Six years had passed since Glorfindel of Gondolin and Erestor; Lord of Doriath had begun their courtship and five since their bonding ceremony under the cherry tree, witnessed by the court at Balar. Their lives had since slipped into routine, Glorfindel in the position of captain and Erestor as King's advisor and Doriath council member but despite their busy lives they still found time for each other and their love for one another continued to grow with each passing year.

On this day the two elves lay on a blanket under the cherry tree, the sun shining down brightly on their picnic. Idly Glorfindel was playing with a long strand of dark hair, twisting it about his finger as he gazed adoringly at his beloved.

"You're distracting me," Erestor groused.

"That is my intention, beautiful one; I would keep you from work on this your begetting day, if it is within my power." The Golden elf replied, amusement lacing his voice. Erestor sighed heavily closing the tome he had been trying to read before turning to lean back against the tree, the sun's rays through the leaves dappling his skin, and his head coming to rest against Glorfindel's shoulder even as the golden elf's arm came about his waist to hold him close.

"I don't know how I have put up with you!"

Glorfindel raised a brow at that and turned to nuzzle at his neck, before whispering into the smooth flesh just loud enough for Erestor to hear, "because you love me?"

"hmm, maybe?" Erestor replied non-committally with a small smile.

The golden elf gave an outraged snort, and his companion's smile grew broader, before he pulled away to look at the dark haired elf. "I'm sorry to inform you my dearest and most beautiful husband that your regret at our union comes somewhat too late," He grinned evilly, "for you are stuck with me now until the end of days."

Erestor eyes softened, and his face became more serious as he lifted a hand to caress Glorfindel's cheek and stated, "I could never regret our bond, for all the joy it has brought me, you make me whole." Glorfindel beamed at him, before leaning forward to claim his lips.

Erestor cleared his throat discreetly and gently pushed Fin away, "We have company."

Glorfindel turned, shielding his eyes from a ray of sunshine to look at the intruder before turning his questioning look at Erestor who shrugged back at him.

Within a pace of them stood two elflings holding hands, both looking rather lost, and even more extraordinary to Glorfindel's eyes was that they were so similar in appearance that he would be hard pressed to tell one from the other.

"Hello" Erestor said brightly, "can we help you?"

The elflings looked at each other, before one of them began shuffling his feet and the other took a step forward. "My brother and I are looking for Lord Erestor."

"You have found him, little ones." Glorfindel added helpfully and the elfling stepped forward again, and bowed, before holding out a sealed missive for him to take. Grinning he added, "I am Glorfindel, this is Lord Erestor."

The elfling flushed at the Golden Lord's teasing tone, and turning towards Erestor bowed once more, holding out the letter as he did so, which Erestor took from him. Having fulfilled his duty the elfling went immediately back to his brother's side dragging him forward. Glorfindel smiled at the action and motioned for them to sit, before turning curious eyes on his beloved.

"May I see your knife?" The bolder of the two elflings asked quietly, breaking the Golden elf's silent communication.

Erestor studied the missive, occasionally looking over the top of the parchment at their young companions; shaking his head in bemusement and wonder. Finally setting aside the letter he smiled to see Glorfindel in an animated conversation with the more forward of the two, the other he noted with concern was playing no part in their discussion of weapons, but seemed to be trying to read the title of the book discarded just out of his reach.

He reached out and picked up the book, handing it to the quieter elfling with a smile, "You might find it rather dry, little one."

The elfling took it from him with a shy smile, seeming to relax instantly. There was something in the young one that Erestor was quick to recognise and he smiled at that realisation.

"Which one of you is Elros?"

Glorfindel's head snapped around at his words and he turned back to look at their young companions in wonder.

"I am, My Lord." The bolder of the two elflings stated proudly.

At Glorfindel's questioning glance Erestor handed him the missive which he opened to read.

"So you must be Elrond?"

The other elfling looked up from the book, "Aye, My Lord."

"I am overjoyed to meet you, young ones, and know that I will do all that I can to see that you find a place and a loving home here."

The two elflings smiled at Erestor before turning to smile at each other, and Elros held a hand out to his twin, Elrond slipping his hand into that of his brothers' without hesitation.

Glorfindel folded the letter once more and settled back against the tree next to Erestor's slighter form, turning to whisper in his ear "This is a most irregular begetting day gift."

Erestor turned towards him and smiled, "Aye, it is, remind me to thank Maedhros if ever we meet again."

The End.


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