Me to Me

(AN: This is my first Kim Possible fic, so be nice)

Chap1 A new me is born

I stared at my science book forever how was I going to finish my project in one day? Hello I'm Ron Stoppable Kim Possible's sidekick you may know me and if you don't that's o.k. I am 16 years old and I live in Middleton and go to Middleton High School. You must be wondering about the sidekick part well my friend is a crimfighter. We go all over the world stopping evil villains. Sounds cool, but it really is a tough job even though I am just a distraction most of the time. Now back to my science project that is due tomorrow.

I looked at the diagram of a flower how was I going to make a model of it in less then 50 minutes? Stress began to weigh me down until Rufus came along and started constructing my project right in front of my eyes. Oh and Rufus is my pet naked mole rat just incase you cared.

"Thanks buddy," I smiled.

"No problem," he squeaked then fell asleep on my desk.

I heard a helicopter outside so I went over to my window to check it out. I saw Kim on a ladder. I opened the window to hear what she was saying.

"Dr Drakken and Shego are in New York trying to freeze the whole world," she said, "hurry up let's go."

I took Rufus and stuffed him in my pocket. Dr. Drakken and Shego was our worst enemies. They were always trying to take over the world, but they never succeeded. I jumped out the window grasping onto the ladder as the helicopter pulled it up.

"Thanks for the ride Victor," she said.

"Every since you saved my restaurant from that fire I had to find some way to repay you,"

"Anyone could've put the fire out with a simple garden hose,"

The plane landed in a dark forest typical for Dr.Drakken. I always wondered about the Dr. part of his name he doesn't heal the sick. He isn't even a good guy. We got out of the helicopter and walked through the forest. We got to a spooky castle, which I personally didn't like. Kim and I went to the back of the castle. We found a little opening in a fence and snaked through.

Once inside we saw Dr.Drakken telling Shego about his wonderful plan.

"And with this freeze ray I will freeze the entire earth and cast it into another ice age," he cackled.

"That isn't evil anyone could live in another Alaska," Shego stated.

"Alaska is nothing like the ice age," he said.

"How do you know?" she asked.

"I just do,"

cI looked to Kp for the signal. It is very important to drop in on the bad guys on the right time or ruin the effect of dropping in. Kim started counting down from three. When she got to one we jumped down from the catwalk well actually Kim jumped down I just took the stairs.

"Not so fast Dr.Drakken," she yelled.

"Kim Possible!"

"And Ron Stoppable!" I yelled.

"Right," he said, "Shego get them!"

"With pleasure,"

As Kim fought with Shego I snuck over to where Drakken was.

"And now to start a new ice age," he said lifting his controller.

"No one is starting a new ice age," I proudly spoke.

"Ah the buffoon," he smiled, "what are you going to do about it?"

I did the best thing I could I pushed him and took the controller. I ran for the exit knowing Kim could fight off Shego, but standing in my way was Dr.Drakken.

"Give me the controller," he said.

"Never!" I shouted.

I was about to run to the other exit but Dr.Drakken tripped me making the controller fly into mid air. I leaped onto a table to catch it stepping on a few test tubes, which were filled with different color liquids. So when I caught the controller I slipped crashing into many other test tubes. Before Darkken could get the controller the cops came, but they escaped in their get away plane.

"You o.k. Ron?" Kim asked.

"Yeah I'm fine,"

When I got home I tried to shower all the toxic off my body then went to bed. A bright hazy glow filled my room as I pressed snooze on my alarm clock. Turning in bed tiredly I came face to face with an unexpected visitor myself.

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