, the vampires or the slayers?

Bakura x Tea


Once in a Full Moon

By: Chi Yagami


Chapter Ten – Back from the Grave


Soft, elevator-related music played in the background. It sounded like something one would hear in a sitting room of a therapist's office. It was a large rectangular room, with racks of chairs against each wall, save the wall with the secretary window, and some in the middle of the area. Through the secretary window, a large cabinet stretched up all the way to the ceiling (which couldn't be seen, so one really never knew just how tall the ceiling was) and across the entire wall (which seemed to have no end either). The cabinet was covered in drawers, so it was more like a file cabinet, and on each of the thousands of drawers was a label with a first, middle, and last name and location. However, thousands of new drawers and new labels appeared every day, for thousands of people died each day. The newest drawer was always found on the far right, and the drawer was always changing. About five drawers up from the newest one was his. The tiny label had Bakura Ryou ? (the being his last name) scribbled on it, and the drawer contained a lot of paperwork. Out in the waiting room, people waited until the small, feeble woman came out from the only door, calling out five names at a time. She took the five back into the back. No one knew what lay in store for them until they passed through that door. The room did look like a doctor's office, and it worked about the same way. Charts, graphs, posters, and lists hung on the walls. The secretary sat in her chair, reading her weekly magazine, Angel's Addition. Yes, this was the room where the dead waited to be judged; this was Purgatory.

He was falling through darkness; Bakura felt as if all of his senses had stopped working. All he could think about was her.


The THUD that his bottom made when he hit the chair alarmed the baby next to him; it immediately started crying. The mother glared at Bakura, who was speechless, and, picking up the baby carrier, moved to a different rack. He stared around the room in awe, wondering where the hell he was.

"I feel like I'm at the doctor's," he grumbled, noticing the magazine stands and the groups of giggling children. He saw a young girl sitting a few chairs away from him. Bakura got up and sat next to her.

"Umm, do you know where we are?" he asked her tentatively. When she turned to him, he saw that she was wearing a tradition schoolgirl uniform and a cross necklace. He leaned back after spotting the cross.

"Yes," she replied matter-o-factly. "My name's Tala; what's yours?"

"Bakura," he said. "So, where exactly am I?"

"You are in Purgatory, the waiting room of the afterlife. The little lady comes out of that door over there, calls your name, and takes you into the back," she explained, smoothing her skirt. "Once in the back, I think, you will be directed into a room, where you will wait until He shows up to judge you."

"He?" Bakura asked. Because he'd never had a religion, he was very confused about all of this.

"You know, God, Allah, Buddha… The big man on campus."

He shook his head. He didn't know where he was, and he couldn't remember anything… No, wait, he remembered now! Marik, Tea, the midnight curse, Weevil, Seto Kaiba… But where was Tea? The last thing he could remember was trying to get her back home.

"Where's Tea? And Marik?" he asked suddenly.

"Bakura," Tala said, "they're on Earth."

"Then where the heck am I?!"

"In Purgatory, waiting to get into Heaven. You're dead now; you either go into Heaven or Hell, depending on your actions during your life…"

"I'm dead?!" he asked horrified. "I must've collapsed while trying to get Tea back home… I hope she's okay."

"So, Bakura, where are you from?"

"Umm… originally? I don't know. Umm, I guess you could say Japan… Where are you from, Tala?" he asked, trying to keep his mind off of the fact that he was dead.

"I'm from the Philippians," she replied. "If you were wondering why there isn't a language barrier like there normally would be, it's because in the afterlife, all languages become one."

The door opened suddenly, and the old woman came out carrying a clipboard.

"Justin Gregory Conces, Luke Stephen Conces, Hayley Natasha Berry, Tala Alexandra Tieu, and Nick Morton Donphant III," she called out.

"That's me," Tala said. "I was wondering if I was coming up soon…"

"How long were you waiting?" Bakura asked curiously.

"About two or three weeks…"

Bakura smashed the palm of his hand into his head. He'd be in here for that long?! The sooner he got out of here, the sooner he could focus on finding Tea.


She woke up in a hospital, her friends all crowded around her. They all smiled and cheered when she woke up, and Tea gave all of them great, big hugs.

"Hey you guys… Do you want to fill me in on what happened?" she asked. Malik stepped forward.

"Umm, well, you were collapsed on the ground when we found you. Kaiba and I had taken his chopper and, somehow, he managed to figure out your location. We brought you back here, and now you're safe and healthy again… I think. Umm, as for before you collapsed, we are being led to believe that Bakura had saved you from Marik, and he uh… died trying to get you back home…"

She looked down at the bed sheets, the flashbacks rushing to her. Malik hugged her as she cried for Bakura. She couldn't believe that he was really gone…

"Okay, Gardner," Seto Kaiba interrupted, pushing his way up to the bed, "explain yourself. Why the hell were you wearing Weevil Underwood's clothes?!"

All hell broke loose after Yami heard that.


