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Jjp91- What's the fifth book? I've only read up to Wolf Wing…or are you talking about my fanfic being the fifth book? I'm a little confused (not confuzzled. I am never confuzzled. God, that word reminds me of this really annoyingly preppy happy girl I know, who I think has…never mind, you can just imagine what I was going to put there.

Well, I should explain more, now that I have time. We've stopped for the night.

After we'd left Ustareth, we brought back Winter and Ngarbo (a/n: spelling? Someone who owns the book, please tell me) to Raven Tower. I refused to go in, after what they'd tried to do to Argul and I. Dengwi and Venn went for a walk, leaving me and Argul alone to talk. We just kind of talked about our Powers, and what we would do after Venn was back at the Rise. Dengwi and I had talked about where she was going to go. She knew that she wasn't welcome at the House, after the comment Jizania (a/n: spelling? I don't have the book with me right now) had made. I think she wants to go back to the Rise with Venn. But, me being Claidi, I'm not really sure. Thinking about it, it's kind of strange-Argul's half brother and my half sister. Well, I shouldn't be too surprised-look at Argul's (and mine, now) family- he's (we're) related to Nemain. And Ironel.

So after we talked about that, we went out on a flight. We took Mirreen, his unnamed horse, and Thu, who needed exercise. After all, we'd been traveling for a little while, and they seemed restless (like the rest of us). Even though I don't need the Power from the Power Ring, I still wear it. Not so much as a backup, more as a habit. After all, it does feel like part of my hand. It felt so free to be flying again, with Argul. I think that things cleared up between us after meeting Ustareth. And-

What was that?

It's a bit later now, it turns out it was just Thu, begging for attention (a/n: my dog does that a lot. Anyone else have a dog like that? Put it in the review that I know you're all going to write. Just kidding). I was so deep in thought about…everything; I just started talking to Thu. This Powers-not-being-from-the-Ring thing is still being comprehended in my mind (of course; I'm Claidi. The one not quick on the uptake). And I think that Thu answered back. I heard this voice in my head, and it wasn't any one that I recognized. I mean, it is possible, isn't it? If I can talk to other people in my head, then I can talk to animals in my head. Right?

Thank you, my imaginary friend, for listening to me.

Another day. We were then on the way to the Rise (Dengwi was actually going to go with Venn) with not much happening. Dengwi and me talked a lot (we're sisters. Of course we talked) on the way there. I never really realized how much better it is when you have a sister to talk to. We talked about our mother, for one thing. I'm glad I kind of got to know who she was (through Dengwi). But, since slaves often got beaten, she died when Dengwi was seven (a/n: does anyone actually know when Dengwi's and Claidi's mother died? If you do, tell me! Please! I no longer have a copy of the fourth book…). It took about two months to get from Winter to the Rise. We got out and took a trek back to the village, where Ustareth helped…make those people. The ones who sang like birds, and the vraburrs…(a/n: spelling?). The village people were kind to us, like they had been before.

Argul seemed kind of uncomfortable through this whole thing, but maybe it was just that his mother had been here and he hadn't really known much about it. He definitely seemed happy to leave, as I was.

Then it was just us. Alone. We talked about stuff, like our decision to go back to the Hulta. I didn't think that they would hate us. We'd both agreed that they probably wouldn't accept us, but they did. Which is a great thing, because Thu and Mirreen and Argul's horse seem to like it here.

I should also probably mention that we're heading out towards the West right now. The far west. I remember someone (Blurn, maybe? Or Argul? Can't remember. It was when I was traveling with Nemian-the-Okk) saying that the best trade was in the South and East (a/n: or is it North and East?), so they generally didn't go to the West much.

Ugh, I feel really sick. Maybe it was something I ate, although I don't think that was it. I am always sick in the morning. Why is it? Must ask Teil.

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