Mika watched her mother and father as they laid together. In a way she envied her mother. Father was never so open with any of them as he was with her. She had asked her mother about it one day when she was younger, and afraid that she had done something to make her father not love her.

"Your father loves you all very much." she had said. "You have never known what it is to be despised for what you are, to have to live in fear of your life for no crime other than your birth. He has protected you from that. His parents were killed when he was young and he had to live on his own. He was loved by no one, could trust no one. It took a long time for him to learn that he didn't have to be someone else to be cared for. It is hard for him to talk about how he feels, so instead he shows you his love. It is all he can do. Watch him as he plays with you and your brother and sisters, see if he looks at all of you as I do. He cannot hide the love in his eyes."

She had done as her mother said and found that it was true. Even when he scolded them, she could see it there in his gaze. He loved them all. Slowly as she grew she learned to recognize the small gestures he made to show them he cared. Her uncle Sesshomaru had once told them all the story of their parents. She realized that her mother had saved him and his heart would not allow him to show her any less.

"Father." she said softly. He looked up at her. "Dinner is ready. I waited to wake you until the others had finished"

He nodded. InuYasha looked at his daughter. He could sense her distress. A profound sense of loss had settled over their house. Kagome was their heart, the one who bound them all together with her love. He knew his children needed comfort from him in away he so seldom gave. "Would you like to stay with her for a while?" he asked.

She nodded. As her father went to pass her, he did something that surprised her. He pulled her into a hug. She could only remember a few occasions when he had held her and all were when she had been hurt. She returned his hug. He looked at her. "You are my eldest daughter." he said. "You were the first child I held in my arms. I have loved you since before you were born. Never forget that." He hugged her again.

"I love too papa." she said softly.

He raised her chin. "No crying around your mother." she nodded, and dried her tears. He smiled and left the room.

The next morning InuYasha was sitting at the table eating when Taro came out of his room. He was once again in his half demon form. InuYasha looked at him and smirked. "I see you figured out what I meant." he said. Kimi who was behind Taro blushed. "Maybe you should have waited, though because now she has to go home."

It was clear neither had thought of that. Taro sighed. "I'll walk you." he said. She nodded.

"Go see your mother." InuYasha said, when he returned.

Taro nodded. He went into the room his parents shared. Kara was sitting on the bad talking softly to their mother. "You're talking to her?" he asked.

"Father said she can hear us and it will help her get better." Kara replied. "Is it true?"

"You know father wouldn't lie." Taro told her. "Can I talk to her alone?" Kara nodded and left. Taro sat by his mother and took her hand. They were so small. When she was awake you could feel the strength, the life coming from her, but laying there she seemed so fragile. "Thank you, for keeping me from fighting Kenji." he said. "I would have never been able to forgive myself. Remember mother, you have to wake up in time for my wedding. It wouldn't be right if you weren't there. I love you." He kissed her forehead and left.

Kenji wouldn't be fully healed for another day, but he could get up and move around. He came out into the main room. "Kenji, go sit with your mother. I have things to do and someone needs to stay with her." InuYasha said.

"Father I..." Kenji started.

InuYasha raised his gaze to meet his son's. "I was not asking." he said.

Kenji nodded. "All right. I'm sorry father." InuYasha knew he would have to force Kenji to see her. He could tell that his son still felt guilty over almost attacking her.

Kenji went and curled up beside his mother like he had done when he was a small child. He cried quietly. He didn't want his father to hear him. He had never seen his father cry. His mother had always told him that everyone cried sometimes even their father and that it was okay, but once he had reached a certain age he had decided that he was too old to cry. "I'm sorry mama." he said softly. "This is all my fault. Taro was sick and I hurt father and I almost hurt you. Now you are like this because you had to help me even after what I did. Father says that it isn't important because everyone is all right now, but I just can't forgive myself. Please be all right. I love you."

InuYasha waited to go to her until he no longer smelled Kenji's tears. He didn't want to make his son feel any worse by seeing him when he was upset. He loved Kenji of course, but he had always been closest to his mother and there was a certain distance between them. InuYasha knew the only one who would be able to make Kenji feel better was Kagome.

The fourth day came and went and InuYasha knew he had to bring Miya and Rinji home. He brought them in the house and took them to see their mother. "Why is mama sleeping?" Miya asked.

"Kenji was hurt and your mother had to help him, and so she is very tired. She will be sleeping like this for a while. I don't want you to worry though because she'll be better soon." InuYasha said. "It is important the you show her how brave you both can be."

