I know I keep writing about roses… but yeah. This is the third in my Rose Collection. Interpret it with whatever characters you will... even though it mentions that the subject is a female, Paul's character can still be a really good interpretation…

Love Lolly.

Roses and Daisies

Listen. You're losing time.
You chase perfection,
But your words don't rhyme.
Isn't this what you wanted?
Well you got it
So dry your eyes.
You sit here, blue,
Wondering why…
What did you do wrong
To make love pass you by?
But didn't your mother tell you
That even roses have to die?

This daisy sighs…

You dwell on what could have been.
You deserved it all, after all.
The dutiful daughter, the Straight-A queen;
Now where are your just rewards?
Why does everyone around you
Have a scar upon their face?
Why is everything around you
Drowning in mud instead of lace?
Daisies crave you, night and day
But they are not roses.

You send them away.

Really look around you.
Is this what you were crying for?
Are you no one's dream come true?
Well, not anymore.
You kept your distance,
Turned up your nose.
Just because you think
You deserve the rose,
Doesn't mean allthe daisies do.

You waited so long
Proud and strong,
Now your petals begin their fateful decay
Will perfection arrive?
…It may.
But it will not survive.
It cannot
Survive you…

Stop talking!
Smell the air!
Is your scent really so sweet?
You don't give a damn
Unless your petals feel the heat.
Am I correct?
Of course I am.
Your heart continues to beat.
Will your perfect rose ever come?
Your heart of ice: a constant drum.
But this rhythm is a monotone.
There's simply nothing wrong.
Every beat strikes true.
It's perfect…
But that's just it:
You no longer want this song.
Your petals have split.
Your time's run out.
This flower has wilted.

You're still without.

Do you understand now?
What are you going to do?
After this quest for the rose,
You suddenly want the daisy.
It's true.
But what makes you even think,
That this daisy
Still wants you?