Goku's Pet

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Goku got a pet one day. This would have been better, if it weren't for the fact that it liked Sanzo. Sanzo didn't like it. Of course, when Goku was on vacation (in...Florida...), he left the kitty (yeah, it's a kitty) in Sanzo's care. How typical.

Now Sanzo, staring at its dead body, figured he was in a whole lot of trouble. "Wake up, you stupid cat, wake up!" he hissed.

Right on cue, Hakkai came in. "So, you finally got him, did you?"

Sanzo would have jumped, except for the fact that he was carrying a dead body, and that he didn't want to give Hakkai the satisfaction of knowing he, Sanzo, was startled. If Gojyo or Goku heard about that... "Of course I didn't shoot him! I always missed on purpose!"

"Right..." Hakkai was obviously smarter than Sanzo thought. "So you killed him with the fan?" Or not.

"I starved him, you idiot!"

Hakkai looked closer. "Oh."

"Hey, the stupid monkey's back!" Just perfect.

"Snuggles!" Goku called out, rushing toward his room where the (still) dead cat lay. "I'm home!"

Sanzo tried to shove the cat under the bed, but Goku was already in the room. "Hi."

"What did you do to Snuggles?"

Hakkai tried to explain, to the best of his ability, while Sanzo hoped Hakkai wouldn't screw up too badly. "Snuggles," He winced a bit upon saying that name (probably because no one like Goku should ever name a pet Snuggles), then continued. "Snuggles went to a better place where he won't starve."

Real subtle.

"You starved Snuggles?"

"So?" Sanzo as usual, was being sensitive to Goku's feelings.

Hakkai, once again, tried to make things seem better than they really were. "We can hold a nice funeral for it, and Sanzo," he said, with a pointed glance at none other than Sanzo, "can say a prayer or two."

"You'd do that?"

Sanzo, though he really regretted it, nodded, with a look on his face that suggested that either he was really not in the mood, or he ate Gojyo's cooking.

Goku grinned. "Or maybe we can eat it?"

Hakkai turned a bit pale. "If you want..."

Snuggles chose that moment to meow faintly and open its eyes.

"It's alive?" Gojyo asked in disbelief. No one else knew he was there and looked to the doorway. "I've been here the whole time..."

All eyes turned to Goku, who had an expression on his face that no one (save for Goku) knew the meaning of. He looked up, then spoke. "Let's kill it."


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Um...I have no explanation for this, but it was interesting...I think. Goku had a bird, then a cat...is that the funny part, or was this not funny at all?