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I felt the mattress sink in next to me. "Why are you in my bed, you have your own."

"I like yours better."


"Because you're in it"

Of course that would be the answer. It's always the answer. "Why don't you leave me alone?"

"Because you're too lonely to be left alone"

"I'm doing fine. Anyways I don't swing that way so get out"

"We have this conversation every night, yet still I'm here in your bed and wake up every morning with you curled up next to me"

"It's just a heat source"

"I don't believe that, you'd be lonely with out me"

"I don't like you...I can't like you like that"


"Because... I don't want to"

"Goodnight Hermione, we'll talk in the morning about this." She quickly fell asleep facing me. We never talk about it in the morning; I guess it's just something to say. I fell asleep on the other side of the bed knowing that somehow I'd end up in her arms when I woke up.

The Next Morning

I awakened cuddled next to her just like always and I then pushed out of her arms. "Fleur get out of my bed." She was expecting this, we do this every morning. It's a good thing I was made head girl or it would have been tough trying to explain to Lavender and Parvati why the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher snuck in my bed every night. She's done this since the beginning of my seventh year. I was surprised that she of all people came to teach us. I mean she is just a couple of years older than the seventh year students, with me being the oldest since I used that time turner back in third year. But still, why her? There must not have been a lot of applications turned in for DADA this year. We had Lupin last year but he decided that there would be no more teaching for him. It wasn't his calling he said. Well at least that's what he told the class. I know he only did it to keep Harry safe anyways. Voldemort was defeated last year so there was no need for Harry to be protected anymore. There are still stray death eaters out there thou, maybe that's another reason why Lupin didn't come back, so that he could try to protect Harry from the outside now. Harry is always being protected by someone. However, what about everyone else? I guess know one else is as important as the-boy-who-lived since none of them protected my family when death eaters killed them. No, their focus was on Harry.

"You have to leave now Fleur, you have classes today."

"I know but I would rather stay in bed with you."

"That's not going to happen anytime soon."

"Meaning it could happen some day then?"

"Don't twist my words around." I went about my morning ritual ignoring her like always, another tradition I guess. I never even acknowledged her when she told me she'd see me later and kissed my cheek. I just finished getting ready then headed down to breakfast. I wonder when she'll stop coming to me like she does; I wouldn't be surprised if it was soon. I deserve it. I deserve to be alone.