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Chapter Ten:

I was curled up on my bean bag when Mikhal returned with someone else.

"Kage, this is Dr. Spence he's just going to look over you." Mikhal sat down next to me, he gently tried to unwrap the blanket from me, I let him but instantly regretted that.

"Those wounds are deep, you said Jeshickah's panthers did that?" The doctor looked up at Mikhal who was stroking my hair.

"Yes, supposed punishment for Kage." He sighed.

The doctor nodded, "The blood loss did contribute to how sick she is, but there isn't much else that could have cause her to be this sick, save for being soaking wet."

"What do I need to do for her?" Mikhal looked down at me sadly.

"Keep her warm, no strenuous or stress activities or punishments but mostly she needs rest." The doctor stood up, "I can run by the tailors to get her some sweats if you would like me to and I can bring them by when I bring the antibiotics for her back."

Mikhal nodded almost absentmindedly, "sure," he continued to stroke my hair and star down at me.

The doctor left and Mikhal rapped me back up in the blanket, I was playing possum and pretending to be asleep. I heard him crouch down by me and whisper, "Thank you for taking that beating, so many years ago Kage." And then he walked out.

I mused on that statement while I tried to sleep, with my music playing softly in the back round, 'thank you for taking that beating, so many years ago Kage.' Could he really have been Mike? If he was Mike why would he do this to me? Why did he take me in as a pet?

I finally drifted into the world of sleep, and it was a good sleep nothing was wrong until I heard the door snap shut then I woke with a jump. Mikhal would not have locked the door, so I went to try and open it naturally. Unfortunately it was locked, I tried to remember if I had done anything worth being punished over and could not think of a thing. I placed my ear against the door to see if I could hear anything that would hit if Mikhal was home or not.

"Mikhal you care too much for that pet of yours," Jeshickah's unpleasant voice greeted my ears.

"Kage is a good pet, she deserves to be treated well if she is good." I could hear a sigh in Mikhal's voice.

Jeshickah laughed, "A good pet?" her voice was cruel, "The only good thing about her is that she is beautiful, she should be bred then killed, and if you aren't careful that is what I will do to her."

"You wouldn't, she is my property Jeshickah, and I won't allow you to do that." Mikhal's voice was panicked.

"Your property?" Jeshickah laughed again, "But you see Mike, you belong to me until your debt to be me is over, and that is what two years? Therefore what ever belongs to you belongs to me."

I tensed and leaned against the door harder to hear more; what had the human Mike done that he owned Jeshickah so long?

"I am not your property, I'm not even your fledgling." Mikhal growled, "Now get out of here, I will see you tomorrow at work."

Jeshickah laugh continued, "Yes, yes, of course you will, oh might I suggest that you bring Kage with you everywhere now? Kile is getting a little rambunctious." And I heard a door slam, a few seconds later I heard the lock in my door click out of place.

Mikhal looked down at me sadly, "Back to bed Kage." He picked me up and laid me in my bed, rest was the last word I heard in my mind.

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