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Legacy of the Lunar Spear

Chapter 1

The War Begins

Zhang Liao sat on the fence next to the training grounds and watched with a smile on his face. Lu Bu had just dropped to his knees from an attack.

"Oh no I am slain; you have beaten the mighty Lu Bu." He hit the ground with a clank of armor and a cloud of dust.

"Please daddy, this isn't Luo Yang drama theatre." Lu Ling Qi twirled her spear expertly.

"We usually poke them in the eye to make sure they're dead!" Liao called out to her. He looked over the young girl who stood at the center of the training field seriously irritated with her father's poor acting ability. She was tall for her age, almost 5'7" already and already full developed. Her petite facial features were outlined by her deep brown hair that was colored by the sun although her face could only be classified as pretty. Her outfit was attractive and menacing at the same time; she wore a fitted top and shorts underneath her armor plating. Ling had smaller, but identical, shoulder plates meant to mimic the one's her father wore and greaves. Upon her head was a headband of sorts with a pheasant feather, a cutting off the headpiece of the mighty Lu Bu.

"Good suggestion General." She went over to her father lying on the ground looking like an idiot. He had his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth and eyes crossed. She kicked him gently.

Lu Bu laughed and sat up. "Come my little assailant; give your father a hug."

"Why? You lost?" She stuck the spear in the ground and leaned on it as Liao laughed.

"Because I'm doing this despite your mother's wishes." He smiled at her and opened his arms beckoning her. She finally caved.

"Thank you daddy."

"Well I can't have you not able to protect yourself can I? Not the most beautiful girl in China, especially now that war's broken out."

"Whatever." She pushed away from him. "You just want me to scare the boys off so you don't have to eat dinner with mama alone." She kissed his forehead. "Besides I know you think Diao Chan a hell of a lot more attractive than me."

"Watch out Fengxian, she's turning into you!" Liao hollered. "God help the boy that tries to take her away from her father though." He whispered to Hua Xiong who had a crush on the young girl.

"Well, get your sword then. Let's see how well you're doing with it." Lu Bu smirked knowing it was by far her favorite weapon.

"You promised we'd go for a ride. I haven't been able to take Firestorm out all week because some overprotective general, who shall remain nameless, thinks it's too dangerous." She stared down at him, the same scowl he used on everyone.

"Well there is a war going on, or haven't you noticed?" He stood up and tussled her hair.

"Well in that case, I'll protect you." She smiled and readjusted her hair. She may be a fierce warrior, but by god she was still a sixteen year old girl. "Since you're so concerned about being attacked outside the gates of the city."

Liao chuckled. "You do need a new head bodyguard." Liao leaned against the fence and couldn't help but wonder how long it would be before Ling decided she needed to fight as well. He had watched her grow up, but there was still so much more she had to learn. Lu Bu had trained her, which was his forte, but he had also shielded her from everything outside the walls of the city. Only through talking with the eight men she commanded, ex-elite bodyguards that protected the palace, did she learn anything of practical value. And the elite guards were notorious for being lewd and vulgar. Liao had already heard her speak her mind about things and everything she said had overtones of Lu Bu's arrogance and the guard's vocabulary. Both father and daughter were trying to create the son Fengxian never had and as war approached he could only hope she would see how important it was to make up her own mind about things.

"Generals." Dong Zhuo stormed into the practice arena followed closely by Diao Chan. "We must meet now."

Ling immediately sensed the change in her father. She knew he hated Dong Zhuo and loved Diao Chan, he had confessed that much to her. She never really faulted him for not loving her mother, it was an arranged marriage and they were complete opposites. In fact, her mother seriously irritated her and she spent all of her time with her father and she never regretted it. However the idea of her father being with Diao Chan rattled her a bit. First, Chan was only two years her elder and second, if Dong Zhou found out he'd have them both killed. Then there was something about Chan that never set right with her. She felt her father's hand on her shoulder and looked up at him. His face was contorted in an angry menacing look, directed at their lord. She turned and saw that it was because he was giving her the same look he always did, that lewd disgusting look as his eyes roamed over her body.

