Chapter 6: Dark Origins.

Kain moved swiftly through the woods Shadow had gotten in over his head and he'd be damned if he let him die before they could have there revenge. As he ran to his last known location he remembered the day they met they day he claimed his power.

One decade earlier.

It was dawn of a new age, the elite four had fallen and Giovanni's army of cloned pokemon marched across Kanto. Soon he would have complete control over the continent

Kain limped through the woods obviously suffering from numerous injuries. Among them was obviously a broken arm. He had been walking all night, he knew if he went to sleep it was unlikely he would ever wake up again. Though he longed for death, he longed for revenge far more.

'Just a little further, I should be able to reach vault by nightfall' Kain thought as he desperately tried to walk on despite the pain that racked his body.

It was then he heard voices, the first had a really heavy accent.

"James stop, what good is killing yourself going to do. It won't bring back the dead"

Kain stopped for a moment, and listened closer.

"I have nothing left, she'd dead because I couldn't protect her." Said a sobbing male voice.

'He's like me' Kain thought.

The accented voice answered back.

"Hey I hate myself for not being able to save her from Giovanni too but what good is you dying going to do?"

Kain's eyes widen with shock.

'Whoever he is we share the same pain" Kain thought before changing course towards the voices.

Soon Kain reached the clearing and saw a lavender haired boy preparing to hang himself from a tree. A small meowth franticly trying to reach up to fury swipe the rope only to be knocked down when ever he leaped up.

It was then James noticed the visitor in the clearing.

"Who are you… and what happened to you?" James asked noticing Kain's obvious injured state. Meowth took this opportunity to slice with his claws causing James to tumble to the ground.

Kain wrenched in pain before choking out an answer.

"I over heard you and your friend talking, As for what happened to me, Giovanni"

Kain spat Giovanni's name from his mouth. He then looked around and asked.

"Where is your friend by the way?"

Meowth stood up and answered proudly.

"I'm right here!"

As Kain stood dumb founded by the talking pokemon, James took this moment to speak.

"So Giovanni did that huh not surprising. He... •choke• killed my best friend, the woman… the woman I loved" James was quickly overcome with tears at Jessie's memory.

Kain understood James's pain knew it all to well.

"Giovanni killed my only child the only family I had left." Kain's answer struck James to his core.

"So what do we have to live for"

Kain smiled the first real smile he had in years.

"Revenge, revenge on Giovanni and all of Team Rocket for what they've done to us"

Meowth just shook his head solemnly.

"No offense but you look like you have one foot in the grave already"

"That I am, but north of here is an ancient power, a weapon of sorts that was locked way by the founding members of Team Rocket, with that we can have our revenge"

James looked this broken man and pondered his options, death or vengeance…

He chose vengeance.

Several hours later the trio was approaching their destination. Though only Kain really knew how close they were. James had been supporting much of Kain's bulk during this journey.

"Why do I trust this man?, I don't know him he didn't even say his name. Can this power he spoke of really help me avenge Jessie's death." These questions raced though James mind though the words never reached his lips.

"Hey I never caught your name" James finally spoke breaking the long silence.

Kain's response was as cold and quick. "The man I was is dead, what remained of him died with his family, call me Kain."

"I'm James"

"I know I overheard your Meowth earlier, you might want to think about a new name too"

"Well then you can call me shadow, because I'm a shadow of my former self"

"ha ha hack!" Kain's laugh ended with a bloody cough. It was when James took note that the moist feeling on his back wasn't sweet but the blood of the man he was helping up the mountain trail.

"I don't think he's going to make it" Meowth thought. "But even if he doesn't maybe me and James can use dat weapon he was talking about if not at least this guy won't have to die all alone in wilderness."

They soon pasted by an opening in the mountain, barley visible behind some trees and shrubs.

"Through there" Kain rasped his voice growing weaker.

James only nodded and helped him into the darkness.

Meowth produced a flashlight from James pack to light the way.

As they marched through the dank cave James noticed his load felt lighter. Kain felt it too he could feel his strength returning or his will his hunger for revenge over powered his broken body.

Finally the trio reached what appeared to be a dead end. Kain took his arm from James and staggered over to a large stalagmite.

Kain flipped the top revealing it to be a false rock. There was a load rumble was the wall of the cave appeared to fall away. With the camouflage fell revealing a large double metal door with the familiar emblem of a red R sunken into the face.

James and Meowth were shocked to say the least.

"This is one of Giovanni's weapons?" James asked.

Kain shook his head; "Giovanni? That brat was barley old enough to have a trainer's license when this vault was locked.

Kain walked slowly towards the door working on a memory he once tried desperately to forget.

He moved to small keyboard in the door and punched in several letters.


"Verifying Authorization… password accepted, please enter primary password." The computer voice said.

"Dam that old witch, figures only her password would do any good" Kain muttered to himself.

He then punched in the letters I•A•M•G•O•D.

Primary password accepted.

"Thank you madam ego" Kain rasped.

"Who was Madam Ego?" Meowth asked.

"We called her Madam Boss she's Giovanni's mother"

James and Meowth both looked at each other as the massive metal doors opened wide revealing the ancient ruins inside. An old generator in the corner rumbled to life various lamps scattered across the room lit up.

James and Meowth followed Kain as he walked into these ancient ruins by the looks of the scattered and long abandoned equipment there was once some kind of agrological dig here.

James was in awe; it was as if the mountain swallowed an ancient city. Numerous statues of dark pokemon in various states of decay littered the area.

He then caught site of Kain once again as the man approached a pedestal. Upon that stone

displayed like a holy icon a black stone roughly the size of baseball but a perfect sphere. Kain walked carefully up to the pedestal, avoiding the tangle of extension cords that sent power from the generator to the lamps.

He blew away the layer of dust covering the pedestal and plaque beneath it.

The plaque read.

May the orb of darkness be sealed here for all time.

Let not It's power be unleashed.

For all you care for will suffer and die.

Should the darkness be set free.

"What a fool I was" Kain muttered as the tears flowed down his cheeks.

"I feared your power, feared it would turn me into a monster to destroy all I loved" his voice trailed off as pain wracked his battered body.

"Now all that I loved is dead and dust, what is left for the monster to destroy but my enemies?"

Kain reached out and grasped the orb in his hands. As black lightning flashed through the air he felt the power surge into his body. The cuts and burses covering his body disappeared. Kain let out a scream of pain and fell to his knees. James and Meowth rushed over to help Kain up, but he refused and rose to his feet unaided.

Kain stood transformed his wounds gone he looked stronger and a thousand times more deadly then before.

"So it is true then, you can not escape your fate"

Back to the Present +2 or 3 hours.

Kain carried a wounded James over his shoulders, behind him lay the carnage of a difficult battle against Giovanni's troopers.

"You know Shadow, I thought we got past this whole suicide thing a decade ago?"

"You're an asshole Kain." James responded.

End of Chapter.