They nodded. "Is it okay to sit with her?" Rinji asked.

"Of course." he said. "You can talk to her as well. She can hear you."

His two youngest climbed in bed beside their mother and started talking to her, telling her about what they had been doing at Miroku and Sango's. InuYasha watched them and hoped she would wake up soon. He could smell her getting stronger each day, but couldn't tell how much longer she would need to recover fully.

It was the middle of the night. The full moon was high in the sky lending light to their room. Kagome had been sleeping for nearly seven days. "InuYasha?" she said softly. He sat up suddenly. He thought he heard Kagome. He looked at her surprised to find her eyes open. She smiled at him. "How is Kenji?"

He shook his head. Leave it to her to ask about others when she had nearly died herself. "He is recovered." InuYasha told her. "And Taro is fine as well, though he is restless from missing his mate."

"Did I miss the wedding?" she asked.

"No it is next week." he told her. "Like me it seems Taro could not resist the woman he loves. I was so worried about you. I thought I might lose you."

She reached out and stroked his face softly as he leaned over her. "I heard your words." she said. "They gave me strength."

InuYasha leaned down and kissed her softly. He felt her hand slide up to his ear and she began rubbing it softly. He growled. Kagome arched into him as he moved a hand to cup her breast. She moaned softly at his gentle caress. She used her other hand to trace the muscles of his chest. He moved down and began kissing her neck softly, before biting down on his mark. She buried her face in his shoulder to mask her low moans. She felt him loosening the ties of her sleeping kimono and one hand went down to cup her center. She forced herself harder against his hand.

He wanted her so badly, but the full moon taunted him. "Please." she whispered. "I need you."

Her pleading was almost more than he could bare. "I can't, we can't the moon." he told her.

"I don't care." she replied. "I want to feel you. To be with you. Please my koinu."

He leaned down and kissed her deeply. He could not deny her this. He pushed open her kimono and removed his hakama.At last they both found their release.He licked her neck softly on his mark and rolled off of her. He pulled her to him. "I love you." he whispered.

"I love you too." she replied. He pulled the blankets over them and they slept in each others arms.

In the morning a loud cry from Miya woke the house. She was in the door way of their room. "Mama." she cried.

Kagome careful not to let the blanket slip turned to her daughter and smiled. Taro was next to arrive and looked at his parents. He grabbed Miya and shut their door. InuYasha and Kagome could hear him talking, he could tell all of the others had arrived to see if Kagome was really awake. "Yes mother is awake." he said.

"I want to see her." Rinji told him.

"Listen, why don't we all make breakfast for mother and then we can bring it to her in bed as a surprise to show her how happy we are to see her." Taro suggested.

The three youngest agreed and went do pick what they were going to make. Mika looked at Taro. "Do I need to guess why you are really keeping them out of there?" Mika asked, a trace of amusement in her voice. Since the age when they had come to understand such things they had often joked about their parent's inability to go more than the shortest amount of time without escaping the crowed house for some time alone, and from which their father always came back in a better mood.

Taro laughed. "We should have been expecting that." he said. "You know how they are, though I hope they realized that the moon was full last night."

"What does that have to do with anything?" Kenji asked.

InuYasha opened the door. "Mika go help your sister." he said. He looked at Kenji. "I 'll answer your question later. Go see if they need you to catch anything for your mother's breakfast." Kenji nodded. Finally he turned to Taro. "Thank you."

Taro nodded. "You just couldn't wait could you. Oh well I guess another brother or sister couldn't hurt." he laughed.

InuYasha glared at his son before smiling slightly. "Don't tell them yet." he said Taro nodded. "Oh and laugh all you want, but it was your mother's idea."

Taro groaned. His father must really be in a good mood to joke with him like that and to be so open. He supposed it was the effect of their mother. She had a way of making everything better, with nothing more than her presence.

He went back in to Kagome. She had tied her kimono and was sitting up in bed. She smiled at him. "I'd say you handled things pretty well. Thank you for telling them to talk to me." she said. "I don't feel like I missed as much."

He went and sat beside her and took her hand. "So are we having a boy or a girl." he teased.

"I don't know, but I'm happy either way." she said.

"Me too." he replied. "Good thing Taro is moving out, or we'd have to start building on to the house again."

A short while later InuYasha and Kagome found themselves surrounded by four very happy hanyou pups. The three youngest climbed up on the bed to be close to their mother. Kagome smiled and talked to them as she ate breakfast. She was saddened by the absence of Kenji, but refused to let it show on her face. She thanked her children for breakfast and told them that later she would spend time with them. They all nodded and went outside to play.