"Excuse us, Ling. Perhaps you and Chan can entertain each other while we discuss matters."

"I'm sure you'd love that wouldn't you?" She said with contempt and gave him a scowl. She felt Lu Bu's grip tighten on he shoulder, a warning.

"You are becoming more defiant with age my dear, perhaps you should think about taking a husband soon. You are sixteen now, aren't you?" Dong Zhuo smiled. How he would love to be the one to force his way into her tight little body….especially when her breasts were large enough to crush his head if he wasn't careful. He saw Lu Bu's reaction; his adopted son knew exactly what he was thinking. Well, it's not like she was an actual relation….hell even if she was it probably wouldn't stop him.

"Yes." She stared daggers at him and gripped her spear tighter.

"Go train with Li Ru." Lu Bu pushed her off in the general direction. "Now."

"Yes, sir."

"I will defend Si Shui Gate, my lord." Hua Xiong bowed and left.

"General Zhang, you better prepare reinforcements." Lu Bu crossed his arms and watched his friend bow to him.

"As you wish, sir." Liao followed Hua Xiong.

"I am sorry, Fengxian, I know you wish to accompany them" Dong Zhuo looked over at his 'son'. "But the defense of the capital is more important."

"I understand, my lord." Lu Bu looked out the window and watched Lu Ling Qi toss Li Ru in the air and kick him into the hay bales.

"She is becoming quite a warrior." Zhou moved to the window.

Lu Bu narrowed his eyes at his lord and imagined his halberd running through the man's back. "Yes."

"You must be proud."


"You are being very curt with me. Is there a problem?" Zhuo spun around and stared at him.

"I do not appreciate your interests in my daughter, sir."

"You must let her go sometime, General."

"Not anytime soon." Lu Bu tried desperately to contain his anger.

"If you didn't do such a fine job of hiding her from the world, I would think someone would try to take her as I took the Qiaos."

"Over my dead body."

"The enemy approaches!" Li Ru ran up and instantly came to a halt when he realized that Lu Bu was there. "Uh, sir."

"Good." He reached for Red Hare

"Allow me to accompany you." Lu Ling Qi rode up on Firestorm, dressed for battle.

"No. We are not so desperate as to force our women to battle." Lu Bu said coldly as she dismounted.

"Actually, we are. Diao Chan, prepare yourself to defend the Qiaos." Dong Zhou pushed Diao Chan towards the palace. "Go!"

"Yes….yes sir." She looked up to Lu Bu before running off.

"That is unacceptable, Lord Dong!" Lu Bu turned to the man, with rage in his eyes.

"You might as well protect them too Ling."

"Protecting your harem is beneath me." Ling spat. She got a fierce response from both Lu Bu and Dong Zhuo.

Zhuo slapped her. "Remember your place. You will not address me as you would a bodyguard."

Lu Bu turned his cold glare off of his daughter and onto Dong Zhou. He grabbed the man's hand. "How dare you touch her!"

"Keep your daughter in line and I wouldn't have to." Zhou ripped his hand from the warriors grasp and stormed off to his palace.

"Bastard…" Ling growled and felt her father's hand whip across her face.

"Do as you are ordered and don't talk back!" He leaned down and stared into her eyes.

Ling tried to hold the stare but she had to give in and look away. "Yes, sir."

"Insubordination is inexcusable." Lu Bu growled.


"If I can hold my tongue, so can you." He softened his voice. "Don't give him a reason to touch you."

"If he does he will die."

"Ling Qi, the time will come for that…..but it is not now. Do not repeat that, you hear me?"

"Is she worth it?" Ling asked knowing her father was contemplating killing their lord for Diao Chan.

Lu Bu looked away. "Yes."

"Then I will protect her for you." Ling sighed.

"Just stop drawing attention to yourself." He squeezed her shoulder.

"Be careful daddy." Ling stood on her toes and kissed his cheek when he bent down to her level. "She'll be waiting for you when you're done."

