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Chapter one: 'If you go, I'm coming with you.'

Four and a half months later

'Land ho!'

Jenny put down the mop she had been swabbing the galley with and ran up to the deck, eager to see land again since leaving Ireland a month after they had been reunited with The Pearl, due to bad weather, stopping off at the Canary Islands to stock up for the journey and after a rough crossing of the Atlantic in which most of the crew had been sea sick and one man had been lost overboard, impossible to find in the mountainous seas. They had also been blown south of their course and were desperately short of food and water so Jack had charted a course to where he hoped the Virgin Islands would be, and prayed. They all prayed and now it looked as if their prayers had been answered.

'Bisi, take us to th'middle of th'islands, ter Tortola.' Jack ordered, sending up thanks to whichever deity might be listening to him.

'Aye Cap'n, suh.'

'Here at last, eh luv?'

'Not before time,' Jenny replied, snuggling back into Jack's arms as he wrapped them around her.

'How's Shay?'

'Still complaining,' she laughed, feeling a pang of pity for the Irishman who had suffered from seasickness even worse than she had during the crossing.

'Reefs!' came the cry from the top of the main mast and Joshamee Gibbs, Pete Symmonds and Billy Wheeler ran forward to keep watch, whilst Daniel Woods fetched the lead and swung it to test the depth.

'Easy does it, Olabisi,' Jack urged. 'Haul in th'sails, let's take the sweeps through this, eh?'

The crew furled the sails then manned the oars, taking the ship inch by inch through the treacherous, hull-destroying coral.

'Why's th'ship slowed down? Are we here yet?' came Shay's brogue as he looked about in amazement at the empty deck, with everybody keeping watch over the sides.

'Almost,' Jenny replied from the side of the starboard bow. 'We've got to get through these reefs first.'

'Ah, but they're beautiful,' Shay gasped as he leaned over besides her.

'Deadly too, mate,' came Jack's voice from the opposite side. 'They'd rip a ship ter pieces given half th'chance.'

The young Irishman looked in wonder at the beauty before him while everyone else kept a careful watch, calling out instructions to the helmsman and those on the sweeps until they were finally clear of the coral some hour and a half later, a sigh of relief coursing through the ship like a breeze.

'Nearly there luv,' he whispered, stroking the rail on the ships side. 'Soon have yer lookin' like new again, eh?'

'It's a good job I'm not the jealous type… well, not where ships are concerned anyway,' Jenny teased, kissing her lover on the cheek. 'She's held up pretty well, hasn't she?'

'Aye, better'n I thought she would,' he admitted ruefully. He looked as the island of Tortola grew closer and went to the helm to give Olabisi instructions as to where to steer the ship for the main town, safe in the knowledge that they would be secure in this pirate haven.

… … … …

'Jack! Jack Sparrow, where the hell have you been?'

The group, consisting of Jack, Jenny, Messrs Gibbs and Cotton, Shay and John Williams, stopped and looked at the man hurrying along the lane towards them.

'Richard Page… well, well, well. Long time no see mate.' Jack extended his hand and shook the fair haired man's, a broad grin on his face.

'Ah, well. I crossed one or two men too many and haven't been the most popular man around these parts,' he laughed, his blue eyes holding Jenny's gaze for a moment. 'Who is this?'

'This is me woman, Jenny, so keep yer beady eyes off, savvy?' Jack warned, only half joking.

'All right, all right.' Richard Page held his hands up in mock surrender but still gave a sly glance towards her once more. 'I hear you had a run in with Valentine. You're not the only one in Tortola to have done so. Job Bailey's here. No ship, no crew and drinking himself stupid day and night. Word has it Valentine had something to do with it.'

'Bailey? Valentine?' Jack stroked his thin beard thoughtfully. 'I wonder what happened…?'

'He is likely to be in The Stag if you'll be wanting a word with him. I'll join you there later.'

'I might just Richie, I might just. Come on,' he beckoned the group to follow him down a narrow passageway until they reached an inn, a sign with a picture of a proud stag swinging to and fro in the stiff sea breeze. 'We can get something to eat here as well.'

'Jack, what are you up to? You're not going after Valentine I hope?' Jenny warned, an uneasy feeling welling in her stomach.

Jack didn't have chance to reply for as soon as he stepped over the threshold of the tavern, a loud voice boomed out.

'Jack Sparrer! Where t'hell have ya been?' A burly man with long, lank hair and few, rotten teeth, strode across the floor and clapped Jack on the back, nearly sending him flying. 'Where've ya been? Valentine's been lookin' all over fer ya. Even offered a reward but had no takers. So either you've paid everyone more than what he was offerin' or no-one knows where ya been. Which is it?'

'Th'latter, Job.' Jack grinned up at his friend. 'So, Valentine's been wantin' ter know where I've been eh? Well, he'll know soon enough.'

'Aye? What's goin' down then Jack?'

'Later mate. Right now I've got a crew ter feed and water an' a ship ter repair. Let me get yer a drink, eh?'

'Well if yer lookin' fer a fight wi'Valentine, I'll be interested in siding wi'ya.'

