A/N: Oh sorry everyone I said I would update more but I'm just super busy at the moment. I don't know what to do with the story anymore I kinda lost interest in it but I don't know if I will delete it or just continue with it, or re-write some parts of it. I read HBP. And it was good except for the H/G and R/Hr and the change of Hermione. I still like H/Hr but I like R/Hr now too. I never really liked them until this book. I always though maybe they're relationship wouldn't be so good b/c the bicker so much to each other. But I know they're gonna end up together. I guess I still ship H/Hr but like R/Hr. But I'm NEVER gonna like H/G it's totally weird! Ginny only likes Harry b/c he's famous! And now Harry likes her b/c she's pretty, popular, and plays the same sport he does(wink wink Cho Chang all over again) and u know how that relationship turned out. Besides I think Ginny is very stuck-up I never really liked her character at all. Way before HBP! I just really HATE H/G! I just wish Harry would snap out of it and find a girl that's more like his mum. I don't care if it's not Hermione, it better not be Ginny! She would absolutely ruin him. That's my point of view on things now that HBP has come out. Well go H/Hr & R/Hr but DIE DIE H/G! lol well I just wanted to tell u guys about the story but I guess I was so consumed in discussing my views on the ships and HBP. By-the-way HBP was an good book but without H/G, Hermione's weird change, and the WAY TOO MUCH snogging it would have been better. Well I hope to hear what u are think.

EDIT: These are my ideas, views, and opinions on HBP, Nobody has to agree with me. And I really don't care. People can express what the think and this is what I think.