"Both of you better be." He patted her head.


Ling looked over at Diao Chang who rolled her eyes. The two Qiaos were locked in a small room in the palace and were doing everything they could to be annoying. "Can't we just hit them a little?"

"No." Chan smiled, she was going to try and win her over. Unfortunately Ling still frightened Chan.


"Why?" Ling growled.

"Lord Dong wished for them to be unharmed." Chan lowered her voice. "And you know better than to make him mad! He'll take it out on you."

"So we baby-sit?" Ling sat down and took her headband off. "If he tries to do anything with them he's going to rip them in half. Those two can't be more than twelve."

"Don't worry about it." Chan shook her head. "It's not worth it."


"Oh that's it." Ling stood but Chan stopped her.

"Haven't you listened to a word I've said?"

"Not really." Ling looked to the door.

"Then think about your father then! If you hurt one of those girls, Dong Zhuo will want to take it out on you and him. Mainly you….and Fengxian won't stand for that Ling please….."

"Fengxian?" Ling looked the songstress in the eye.

"I mean General Lu."

"Hmpf." Ling sat back down. "You really care for him?"

"Of course I do." Chan sat down and waited for Ling's reaction.

"You better." Ling held her spear and toyed with the spearhead. "Because I won't let you hurt him."

"I know." Chan hated being alone with her, she was unpredictable.

"Why is it suddenly so damned quiet?" Ling stood and put her ear to the door. She thought she heard a man's voice. "DAMMIT!" He burst into the room and threw her spear at the intruder.

"Look out Ce!" Zhou Yu pushed his friend out of the way and narrowly avoided being hit.

"Yipes!" Ce looked at the fuming woman. "This place is crawling with em! We definitely found the harem alright!"

Ling drew her sword. "Are you calling me a whore?"

Chan stood behind Ling and raised her maces. She was worried; these two young men looked like formidable opponents. She was good with her weapons but she still had a long way to go before she was worthy of fighting a general. "How dare you steal the property of Dong Zhuo!"

"Jealous we don't want you?" Sun Ce laughed only to have to raise his Tonfa quickly to block Ling's forceful attack.

"Master Zhou Yu!" Xiao pulled on his sleeve. "She's mean! She's Lu Bu's daughter, be careful!"

"I believe she has already chosen her opponent." Zhou Yu looked over to Diao Chan. "My lady, shall we?"

"Of course." Chan moved towards him and watched Ling defend herself easily against the Sun boy's high strung musou.

"How can you fight to keep these girls in Dong Zhuo's hands when you yourself are in the same predicament, Diao Chan?" Zhou Yu inched closer and watched the songstress's eyes grow wide.

"How do you know my name?"

"Don't fall for his pathetic tricks, Chan." Ling kicked Ce into the wall. "Just crack him in the head and shut his conceited mouth."

"Can you beat me?" Zhou Yu asked, "I think not."

"I…..I will." Chan stood up straight and readied herself.

"You know, you're pretty cute." Ce grunted as Ling leaned into the weapons deadlock. "Maybe you'd like to meet my brother Quan, he could use a forceful woman."

"Any man I can control is no more than a dog." Ling spun out of the deadlock and sliced his arm.

"Owww…." Ce backed up. "Okay maybe you're not the right girl for him. How about pirates? Eh? Like those? Either one we've got would be compatible with you."

"Ce! Quit the matchmaking already!" Yu snapped.

"Ok, you see if Diao Chan is interested in Quan."

"What the hell are we going to do with you?" Yu shook his head at his best friend's consistently chipper attitude and his new found need to set up his siblings with mates.

Ling heard Chan scream and turned to see Zhou Yu prepare to attack as she scrambled across the floor. "Must I do everything?" She high kicked Ce into the Qiaos and attacked Zhou Yu. Her father would be pissed if she let some Wu asshole skewer his mistress.

"Now that's not playing fair." Yu hissed. "But I am not surprised considering your lineage."

"So you believe you're better than Dong Zhuo why? It would appear that you are both trying to steal a pair of twelve year olds just like he did."

