As they were dancing so closely, Sarah finally felt safe. Derek smiled at her. All of a sudden a sense of guilt cast a shadow upon the wonderful night. The love in his eyes was tearing her heart apart. He deserved someone else, someone better, someone who would never do what she did. Her feelings of remorse came too late. It happened and there was nothing she could do about it. No turning back time, the clock kept ticking and time was running out. They had only 3 weeks left together, the thought of being away from him was terrifying.

But he was better off without her, he was worth to be loved by an angel. And there was one thing Sarah knew for sure: she wasn't going to heaven! For 1 moment, the devil took over and made her caress her worst enemy. Crossed the line between hate and love, between innocence and guilt. Shocked by what she saw in the mirror, the old Sarah was gone...She was taken away from holyness under Satan's curse.

No! What was she thinking? The old Sarah wasn't gone at all! She was still there and so were her feelings for Derek. She made a mistake, a big one, but it didn't change her as a person. Doubts were filling her mind but she knew things would be over if she told him. Damnit, she had to stop being so selfish. Derek had the right to know, even if it would ruin their relationship.

Why did she always mess up a good thing? Every single person that ever loved her, was doomed. Her mum died because she was rushing to come to her audition for Julliard and now she was about to lose Derek. Everything was her own fault, she wasn't meant to be happy.

Nobody's perfect but he was the only boy she ever knew who was so close to perfection. He fought for their relationship, he always showed respect and loved her with all his heart and soul.

Why did she do this? Malakai was Derek's opposite, he hated her and she hated him. He had no respect for women, and certainly not for the white trailer trash like Sarah. He was walking a different path, going in the wrong direction. And yet, that one night, it looked as if he'd changed. Sarah was so stupid to believe he really cared for her and Derek, he said he wanted to get them back together. He took advantage of the situation, Sarah felt vulnerable and was unable to think clear. Malakai was the devil in person, only cared about himself. He was so slick, she was too blind to see that vicious look in his eyes. Their bodies became one but it didn't feel right at all. With Derek and her, it was heaven on earth, more than lust, that was love! But with Malakai, there was no love involved, only sexual pleasure.

The song ended and Derek gave her a sweet little peck on the cheek. Sarah took deep breath and said: "Let's go back home baby, we have to talk...".