'Aye, I heard you had a bit of trouble wi'him yerself. What happened?

'I'll tell ya when I've got some grog down me. Who's this beautiful woman then Sparrer? And 'ow d'yer manage ter get 'er t'stay with ya?'

'This is Jenny Samuels, an' she stays because she can't get enough of the old Sparrow charm, eh luv?' he winked at her sitting opposite.

Jenny's eyebrows rose slightly at his using her original married name and she pulled a face to his last comment but said nothing. The ale tasted vile to her and she only took small sips, hoping nobody would notice.

'Ya all right Jen?' Jack asked, noting her pale complexion and the dark rings around her eyes.

'Yes, just tired after the past few months.'

'Keeps yer busy then, does he?' enquired Bailey with a lascivious grin.

'Not nearly as much as I'd like,' came the riposte, making both men and the rest of the group roar with laughter.

'So, where have ya been then Jack? Valentine reckoned England, mebbe London, but couldn't find proof.'

Jack frowned at the accuracy of Absolon Valentine's guess but realised he probably put two and two together because of Boothe and Hall. 'Aye Job, he'd be right as well. Good job he didn't decide ter investigate further.'

'What t'hell took ya all over there?'

'Personal business mate, nothing ter do wi'anyone here, savvy?'

'Fair enough. Ah, here's Richie. Oi!,' he called, beckoning the muscular man over.

Jenny watch as the tall, good looking man walked over, thinking he resembled no pirate she had ever seen. She glanced away as he looked at her yet again and decided to tread carefully with him. The last thing she wanted was him making advances on her. Richie Page went to sit in an empty seat next to Jenny but Shay anticipated this and darted from his seat to the vacant one, grinning disarmingly at the fair man.

'That seat's far more comfortable than this one is, to be sure,' he grinned, turning and winking at Jenny, who smiled gratefully at him.

Page mumbled his thanks, shooting a dark look at the young Irishman then turned his attention to the conversation between Jack and Job Bailey.

'Stupid thing I know,' Bailey was saying, shaking his head ruefully.

'I'd have thought you'd have known better than ter do business with Absolon Valentine!' Jack exclaimed incredulously, finishing off his ale and pouring another from the jug on the table. 'So what happened?'

'He tracked me down, sent both The Nomad and The Wanderer after me. Found me hidin' out in the Antilles. They pounded us until the ship was half wrecked, boarded an' killed me entire me crew then took me back ter Tortuga and paraded me around th'town.'

'They didn't kill you?' Joshamee Gibbs put in.

'Nah, what's th'use in ruining me if I'm too dead ter appreciate it?' Bailey's voice was heavy with sarcasm. 'I think Valentine had a mind ter kill me eventually but I managed ter escape and worked me way here 'bout a month ago. Are ya goin' after 'im?'

Jack studiously ignored Jenny's glare as he considered the answer, before nodding. 'Aye mate, I am. They attacked The Pearl without provocation, we were flyin' a flag o'truce. Shot down th'main mast, wrecked the starboard gun deck and killed a lot of me crew, helmsman an' carpenter an' all. It was nearly a week before I could go after…' Jack checked himself. 'Before I could make sail again.'

'Jack… You cannot possibly be serious?' Jenny cried.

'Yes Jen, but you're not comin' with us, savvy? You an' Shay will stay here…'

'Like hell I will,' she exploded, banging her fist on the table. 'If you go, I'm coming with you.'

'Jen, this isn't the time nor place, eh?'

'You are not going to talk me out of it now or later. You go, I come with you and that's the end to it.' she demanded, her voice rising with each word until she was almost shouting at him across the table.

'Excuse me gentlemen.' Jack stood, walked round the table and leaned across Shay, yanking Jenny from her seat and marching her out of the tavern.

'Don't you dare talk to me like that in front of people again, do you understand,' he shouted, his face dark with anger. 'Especially not crew. You are staying here.'

'How will you make me? There are plenty of ships I can get passage to Tortuga on.'

'You would not dare…'

'Oh yes I would Jack Sparrow.' Jenny threatened, clenching her fists. 'You are not leaving me behind.' She looked into his dark, troubled eyes and the anger started to dissapate as she struggled to explain how she felt. She reached out and stroked her fingers along his cheek then along the fine beard now grown along his jawline. 'Jack, I never thought I'd see you again. I was on the verge of killing myself for that reason, don't you understand? I never want to be parted from you again.' She took the wooden heart that stung hung around her neck and fingered it, looking at him.

'Jen,' he pleaded. 'How th'hell can I fight Valentine if I'm worryin' about you, eh?'

'My mind is made up and that is that.'

'Very well,' Jack sighed in exasperation. 'But I'll get Mr. Gibbs ter punish yer for insubordination, savvy?' He turned and marched back into the inn leaving Jenny standing there, her mouth open in surprise.

She followed him in and sat quietly in her seat, ignoring the curious glances from the others and not drinking any more of the ale, lest it made her stomach any more queasy than it already was.

Author's notes:

Job Bailey was the name of an actual pirate. I have a site with hundreds of names if anyone is interested.