I thought that I would bring you up to speed on what has happened in the ten years since that night:

Bonnie Rockwaller went on to Colorado State University, where she studied Astrophysics, she received her doctorate only a couple of years ago, currently, she is one of the worlds leading scientists, leading the world in her studies of planetary movements, and motion dynamics.

Brick Flagg also went to Colorado State, where played football for the Rams, winning the Heisman Trophy in his senior year, he went on to be drafted by the Detroit Lions in the first round, taking them to the Super Bowl in his rookie season, winning the game with a last second touchdown pass. He, and Bonnie married shortly after they graduated college, they have three beautiful children, and still live in Middleton.

Monique attended Upperton University, where she studied forensics, she works as a Crime Scene Investigator for the Middleton Police Department.

Tara King went on to Julliard, where she studied acting, she is currently working on a motion picture about that night, she is married, and has two children, she maintains a home in Los Angeles, but still resides in Middleton.

Josh Mankey went into the Police Academy after high school, he is currently, one of the best detectives on the Middleton Police Department.

Alan Platt was never the same after that night, he never forgave himself for his sister's death, despite others telling him that it wasn't his fault. Shortly after graduation, in a fit of depression, he put a gun to his head, and pulled the trigger, he was 19. He was buried in Middleton Park Cemetary, next to his sister, his was one of the biggest funerals in the city's history.

Ron Stoppable also went to Upperton University, where he pursued a law degree, he currently works for the D.A.'s office in Middleton. His nickname is, 'The Perry Mason of Middleton,' primarily because he's never lost a case.

Ryerson Manor was demolished shortly after that night, in it's place, a huge granite memorial now stands, commerating that night, when eight high school students stood against the worst threat they had ever faced, and came out alive.

The three students that escaped through the fence disappeared into the background, they became a footnote in the most bizarre mass murder in Middleton's history.

And as for me, Kim Possible, I followed my two best friends to Upperton University, where I earned a degree in Criminal Justice, I now work as a Private Investigator. As a side note, Ron and I married after college, we're awaiting the birth of our first child, we still live in Middleton, not too far from Brick and Bonnie. We still go on missions, but now, it's as husband, and wife.

I often stop and think about that night, when I do, the usual questions pop into my head, 'If I'd only done this, if I'd only one that?' But I realize, that no matter what I'd have done, the results would be the same, if not worse, more could've died that night, if the ones that survived had not stuck together, and used their brains. None of us that survived take life for granted anymore, we found out that night, that life is a precious gift, one that should never be wasted.

No matter what I do, I'll never forget that night, it'll live in my memory forever, as Hell Night.

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