One Week

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Chapter 1 – My so-called life

Hello, my name is Li Syaoran. I live in Tokyo, am sixteen years old and a junior at Seijou High. I am the heir to my family's enormous company that is controlled by my mother and father. But, because they are in charge, they are gone a lot, and they make me stay at my best friend's house because they don't trust me (for example, they don't want any parties going on at their house). So, I guess you could say I live with my best friend, Kinomoto Sakura.

Yes, you heard right. My best friend is a girl. We lived next door each other from the time we were born till we were 3, when her mother and father got a divorce, and her and her mother moved into a Terrace looking over Tokyo, but, because my mom and her mom were best friends, we were still able to see one another. Everyone thinks that we are, or, according to Tomoyo, SHOULD be a cute couple, but I had never really thought of her like that. She's... Sakura... I'll never feel that way about her. (An: Oh, how very wrong you are Syao-kun. )

"So, you're staying for an entire week?!" Sakura asked ecstatically. She had a huge smile on her face, and she looked like a kid on Christmas.

I laughed. "Yes, they're going to England to check on a new branch that just opened there. Nothing too serious, but it needs to be done."

"Did I hear England?" I rolled my eyes when I heard the annoying voice of my second cousin, Eriol.

"Yes, you know, the place your father lives in..."

"Ah, good ole England, how I miss it..."

"Then maybe you should go back."

"No! Because then I wouldn't be able to annoy you everyday!" He exclaimed.

"My point exactly..." I growled. I don't really hate my cousin, but he's along the same lines as Tomoyo, and that's a nightmare... But with those two together, is a horror story waiting to happen...

"Hey! I didn't hear my name in the list!" Speak of the devil...

"Well of course you're on the list my dear, you're number one." Eriol replied quickly, kissing her hand.

"I better be..." She replied. "Ohayo Sakura-chan!"

"Ohayo Tomoyo-chan!" Tomoyo is Sakura's second cousin. Basically, it's like Eriol and Tomoyo are a match made in heaven, or a match made in hell in Sakura and my case. "Guess what?"


"Syaoran is staying at my house for a week!"

"Kawaii!" Tomoyo got all starry eyed. "I'll need to capture every moment!"

"Don't worry, we'll give you PLENTY to film." Sakura winked, cluing me in.

In a suave, sexy voice, I replied, "Sakura, not in front of the children."

Sakura giggled, Eriol smirked, and Tomoyo let out her trademark evil laugh.

"Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho! I'll make sure it'll happen!"


"What's going on?" Chiharu asked, all the while being given a piggy-back ride by Takashi as he carried her to our group. Following behind them were my cousin Meiling, Unkei (AN: Meiling's boyfriend), Rika, Kenzo (AN: Rika's boyfriend), Naoko, and Junichi (AN: Naoko's boyfriend). Is it just me, or are Sakura and I the only single ones in our group?

"Syaoran is staying at Sakura's... So I'll need to turn on my hidden cameras..." Her eyes went narrow, shadowy, and EVIL. All of us, including her loved one, Eriol, backed away from her in fright.

"Hidden... Cameras?" Sakura looked scared... I thought I would save her.

"Well, there'll be no need to turn those on, I'll make you a copy of what we film." Sarcasm was filled in my voice. I winked at Sakura and ran my lip across my top lip. Everyone laughed.

"You guys are goofy..." Chiharu laughed.

If you haven't noticed, Sakura and I tend to pretend we're a couple, and everyone thinks that's funny. "Well, naturally we..." I paused. There, walking past me, in slow motion, was the girl I've liked since I was eleven. Aya Akechi. Her hair flapped in the wind slowly, and she pulled it behind her ears to keep it from going into her face and messing up her make up.

"Can you drool anymore?" Sakura asked, snapping me out of my daze. I looked at her and smiled, reassuing her. But she wasn't letting that go easily. She put on fake water works. "So... So... You're looking at other girls... Are you sick of me?"

"No! No, I'm not sick of you! Not until you bare my children!" A little confused at that line, aren't you? Well, Sakura talks in her sleep, and at most points says outrageous things. So, to annoy the hell out of her, I claim that she tells me in her sleep that she has to bare my children.

Rika sighed angrily. "Not this again!"

The rest of us laughed at her annoyed face. She doesn't think that my little lie is very funny. I could tell Sakura was going to say something, but the bell for school interrupted her.

"Well, I'll see you later..." She said instead, looping arms with Tomoyo and walking off into the building.

"It's really a shame you two aren't a couple..." Eriol sighed. "Without you two together, the universe is out of whack."

"Yeah, but you and Tomoyo are whacky enough to keep it straight." I replied.

"Well, soon you'll be dating Aya, Sakura will be dating someone else, and we both know Aya will not want to hang out with us, so, our groupie will break apart. Sure, you two were never together, but haven't you ever even thought about it? You and Sakura, being more than just best friends?"

"Ha ha! Me and Sakura? An actual couple? That's the funniest thing I've ever heard!" I replied as we walked to the building, putting on a fake laugh.

I was trying to pretend that his statement didn't bother me, but as I thought of it, the idea bothered me. I don't know, Sakura, having an actual steady boyfriend? Sure, she's had boyfriends before, and I acted like how a big brother would, but why did that idea bother me now? No. It's like how it's always been. Sakura will always be my best friend. Always.

Normal P.O.V

Eriol smiled as he saw his cousin deep in thought. Knowing exactly what he was thinking, he added a statement to his last sentence in his mind. "But one week WILL change everything."

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