Yuki: Thanks for the votes guys. I will be working on both at the same time, so keep an eye out for Kage's Past.

This is written in first person so you can kind of get a feel for how Kage thinks.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat on the Gray Hound Bus. I was off to see Jaguar for the first time in a year. Akari was out on another job and he thought it would be a good time for me to visit Jaguar and Audra. Four hours on a bus is not a fun, ride. My CD stopped playing as I switched the batteries I thought of what I was going to do while I was here. I needed to go to the grave yard that was outside of Midnight, then I would go see Jaguar, and pray that I would not run into Jeshickah or Kile for that matter. The bus pulled in to the station and I got off like I was supposed to. I walked into the town of Midnight and headed for the grave yard. The gate was rusted slightly and squeaked when I opened it; I looked around out of instinct waiting to be yelled at or maybe hit.

I shook off the feeling and walked into the grave yard, tall weeds cover the area along with broken head stones, welcome to the pet cemetery those were the words Jaguar told me when I was his pet, the threat of death only worked for so long. I walked over to the grave I haven't visited since the last time Jaguar brought me. The head stone was almost non-existing now. My mother's grave had been taken over by weeds, but I remembered perfectly what it looked like when they had buried her. I spoke out loud figuring no one was around me.

"Hey Mother, long time since I've visited. I'm free now, well at least free of Midnight and Jeshickah. Jaguar's changed he won't beat his pets any more. There are times when I long for the grave still. Being unageing is hard, Akari is trying to teach me how to be normal." I was cut off.

"Which is impossible for you, little Kage." I turned in time to see Jeshickah come stalking towards me.

"I don't know, I seem to be doing a good job of it." I looked just above her left shoulder so it looked like I was staring at her face.

"Some would argue that." She walked around me in circles, "You've gain some weight pet."

I glared at her, "I was unhealthy before, I'm healthy now, maybe that's it. Now excuse me Jeshickah, I need to go now."

"You aren't going to visit Yuri's grave?"

That stopped me, "You buried him here?"

"Yes," it was a purr.

"I'll see him later." I walked passed her and out of the grave yard.

Why did they keep Yuri here? I shook the thought out of my head, Yuri's dead, the graves are just for us on earth, the dead don't care if you visit them...oh well it makes me feel better. I went out of the squeaky gate and walked away, what a perfect way to start my visit.