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Kyle and Jan were strolling through the Jedi Enclave. The two friends had been stuck on Dantooine for three days now. The Council had little to say to them, just to say nothing of the future, and decipher why the Force had sent them here.

"Honestly, Kyle," Jan sighed, "Do you really think there is a reason why we're here?"

"I don't know Jan. We should just trust the Council."

"Easy for you to say, you're the Jedi."

"Have some faith, Jan," Kyle said.

"In what, Kyle?" Jan asked, "In the fact that we somehow got transported through time? In the fact that probably my ancestors weren't even in existence yet? I'm not even gonna lie to you, Kyle, this has me scared to death!"

Kyle pulled her to him, "Its okay to be afraid, Jan, I don't understand this anymore than you do, but we have to be strong."

Jan gave a small nod. She looked around and saw that they had walked to the landing pad. Above them a ship was ready to land. She pulled Kyle out of the way, so it wouldn't land on their heads.

It appeared to be a Corellian craft, although she couldn't be sure. After all it was 4,000 years before she could even fly a ship. The ship landed easily, and the two friends watched to see who would come out.

A young woman stepped off the ramp first. Brown Jedi robes cloaked her, but didn't hide her beautiful face. Her brown hair hung free, and Kyle recognized the Padawan braid that framed her face.

A handsome man followed her. His sandy hair nearly reached his shoulder, and his emerald eyes shown bright.

Another man stepped off. Both Jan and Kyle were startled to recognize the Mandalorian armor he wore. What was a Mandalorian doing at a Republic base? The war should have been over a few years before, but that didn't mean that the Republic was on friendly terms with them.

The brunette turned to the sandy haired man, "I will speak with the Council first. We will discuss the matter of you being Force Sensitive."

The woman turned and headed towards the Council's chambers.

Kyle frowned a little, "Something is strange here?"

"You mean being on Dantooine wasn't strange enough?" Jan replied with a hint of sarcasm.

"I sense a strong sense of the Force in that man," Kyle pointed to the man.

"Right," Jan said, "That makes a lot of sense to a non Jedi."

The two walked up to the man and Mandalorian casually. Jan wasn't to easy about standing face to face with a Mandalorian, but at least her best friend was a Jedi. That gave her a little comfort.

"Uh hello," Jan spoke first.

The Mandalorian looked up, "Hello to you too doll."

Jan narrowed her eyes at him. One thing she really hated was being called a doll.

"I'm Kyle Katarn," Kyle said, "This is Jan Ors."

"Nice to meet you," the sandy haired man said, "I'm Randen Tol."

"And I'm Canderous," The Mandalorian butted in, "It's nice to see a pretty face like yours Miss Ors."

Jan wondered if it would a bad thing if she broke his nose. Kyle put a hand on a shoulder as if to tell her it would be. Somehow he always had a way to quiet the rage inside of her.

Jan looked at the ship a little. The hull was riddled with blaster bolts. Then paint was beginning to wear off in most places. The name read the Ebon Hawk. Jan frowned at the name. Why was it so familiar? Had this once been a famous ship?

"Lady what do you think you are doing?"

Jan turned to see a brown haired man on the landing ramp.

"I'm just examining the ship," Jan replied.

He laughed at that, "Like you could examine a ship like this."

She burned at the comment, "Listen buddy, I've been flying ships since I could talk. I think I know a lot about ships."

He rolled his eyes, "That's a good boast, I'm sure you can pilot skyhoppers and speeders, but when it comes to battle you just shy away."

Jan moved to give the guy a good swing, but Kyle stopped her.

The Man laughed at her attempt to knock him out.

Randen glared at him, "Carth that's enough."

"I just think its funny how a girl like her thinks she could fly the Hawk."

"I could fly circles around you," Jan shot back.

"I'd like to see you try." Carth grinned.

"A Bantha could fly better than you hotshot!"

Carth's smile died a slowly.

Canderous laughed like a maniac, "Woman you got some wit!"

Kyle spoke up, "I think it's been settled that you are both excellent pilots, and I suggest we leave before these two tear each other apart."

Jan continued to shoot daggers at Carth, but walked away with Kyle.

"That creep thinks he can fly better than me, I'll show him some flying!"

"Jan will you shut up about your wounded pride and think about what's going on?"

Jan sneered at him, "I could really hurt right now Katarn!"

Kyle ignored the threat, "Did you recognize the name of the ship?"

"Not really, it seemed familiar," Jan said controlling her anger, "Why do you ask?"

"I remember it from stories my father once told me."

"Really," Jan said, "What did he say?"

Kyle frowned trying to remember, "It's been so long since I thought about it, I don't really know."

Jan thought for a moment, "I hear a story too, when I was younger."

"You did?"

"Yeah," Jan said, "An old woman was relocated from Coruscant after the Emperor took over. She used to tell me a story that mentioned a ship called the Ebon Hawk."

"Do you remember what happened?" Kyle asked.

"Not really, just that it was sort of a love story."

"Love story," Kyle said with a laugh, "I never would have pegged you for a romantic."

"Hey, my parents liked to help her out, it's not my fault she told the story every time I saw her."

"Still it is pretty funny," Kyle laughed.

"Shut up!"

I think you might be going soft, Jan."

"I think I told you to shut up Katarn."

Kyle still chuckled a little "Well my father never told me a love story. In fact I think it was more about how every man can turn, that not everyone is lost."

"Okay," Jan said, "So how does this relate to the ship?"

"Maybe it's not the ship," Kyle said, maybe it's about the passengers."

"You mean that woman, Randen, Canderous, and that jerk Carth?" Jan said, "By the way if you dare tell the moron that an old woman loved to tell me love stories I will personally see that your life is about as wonderful as a black hole."

"I won't say a word," Kyle said, "To him that is. Luke might find this quite interesting though."

Jan gave him a hard punch in the arm, "Next time it will be your face."

Kyle smiled, "Yeah right."

Master Vandar came walking towards them, "Knight Katarn, Miss Ors, the Council would like to speak with you."

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