"InuYasha, I am going to the spring for a bath." she said. He watched her dress and get her things together. She turned back as she was about to leave. "Well are you coming or not?" She grinned at him.

He jumped up and swept her into his arms. They went to the spring and both found their bath to be as enjoyable as the night before had been. "Can you take me to Kenji?" she asked. "I won't be able to find him on my own."

InuYasha nodded and he led her to Kenji. He kissed her cheek. "I'll see you at home." he said softly. She nodded. Kenji was sitting high in a tree above her.

"Kenji, come down and speak to me." she called. He jumped down. "I missed you at breakfast." He looked at her. She could see him trying to hold back his tears. She wrapped her arms around him. "It's all right."

"Mother, I'm sorry." he said softly.

She stroked his hair. "You have nothing to be sorry for. Everyone is all right. If you hadn't transformed you probably would have died. I couldn't bare to lose you. I know a part of you came home because you knew we could help you and that your father would be able to keep you from hurting us, even if you don't realize it."

"If only that were true." he said.

"It is true." she told him. "Soon you won't have to worry because we are going to have a sword made for you. No one blames you. Please don't blame yourself anymore." She felt the tears filling her eyes. She hated to see her child in pain.

"Mama don't cry." he said.

"I won't if you promise to try and get over this and be yourself again." she told him.

"I promise." he said.

She smiled. "Good. Let's go home. I haven't seen all of you for far too long." He nodded.

The next day Kagome and InuYasha made a quick trip to see Totosai and InuYasha returned minus two fangs. He was glad he would only have to do this once more. The he remembered that he was now expecting another pup. Oh well, its worth it.

The day that he was going to get Kenji's sword and the day before Taro's wedding he woke and smiled. Kagome's scent had changed. They were definitely having another pup. He woke her gently. She smiled at him. "You know don't you?" she asked. He nodded. She put her arms around him and kissed him.

"Are you happy?" he asked.

"Of course." she said. "Do you think they will notice?" He nodded.

Kagome got up to make breakfast and smelling the food her children started to emerge from their rooms. Miya and Rinji hugged her and backed up. They were the only two who had never smelled her when she was pregnant.

"Mama?" Rinji asked. "You smell different."

She smiled. "Sit down and when the others are here I will tell you why." she said.

At last all off her children assembled she turned to them. InuYasha was beside her. "You are all going to have another brother or sister." she announced. Taro and Mika shared a knowing look. They were all too used to this announcement.

The next day Taro and Kimi were married. After the new couple had gone to their own home and the younger children had gone to bed, Mika found her mother sitting outside. She thought she smelled the faint scent of tears.

"Mother?" she said softly. "Is something wrong?"

"No." Kagome replied. "I was just thinking about how you are all growing up so quickly, and wondering how my own mother managed to let me go when I was younger than you are now. Was there something bothering you?"

"I don't want to upset you." Mika said.

Kagome looked at her daughter. "You want to go live in the future don't you?" Kagome asked.

Mika was taken aback be her mother's question, mostly because it had been that very thing she was going to talk to her about until she had seen that her mother was upset. "How did you know?" she asked.

"Because I know you. In this time there aren't many demons who would consider a hanyou as their mate and I know you would not be comfortable with a human. It is part of your nature to desire a male who is stronger than you, that will be a good protector and provider. In the future you could have that." Kagome said. "If it is truly what you want, I will talk to your father."

Mika hugged her mother. "Thank you mama."

Kagome sighed. InuYasha was not going to like this idea. She went to bed and waited for him to return from his patrol of the surrounding forest. He had been doing that more often since Kenji was attacked. He entered their room quietly and laid down beside her.

Kagome took a deep breath. There would be no easy way to do this. It would be best just to come out and say it. "Mika wants to go live on the other side of the well." she said softly.

"What?" he asked.

"She's lonely." Kagome told him. "Taro is married. You know that the chances of her finding a mate in the era are slim. Our sons can find happiness with humans but our daughters can't."

"You think we should let her go, don't you?" he asked.

"Yes." she replied starting to cry.

"All right." he said. "But only if Sesshomaru agrees to watch out for her." Kagome agreed.

They took their yearly trip through the well. Asami was very surprised to see that there would be a new addition to their family very soon. This time when they returned home however they returned for the first time without Mika. Sesshomaru had been happy to welcome her to his home and promised to watch out for as he would his own.

