Gaining Memories

A/N: Ah, I read book 6 and became depressed, I hated what JKR did to Ginny's character. I won't spoil anything about book 6 either; the plot will stay as I had always planned it to be (though some things really happened in book 6, lol). Sorry about the late update too, but that's just something I can't help. Also, I lost another beta .. I'm yet again betaless … excuse me for my poor grammar.

Chapter 14 – Night will fall

I know I had some


The whistle blew, the compartment started to shake and the landscape swished in front of her eyes. The redheaded girl sat in front of the window, leaning her chin in the palm of her hand and boringly looking out of the window.

There was a nasty atmosphere in the compartment. It seemed the redhead was rather sulking, and her other two companions were little first years that were scared of 'the scarlet woman' as they had dubbed her.

Ginny Weasley let out a sigh and her eyes wandered over to the first years, whom ducked for cover in the corners.

Even though she now seemed like a Slytherin herself, Ginny was rather glad that she could ditch her friends and found a compartment where people were mostly afraid of her instead of trying to make small talk. Right now, all she needed was a little silence.

She tried to ignore the whimpering sounds the first years made.

Her 5th school year had ended. At long last she could start at her 6th year. Her grades weren't really all that good – her mother would surely grow mad on her when she gets back home. But it didn't matter now, grades were not important to her at all.

Sure, she wanted to be an Auror, help fight bad guys with her brother and all, seeing as they set off to become one too. But how can grades determine who is going to fight You-Know-Who? And why are grades so important to life?

Ginny huffed in herself and sullenly looked out of the window. The train passed a pasture with a bunch of sheep and Ginny's brown eyes followed them uninterested.

Life seemed boring to her.

While You-Know-Who is already taking over, she is sitting here in a compartment, thinking about grades. That doesn't really sound right. But what else is there to think about? She refused thinking about anything else … because she knew her thoughts would lead her to something entirely else.

She shook her head viciously and glared at the first years who started to whisper against each other before looking back out of the window again.

All she wanted was to go back home again, play some card games with her mother, visit Fred and George again, send a letter to Bill and Charlie, make some fights with Ron, tell her dad some stories. Yes, home, the Burrow, her lovely home.

Her home where she knew that he would never go there. She would be freed from him for at least 7 weeks. The thought of him riding on this very same train made her sulk even more. Ginny flunked back into her seat and closed her eyes, slowly drifting away to a world where she hoped he would be banned from.


"Ginny, get out of the room."

Ginny's head perked up and glared a hole through her brother's thick and mindless skull. She had been lying on the couch, minding her own business, reading a letter from one of her friends when Ron stood in front of her. He was glowering on her, his hands on his sides and with his two companions behind him; Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.

"Ron, in case you haven't noticed, this is the living room," Ginny spoke as if talking to a five year old. She adverted her gaze back to the letter in her hands.

"Ginny, we need the room, just go already," Ron insisted, still looking as persistent as ever.

Ginny let out a audible sigh for everyone to hear her annoyance. She folded up the letter and slowly stood up to face her brother. "I thought you weren't going to hide things from behind my back anymore?" she said in a dark voice and glared at her older brother.

Ron wasn't moved by Ginny's sheer force of her glare and merely glared back. "It's for your own safety, Gin," he waved with his hand as if he were trying to flick Ginny away.

Ginny's glare deepened as her fire returned into her brown eyes. In own second, she had slapped him across the cheek and stormed out of the room with her letter clutched into her hands. That'll teach him.

After that incident, Ginny went back up to her own room and sat down on her poor bed. She unfolded the letter and started reading were she left off, using the bit of light that the sun provided through her only window.

The letter was boring, as usual with all the letters she kept getting from her friends. The usual chit chat her friends always send her. Hi, how are you doing? I'm fine, I've been doing nothing at all this week. And all that other stuff that comes with the job of being friends. But this letter was different than the previous ones. This letter had actual information about the outside world.

Something …

Ginny's eyes widened as she kept on reading and sat on the tip of her bed; almost devouring the letter from the information. Her heart started pounding harder with each sentence and Ginny only had eyes for the letter – the voices of her brother and his visitors droning out in the background. The sun slowly began to set and the light started to disappear, little by little. When she finally read the last bit of information, Ginny's hold on the letter loosened as it slowly fell on the ground.

Makes me think …

Her eyes were unfocused, gazing at her empty and boring wall, the words from the letter flowing through her head. The unusual feeling of fear and something else crept over Ginny's body. She was … shocked to say the least. Shocked to find out about this. Shocked to know she cared.

Ginny felt herself fall back against her wall as she tried to get a hold on her flaring feelings. She wasn't supposed to care – heck, she wasn't even supposed to know! It was all … just so sudden.

That all of it …

The letter lay forgotten on the floor, lifeless and still. One of Ginny's friends had send this to her, with a bit of information about the ongoing war between You-Know-Who and the rest of the world. It was some information about Death Eaters being captured and locked up in Azkaban. This sort of information should make anyone happy, but for Ginny, it did not. Her friend mentioned the name of one of the Death Eaters that were locked up. It was a name that the redhead had tried to forget, the name that caused her heart to speed up and her voice to lose its power.

Was never meant to …

Ginny closed her eyes and she swallowed hard, trying not to get emotional about this, but found she couldn't fight the feelings that crept up. Slowly she opened her eyes as she looked at the ceiling, still not out of the shock that was currently paralyzing her body.

Blurry thoughts and images rushed through her mind. She couldn't get a grasp on them at all, she was just lifelessly sitting there; letting all disturbing thoughts wonder around herself. Her red hair seemed to have died as its colour was now a shade of brown, covered within the shadows of her room. The sun was now barely visible through her window.


She couldn't seem to focus on it, and felt like she didn't want to focus. It all seemed surreal to her. The war, the deaths, the pain, the destruction, the emotions – her feelings. It seemed it was for real now. This wasn't just some stupid prank, this was really happening. It was all happening right now – there was no denying it.

Yet, she couldn't seem to face it. No, the truth that had always been at the back of her mind, couldn't be real, right? She had her own thoughts about this, but she never cared nor had any intention to really think about it seriously. It was always supposed to be … fake. Her thoughts weren't supposed to come true. It shouldn't have happened. It shouldn't!

The room was now completely covered within darkness, the shadows playing on the girl's pale face. Ginny blinked back her thoughts as she gazed out of her window, the moon rising up high in the sky.

This wasn't just some stupid joke … the war .. it's for real. The Death Eaters, You-Know-Who, they are all back. How come she didn't worried about it at all this year? She knew for a whole year that it was true – she knew!

Why didn't she act upon it!

She could have … avoided some things that were suspicious … she .. could have spared her feelings …

The girl had been silently crying for a while now, the tears slowly rolling along her cheeks, glittering in the moonlight. It seemed that was all she could do these past months. Just sit there and cry.

Cry about the fact that Draco Malfoy was captured and handed over to Azkaban.