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Much to the dressmakers dismay, I'd demanded an off the shoulder wedding dress. She'd spluttered and made big hand gestures, but eventually she'd agreed; after all, I'm paying.

Now, as I gazed at my reflection, I couldn't stop smiling. I'd chosen a sleek cream dress, which ran flatteringly over my body – and the scar on my shoulder was clearly visible. I wasn't ashamed of it, and I didn't want to hide it. Whatever doesn't break you makes you stronger, and to me this scar had become a symbol of my strength.

I ran my hands protectively over my slightly swollen abdomen; three months after we'd started trying for a baby, my period was late. I held my metaphorical breath and hoped. Ric didn't say anything, but I knew he knew I was late. Eventually, I took a test, and another, and another.

After seven tests, I reached a conclusion:

I was pregnant.

Ric and I celebrated quietly and in our own way, but we kept it to ourselves, for now. Ric held my hand when we visited the doctors, and he fainted when the doctor told us the news.

I was pregnant.

With triplets.

Ric and I never do things halfway.

I listened to the four heartbeats thunder through the room; one my own, and three were my children. Ric came to in time to kiss my tears of happiness from my cheeks; he always did have impeccable timing.

And speaking of timing, I heard the organ begin to play the wedding march. I looped my arm through my Dad's, kissed his cheek, and the door's swung open.

I stepped out onto the aisle, and met Ric's eyes. He stood in front of the altar, resplendent in his black suit, looking gorgeous. Ric's lips curled up in his slow special smile and I felt a familiar surge of warmth in my heart. Never could I have hoped, never could I have dreamed, to be this happy.

Without hesitation I walked towards the man I loved. Ric took my hand and he gazed into my eyes as we exchanged vows.

'You may kiss the bride.' The priest said.

Ric leaned in and I whispered in his ear, 'Till death do us part, my ass. Eternity, Ric, you're mine for eternity.'

He laughed softly, 'For eternity.' He agreed, and he sealed it with a kiss.