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Rating: R due to graphic violence, and adult themes

Hell Night


Kim Possible

Initiation weekend for the incoming senior class is here, for the weekend, Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, and several members of the incoming senior class of Middleton High School must be locked up in Ryerson Manor, where 75 years ago, Jack Ryerson murdered his family, then committed suicide, but when classmates start turning up dead, it's up to Kim, and Ron to find the killer, before they become victims themselves.


The outgoing senior class of Middleton High School stood in front of the new seniors, waiting for the ride to Ryerson Manor, several of them were already drunk, except for a strikingly pretty redhead, and her blonde haired boyfriend, their names, Kim Possible, and Ron Stoppable they had decided to keep a close eye on two of their fellow classmates, both of whom had too much to drink already, and were still packing away the booze, Bonnie Rockwaller, and Josh Mankey,

"If they have another shot, so help me, I'm gonna strangle them." Kim said through gritted teeth,

"Amp down, K.P.," Ron said, laying a hand on his girlfriend's shoulder, "you seemed stressed."

He looked into her jade green eyes, a plea in his face, she melted immediately,

"Alright, I'm calm, now what?"Kim asked, looking up at Ron, who stood about a few inches taller than she did.

She had to admit, Ron was something to look at these days, his training in Tai-Ching-Pek-Wa had done him wonders, not just in the looks department, but in the skills area as well, on their last mission, he had handled Drakken in less than a few seconds, and then moved in to help take care of Shego. His once clean shaven face, now sported a neatly trimmed goatee, according to Ron, he was trying to ditch the loser image, but Kim knew that Ron was really conscious of his lookshe hated to go out not looking good enough to please Kim, even though Kim found him quite attractive, no matter how he looked.

Tonight, he was wearing a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, a blue denim jacket, and black canvas tennis shoes.

Kim was dressed just as contemporary, wearing a simple green tank top, which showed off her toned midriff, and blue cargo pants.

But tonight, she was without the Kimmunicator, the rule of this initiation was that there was to be no means of outside communication, that meant no cell phones, and no Kimmunicator, they were on their own. Then the oldest senior, Amelia, stood up, and told the group at large,

"Our rides are here, we'll be leaving this comfortable place shortly, for Ryerson Manor, where you'll be locked into the big house for the weekend, if you can make it without cracking, you'll be proper seniors, for those who didn't want to go, they don't know what they're missing." then, another senior, who Kim didn't know walked up to the head of the group, and spoke,

"Remember the rules, there is to be no means of outside communication, none of any kind, you may wander the grounds, but you must not leave the gates, the gates will be padlocked, and only Mr. Barkin will have the key, he'll be by on Sunday morning to let you all out, any questions?"

Alan Platt, an incoming senior, had his hand up, "Why Ryerson Manor?" he asked,

"Ah, Alan Platt, I forgot, you weren't born here, so you don't know what happened there 75 years ago." the senior said, Alan shook his head no, so the senior looked out into the crowd,

"Possible, you were born in Middleton, tell Platt why Ryerson Manor?" he said,

"Because 75 years ago, Jack Ryerson murdered his family in that house, then committed suicide." Kim said, Alan shuddered slightly, then, the senior spoke up,

"You forgot something, Possible, they say that Ryerson Manor is haunted by the ghosts of the Ryerson family, the house has stood empty ever since," he drew a breath, and continued his story,

"According to the police reports, Jack Ryerson had come home from his job, as President and C.E.O. of the Middleton Pickle Works, and walked into the master bedroom, where he pulled out a machette, and hacked up his wife, he then proceeded to the bedroom of his oldest son, fifteen year old Andrew, and slit his throat, he then walked into the room occupied by his thirteen year old daughter, Marie, and stabbed her thirty two times, she died before he was halfway finished, he then proceeded to the room of his youngest son, ten year old Jason, and shot him four times, at point blank range with a .38 caliber police special, he then walked back to the master bedroom, put a 12 gauge shotgun to his face, and pulled the trigger, completing the most gruesome murders in Middleton's history." the senior finished, looking at the crowd, then Amelia got back to the front of the crowd, and spoke up again,

"As per the rules, one male, and one female to a bedroom, there's ten bedrooms in all. As I read off your names, you will tell me which room you will sleep in.

Ron Stoppable, you will bunk with Kim Possible, which bedroom will you take?" Ron stepped forward,

"Master bedroom." he said, in a clear voice, Amelia nodded,

"Bonnie Rockwaller, and Brick Flagg, which room?"

"Second floor, east wing." Bonnie said, again, Amelia nodded,

"Monique, you'll bunk with Josh Mankey, which room?"

"Second floor, adjoining the master bedroom." Monique said, looking over at Kim, who's brow was raised,

"Well, someone's got to keep an eye on you and Ron." Monique said, her voice low, so that only Kim could hear it,

"So not the drama, Monique." Kim said, smiling devilishly,

'Tonight's going to be full of surprises.'

Kim thought, she had no idea how prophetic that one thought would be.