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Hermione Granger had changed very much over the summer. Her hair was straight and little more blonder. Her teeth were finally smaller and not mouse-like anymore. She broke up with her boyfriend Viktor Krum. She never really loved Viktor but she went out with him because she thought no one will love her. She loved Harry ever since she met him. But thought her friendship with him would be ruin and he still loved Cho.

Harry had become more muscular and tall over the summer. Working on chores and waiting on the Dursleys hand and foot. In the morning he would hide in the brush under the widow so no one would find him. He also got over Cho Chang. He had gotten letters and gifts from Ron and Hermione for his birthday.

Dear Harry,

Fred and George are still going on about a joke shop. Mum hates the very idea and is against them spending all of their money on it. She still insist that they still live at home because they're apartment is a big old mess. It's all dusty and wreaked. But you could get it clean by a spell but I think mum's not ready to let them go. Ginny won't tell me about her new boyfriend. Mum hopes you like the cakes and treats. Me and Luna hope you have a Happy Birthday!

Your Buddy,


Ron and Luna had began dating during the summer and were inseparable. Everyone was surprised that they began dating.

Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday! I hope you'll like my present. Rome is really wonderful. All the sculptures and ruins. I even went in the Leaning Tower Of Pisa, first I thought I was going to fall. But it turned out to be very fun. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Miss you a lot! See you in September!

Lots Of Love,


Hermione's present for Harry was some very good chocolates from Italy and a book on How To Take Care Of Owls. Hermione was having an wonderful time in Italy while he was tortured by the Dursley's endless chores. He really missed her and couldn't stop thinking of her all summer. "What are you thinking, she's your best friend" He thought.

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