Years don't tend to matter much and after a while you stop counting choosing to instead celebrate days and events rather than the actual passage of time. Kagome looked at the pictures she kept of her children from over the years, and those of her family in the present.

She felt a twinge of sadness and guilt as she looked at her mother's photo. She had died almost ten years ago. Kagome had come through the well to be faced with her little brother, who could have passed for her father. He told her that their mother was dying. Right after she had left the last time doctors had given her less than a year to live, but she had held on fighting to see her daughter one last time.

Kagome had gone into her room. She felt the comforting arm of InuYasha around her waist. Asami smiled a them when they came in. "I waited to see you both one last time." she said, her voice strained. Kagome sat beside her mother and took her hand. She felt InuYasha place a hand on her shoulder. "I wanted to say goodbye. I love you both and may die in peace now that I have seen you one last time."

She was surprised when InuYasha had leaned down, tears on his cheeks and kissed her mother's forehead. "You were one of the few besides my own mother who accepted me as I am and it is because of you that I have Kagome. Over these long years I have come to consider you my mother as well. Thank you." he said softly.

Asami smiled. "I see you have gotten much better with words my son." she laughed. Kagome was crying freely. "Don't cry Kagome. I will see you again."

"I love you mama." she said. Asami's death had been almost as hard on InuYasha as it had been on her.

Kagome sighed and wiped away the tears that had fallen as she relived that memory. All three of her daughters had made their home on the other side of the well and all four of her sons had stayed. Her youngest, Shiro, had just turned nineteen and left their home. It was so empty now.

Most of her days were still happy ones and she found solace and comfort in InuYasha. He would be the one who would never leave her, who she loved beyond all reason. Today would not have been so bad if it was not the anniversary of Sango's death. She turned to one of the few pictures she had of the demon exterminator.

A year ago Sango had fallen ill. She was nearly sixty years old, which for the times was older than most lived to be. Kagome had been almost sure that it was cancer, but there was nothing she could do short of take care of her dear friend. No one had been too surprised when Miroku followed her to the next life a few short months later. He simply missed her too much to go on.

Kagome had been careful not to get too close to anyone over the years. It was too hard to watch them die. She had instead made friends with the mates of her son's. They all understood what it was like. Kimi was so much like Sango it made things much easier to bear. She still had a piece of her closest friends with her.

InuYasha came in to find Kagome sitting on the floor, crying silent tears. She looked up at him. He was still as handsome as ever, if not more so. Though still young by demon standards and in human appearance he had matured. All traces of boyishness were gone. The closer he came toward her the more diminished became the ache in her heart.

He sat down beside her and put his am around her. She leaned into him and let him comfort her heart.

InuYasha sat beside his mate. She was upset. He hadn't meant to leave her alone on this day. As soon as he realized what day it was he returned to her. The way she had looked at him, so sad. She was so beautiful even with the tears coursing down her cheeks. He thought back to the birth of their last child. After she had been upset. He caught her one day looking at herself, crying.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

She had closed her robe quickly and wiped her face. "Nothing." she lied.

He went to her and wrapped his arms around her. "Don't lie to your mate." he scolded gently.

She cried against him. "I can't stand to look at myself." she said softly.

"How can you say that?" he asked. "You're beautiful."

She looked for any trace of deception in his eyes, and found none. "Not anymore." she replied. "My hips are too big and my stomach sticks out and I can't even talk about my breasts. Why do you stay with me?" she cried.

"Kagome, look at me." he said raising her chin with his hand. "I stay with you because I love you. To me you are beautiful. I always thought you were too skinny. Do you know what your body says to me now?" She shook her head. "It say that you have given me seven strong pups that you have loved and cared for them as a mother should. It says that you love me as well. You're perfect, just as you are. I will never leave you."

He sighed as he pulled her against him. Trying to ease her pain, as she had done for him so many times. Truthfully she didn't look much different than she always had. She was even more beautiful in his eyes now. She had the figure of a woman now instead of a girl. Her hips were slightly larger and she might have weighed about ten pounds more than she used to, but she was still in excellent shape.

"I miss them too." he said softly, looking at the picture of Miroku and Sango.

Time passes and things get easier. She knew she would never forget all the people she loved, no matter how may years passed. She also knew that she would never be alone. InuYasha loved her and they would be together always, destiny and fate had seen fit to bring them together, and one day she was sure that they would again be reunited with those that they had lost so many years ago.

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