Three weeks later…

Bakura was finally sitting a room, waiting for Him to appear and judge him. He had finally settled on a the semi-happy thought that Tea would eventually join him if he went to Heaven, although it wasn't that happy…

The doorknob creaked as it turned, the door opening slightly ajar, then snapping shut. Bakura could hear the sound of light breathing.

"Who's here?!" he demanded. "God Buddha, I'm not afraid of you!"

He swung around in a circle, looking for his pursuer.

"Down here, vampire-boy."

He glanced down to see a very small replica of that guy named Yami. Everything about the little guy was the same, except his eyes were bigger and he looked like an elf.

"WHO are YOU?" Bakura asked him.

"My name is Yugi," he chirped. "I am the brother of Yami Muto and former best friend of Tea Gardner."

Bakura's mouth dropped open. This was that boy Tea'd been talking about in the graveyard when he'd first met her? But he was dead and buried…

He pushed open the stone door and stepped outside. Oh how he loved walking through graveyards at night! And so did someone else, for Bakura spotted a figure looming over a gravestone just up ahead. He quickly darted behind a tree and tried to get a closer look.

'My first victim…'

Tea had gotten out of the arcade a little later than she had wanted; Yami had gotten stuck in a duel against Kaiba, and it had gone on forever!

She had decided to stop by the cemetery. It was on the way to the park where she took her evening jogs anyway, and she wanted to pay Yugi a visit. She missed him.

'Am I only hanging out with Yami because he looks and acts practically like Yugi? No… It can't be; I'm not that shallow… Am I?'

She kneeled in front of his grave and placed a daisy next to his grave.

"Oh Yugi… I wish you were here," she said softly.

"But… but," he stuttered, "you can't be here! You're… you're…"

"Dead?" he asked, sounding amused. "Yes. It's a pity that I can't spend time with my friends or family, but being dead does have it's benefits… but never mind that; you'll discover those benefits… if you reach heaven. And that is why you are here: to be judged."

Bakura looked around nervously. He was pretty sure his life wasn't exactly sin-free, and he had even killed people. He wasn't sure what was going on, and Yugi kept smirking at him, like he knew something that the albino didn't. Yugi sat down on a chair that he conjured up out of nowhere. Two more chairs appeared, one for Bakura.

"Who else is joining us?" he asked shakily. Yugi chuckled.

"Don't be so nervous," he advised. "The judge will be here soon; I'm just the witness."

Bakura fidgeted in his seat; he didn't like what he was hearing about this "big man on campus" and stuff. He wasn't sure why Yugi was here, but he was confident that it had something to do with Tea. He'd never met Yugi before, and Yugi had been a friend of hers. The door opened suddenly, and Yugi and Bakura turned around their chairs. Well, Bakura sort of just craned his head around; Yugi turned his entire body. A robed figure entered the room. His body and head were completely covered by his white robe, the hood so large that it drooped over his face, hiding it completely. The figure sat down in the third chair.

"We will start the trail," he said in a deep voice. "State your name, gender, and race."


"Hurry, I don't have all day."

"Bakura Ryou… err, umm… I don't know my last name, and uh, male, and… Japanese vampire," he replied with a stuttered. Yugi was recording all of this on a clipboard (something else he'd conjured up). The judge continued to ask him questions, and Bakura tried to answer them as truthfully as he could without mentioning the horrible things he did.

"And do we have reason to believe that you kidnapped a human girl and then saved her?"


The figure nodded at Yugi, who nodded back. The looked at each other for a while, letting their eyes do the talking. Bakura didn't like how they were being all secretive and stuff; it made him feel nervous and scared.


But there was a certain twinkle in Yugi's eyes that said something entirely different, like he knew something exciting was about to happen. The figure faced Bakura and raised its arms, causing the longs sleeves to fall back and reveal two pale, skinny arms and hands. Its hands reached up to the hood and clutched the dark material. It drew back the hood and let the robe fall to the floor.


And so did Bakura.


He woke up in the same room, only now he was lying on a bench. Two, big, innocent brown eyes stared down into his cold ones. He jumped slightly, remembering why he'd fainted. The boy smiled sheepishly at Bakura, the robe lying forgotten on the floor. The vampire suddenly did something very unBakura-like: he ran to the other boy and flung his arms around him, practically squeezing the life out of poor Ryou.

"Bakura?" he asked. "What's the matter?"

When Bakura finally pulled away, his brother could see that he was crying. Bakura had finally cracked; seeing his brother was just too much. He was crying and cursing himself, and he was leaning against Ryou's body.

"You're getting my shirt all wet," he said sadly. Ryou had missed Bakura, too. The two brothers embraced tightly, each overwhelmed with joy of seeing the other. Yugi smiled as he watched the two; he wished that he could be with Yami again… and Joey, Tea, and Tristan, too. Bakura had finally reduced the waterworks to an occasional sniff, and now he was looking at Ryou approvingly.

