I know this isn't how the story really ends, but I changed the story for my own purposed, mainly to make it unhappy :-P Anyway, I hope you like this story and understand where it is coming from.

Frost Covered Glass:

Slowly ice made its way across the window, spreading out its cold fingers and embracing the glass, obscuring the view of the village square. She stayed at the window, watching the frost crawl across the glass.

The wind blew hard against the window, howling dark and loud in the storm. Snowflakes blew against the glass, constantly beating against the window. For a moment, the shutters blew open and the window creaked open the slightest bit.

She drew back, afraid of what might emerge from the window. A sharp piece of ice hit her finger drawing blood. In horror she stared at her finger, watching the piece of glass like ice turn a deep red as the blood oozed around it.

It brought back memories she hoped she would never have to face.

Her laugh was pure evil, despite her beautiful face. Snow white hair cascaded to her shoulders, framing a perfect face. Besides her stood Kay, his brown hair wind swept from the sled ride, his face emotionless.

Gerda ran towards him and was suddenly struck by pain. Gasping she collapsed in the snow and watched as the Snow Queen loaded her prey upon her sled and disappeared once more into the snow swept hills.

She had tried to find Kay, had tried for years. Every time she had been unsuccessful. But as she watched the blood well around her cut finger, a sudden feeling of helplessness overcame her.

She looked out the window, and could see faintly through the glass, a snow white sled making its way through the village. She squinted, and could make out a lean figure of a woman, clothed in pure white furs. She looked harder, hoping to find the silhouette of a boy, or of a man.

But there was nothing. Simply a woman, who soon disappeared into among the frost designs on the window.

In despair she threw open the window, the cold wind assaulting her face, pieces of snow and ice beating at her brow. She shivered, but did not back away from the window.

This is for Kay. she whispered to herself before stepping off the ledge of the window sill.

The next morning only an imprint of a by was found among the wind swirled snow. And Gerda watched from the sky, alongside her childhood love.