"We're not twelve!" Da hollered.

"We are liberating them from the hands of a perverted tyrant. Obviously you yourself are too fond of those hands to see why a proper maiden would be disgusted by them." Yu smirked.

"You do talk an awful lot." Ling swung in front of Chan who finally had a chance to stand up.

"Actions speak louder than words." Zhou Yu attacked her with his fierce hacking.

"Hey bro!" Ce looked out the window. "Lots of guards are heading this way."

"Want to run away do you?" Ling slashed back at him. "Now that you've bitten off more than you can chew?"

"Ummm…and I think the big guy is Lu Bu. Yeah, definitely Lu Bu." Ce looked out the window at the blood bay stallion and his huge rider galloping across the stone courtyard.

"Chan! Attack him!" Ling raised her sword and gave the woman the Lu stare of death.

"I can't let you take them!" Chan raised her maces.

Ce shrugged. "Well, I disagree."

"You two have nowhere to run to." Ling tried to break through Zhou Yu's defensive stance to no avail. It was fine with her; she could keep this up all damned day. However time was running out for the Wu strategist. "Didn't plan on me did you pretty boy?"

Yu jumped back and shot one of his light darts out of his sleeve, he only succeeded in pissing her off. "No, I did not. I didn't think you were sharing Dong Zhuo's bed along with your father's mistress. What a neat little love nest that must be. Do you at least get to leave the room before your father takes his turn?"

Chan's eyes grew. If he knew about her and Lu Bu then Dong Zhuo must….."AHHH!" She dropped her maces as Sun Ce jumped up in the air and slammed his tonfas down in rapid succession.

"Honestly, do you think I am feeble minded? You taunts mean nothing." Ling ducked and cut open his arm. "So I see you are taking the little Qiao. Does that imply you are so ill-equipped you need to claim the smaller cavity?"

"You do have a mouth on you don't you?" Yu didn't even glance at the blood staining the sleeve of his robe.

"I told you!" Sun Ce laughed and scooped Da Qiao up and over his shoulder. "She's perfect for Gan Ning."

"Gan Ning does not need anymore encouragement." Yu watched the woman move into protect Diao Chan again.

"Well we can talk about it over dinner. I'm starving and the reinforcements are probably charging down the hall as we speak so…." Ce jumped out the window with his Qiao.

"Hurry, Zhou Yu!" Xiao began to cry. "Please."

"I am not a man to keep a lady waiting, so we must put this off until we meet again."

"You might want to practice some more." Ying watched him leave with Xiao.

"You let him go?" Chan asked.

"You fool, if they made it this far Hu Luo Gate has fallen. We have bigger concerns." Ling swung the door open and marched down the hall, her father racing at her. "The Qiaos have been taken."

"What?" Lu Bu couldn't believe it.

"You might want to teach your songstress slut how to hold her own in combat." Ling began to push past him.

"Don't insult the woman I love." He looked down at her furiously.

"Father, I have failed to complete my mission thanks to her. I can not do my job if I have to protect her in the process."

"By god girl I will tan your hide if you don't shut your mouth." He heard his bodyguards coming down the hall and broke off the conversation. He peaked into the room and saw his teary eyed lover standing there.

"Sorry." She picked up her maces. She knew she had prevented Ling from stopping the theft of the Qiaos, but she was more upset over what would happen to the three of them because of it. Lu Bu and Lu Ling Qi were too furious right now to begin to think about what Dong Zhuo would demand in return for their failure. Chan knew all too well what the despot wanted.

"We must leave. The gate has fallen and we are pulling out of Luo Yang. Dong Zhuo is setting fire to the town as we speak." Lu Bu turned back into the hall. "Let's go."

"BAH!" Dong Zhou watched the battle turn sour. "Burn the town."

"What?" Li Ru stared at him.

"You heard me!" Zhou screamed. "Burn it to the ground!"

"But….we can't burn the capital!"

Zhou took his sword and sliced off the man's head. "Li Jue, Burn it!"