"I'm sorry, Ryou," he said quietly.

"Sorry? For what?"

"For… killing you… I was just trying to save you from turning out like me," he apologized. "That's the only good thing about being here: I don't feel like a blood-thirsty vampire anymore."

"Yeah," Yugi chimed in, making the two remember that he was still there, "your fangs are gone."

"Bakura, I know that you were only trying to protect me. I forgive you, okay? But let's stop all this talk about the past… we're here to talk about your future," he said sternly. "Umm, I've heard through the grapevine that you've fallen in love with Yugi's friend, Tea, am I correct?"

"Yeah… She's the sweetest girl," Bakura said with a sigh, "but I wish I'd never met here. If I had never met her, Marik wouldn't have kidnapped her and he wouldn't have… Well, she would've been safer!"

"But would she have been happy?" Ryou asked. "I think you need her as much as she needs you."

"I would do anything to see her again," Bakura muttered. Ryou smiled.

"Bakura," he said seriously, "you have been judged, you have been weighed, and you have been measured. We have come to a conclusion…"


A large cage appeared, and Yugi pushed Bakura into it. He slammed the door closed and stepped back. The cage slowly began to sink into the floor as a low funeral march played. Bakura gripped the metal bars and looked longingly at Ryou.

"What are you doing?! You can't send me to Hell!!! I'll be good, I promise! Just give me a second chance!!!"

He was falling suddenly, the darkness swallowing him up.


She was taking her evening jog in the park. Well, actually it was more a walk; she hadn't gone outside during the dark in days. She'd been afraid of the night ever since that Halloween. Tea had gone into a state of deep depression, and not even her friends could cheer her up. She didn't ignore them or anything; they just didn't have any positive effect on her. She couldn't stop thinking about him, about all of the times they'd been together. Tea missed him dearly, and she cried at night most of the time. But tonight she'd finally gone out for (originally a jog) a walk. It had only been sprinkling when she'd left the house, but now the sky was releasing a heavy drizzly. Her sweater and skirt clung to her cold, wet skin, and she'd lost her flip-flops to a dog near the jungle gym. Her bare feet squished and sank into the muddy path she was walking down. Tea hung her head, as if the world had defeated her and she was under punishment. She turned right towards the river under the park bridge.

Tea abandoned the path and walked towards the water. She felt like going swimming for some reason; she was already freezing wet, but she wanted to be in the water. Why not take a hot bath? She didn't know… Her sadness seemed to pull her into the river, so she dove in. The coldness surrounded her body instantly, and she began to feel numb. She swam out a little farther, until she was under the bridge. Tea held her breath and went under water. She looked at the bottom of the river, taking in the small pebbles and the few fish. She noticed a lot of trash too, including soda cans and… fishing nets?! Tea popped back above the water and glanced up at the sky. Suddenly, she was dragged back under; her ankle was caught in part of the net, and the river's current was pulling the net. She automatically screamed out for help, taking in large gulps of water. She felt herself get tugged at harder, and she was just about to surrender when she felt someone take her hand and pull her upward. Her foot weaseled its way out of the rope, and she resurfaced with her rescuer. He got out of the water and took her hand, helping her out. She wiped her eyes, trying to see whom it was who'd saved her.

"What were trying to do? Commit suicide?!" a raspy voiced asked her. She squinted up at him, taking in every blurry feature of his face. She saw him get farther and farther away, as if he was going up. But she was really falling. The coldness was too much for her; her body had completely shut down and she was loosing control of consciousness. He caught her shortly before she hit the ground.


Tea woke up in her own room, the night still present and her bedroom light off. She saw the faint glow of a downstairs light and wondered what was going on. She crept down the stairs carefully, hoping that it wasn't a burglar. She peeked into the kitchen, and her jaw dropped. She let the hammer that she'd planned on using for self defense fall onto the kitchen tile, its loud clamor startling the young man who'd been unsuccessfully trying to cook scrambled eggs. He turned around, only to come mouth-to-mouth with the blue-eyed-beauty who'd captured his heart at first sight.

Bakura kissed her back with equal passion, hugging her as hard as he could. Tea cried into his already-wet shirt and wrapped her arms around him.

"Bakura!" she sobbed happily. "You're back! You're really back!"

"Yes," he said, shushing her. "I… I'm human…"

She looked at him more closely and noticed that he looked healthier. He flashed her a rare smile and picked her up, the eggs burning in the fry pan.

"Bakura, turn that stove off right now before you burn down the house!" she said. He chuckled and shut off the stove. He carried her upstairs and laid her down upon her bed. Bakura sat down on the bed next to her, pulling her into his lap.

"Bakura," she whispered, leaning against his chest, "don't ever leave me again."

"I won't," he promised. He didn't ever want to leave her alone for a second. And as he stared out the window, he knew that next Halloween, he'd have to stay by her side and protect her with all his might.

"I love you, Tea…"

"I love you, too."


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