Me to Me

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Chap9 Go Simon!

I leaped into the air to block Kim from Monkey Fist's attack, but failed because I hit the floor. I thought Kim was a goner, but then I saw Simon jump into action. He kicked the metal pole from Monkey Fist's hands.

" Ouch! Why you little!" he shouted.

" Take this monkey man!" Simon yelled kicking Monkey fist in the face.

Monkey fist was out, no longer a threat to Kim. I grinned knowing Kim was okay.

" Looks like you're out numbered Mankey," I smirked.

" I can take on all of you," he hollered.

" Maybe, but not all of them," Kim pointed at the police officers surrounding the area.

Josh tried to escape, but was caught by an officer. He was taken to a squad car along with Monkey Fist.

" Kim, I am sorry please forgive me," he pleaded.

" No," she answered.

When all the police officers left the area Kim called for a ride.

" Simon my man!" I cheered, " You were great."

" Thank you,"

" No thank you for everything," I replied.

An airplane came from the sky slowly landing on the ground. Kim, Simon, Rufus, and I climbed on. I relaxed because I knew that it was all over for a while. The plane landed in front of my house. Simon, and I climbed out. Kim followed she looked like she had something to say.

" Ron, I want to thank you and Simon, and Rufus for everything," she grinned.

" We were glad to help," I said.

Simon went inside, but I waited outside with Kim.

" Ron," she called.

" Yes,"

Suddenly she leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek. It was a very nice kiss too.

" Thanks," she winked getting into the plane.

When the plane left taking Kim away I touched my cheek.

" Booyah!"

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