Youth Lost Is Never Forgotten by Jasmine Starlight

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Remus Lupin looked at James Potter incredulously, "She said yes?" he asked skeptically.

James puffed out his chest with pride and said, "Of course she said yes you dolt. No woman can resist me."

Remus rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath, "I can name a few."

Looking at his fellow Marauder James asked, "What did you say, Moony old pal?"

"Nothing." said Remus innocently. "I thought so." said James all knowingly. At this Remus rolled his eyes yet again, it was their Sixth year and James had finally worn down the love of his life, or so he said, Lily Evans into to going on a date with him. Poor girl, didn't know what she was getting into.

Remus sighed boredly, without Sirius to act like a moron; it really was no fun to wait for the train to start moving. Oh well. Standing up he said, "Well, I'm going to do a bit of wandering want to come with?"

James brightened considerably, "Then we can look for Lily!" he shot off down the corridor. James was especially excited because not only had he made Head Boy, but Lily had made Head Girl. Remus shook his head; Lily was in for a whole lot of trouble.


Sirius Black was in a very good mood, he had woken up this morning in his own flat, he hadn't had any nightmares, and he had dreamed of beating Regulus over the head with a House-Elf. Life was good.

Now if he could only find that lovesick fool of a best friend, thought Sirius as he bumped into something. Something very warm. Or rather someone very warm, someone very warm with green hair.


Setsuna hated when things didn't go her way, which was odd because most of the time it was smooth sailing. Not today, she had bumped into bane of her existence and permanent dagger in her back, Sirius Black.

The day was going so well, oh well this year she wasn't going to take his prejudiced crap. She hadn't spent two years in Japan for nothing.


Well this wasn't so bad, thought Sirius serenely. Being sprawled on the platform with a hot girl on top of you wasn't so bad. Maybe this school year wasn't going to bomb after all...


Picking up her stuff was an easy enough task, the hard part was to get out there before Black decided to turn on the "charm" Whatever that meant. Quickly standing up she was about to leave when Black called out. "Hey! Wait!"

Turning slowly Setsuna braced herself for insults, pranks, anything of that sort. But quite the contrary Black was giving her an odd look. Wait, was that the look he sent his sluts?

Didn't Black recognize her? She had changed in two years time. Well this was going to be interesting... Regaining her composure, she regarded him coolly and said, "Yes?"

"What did you say your name was again?" he asked sheepishly.

"I didn't." she said, cool still.

"Well, I'm Sirius Black."

"I know." she said disdainfully, "Well it was nice meeting you Black." she said walking away.


Well that had been odd. Whatever, he needed to find James anyway. As he walked away, dragging his trunk behind him, he couldn't help but think that he had forgotten something...


Looking at her best friend, "What's wrong with you?"

Setsuna merely remained silent. Whatever it was Setsuna wasn't sharing, she thought as they settled into companionable silence. Then the compartment door slid open, breaking the oppressive quiet. Standing on the other side of the door was Severus Snape.

'Well, long time no see, strangers." he drawled as he stepped into their compartment.

Akio's breath caught in her throat as she took in her other best friend. The summer had done him well. Not that she hadn't seen him during the summer. It was just that she was seeing him clearly as if for the first time.

Setsuna catching onto the awkward silence encompassing the compartment decided it would be best to leave. "Well, I'm off to see our Gryffindor friends. See you later, Sev."


Lily Evans grumbled angrily under her breath, James Potter had just tricked her into going on a date with him. As if that by itself wasn't enough, but no God had to rain on her already sucky parade. James was made Head Boy, which didn't make any sense at all. Remus was clearly more suited for the job or Severus even, but not Potter.

Arabella snorted from her seat opposite Lily. "Look Lily, Potter isn't so bad," at Lily's look she said, "okay maybe he is, but I bet under the horrible hair and his more muscles than brains ratio is a heart. He is a person, too, and maybe having to share a dorm with him next year, would help you relieve some of that repressed anger."

"What do you mean?" asked Lily curiously.

"Lil, we all know that you still have a grudge against James for when he used to prank you. This would even the score. It's also a plus if you act like you're loving the idea. It'll totally freak him out."

Lily seemed to take this into consideration when she replied, "You're right."

The door to their compartment slid open revealing Setsuna Meioh. Blinking back her surprise, "Setsuna? I thought you had another year in Japan." said Lily.

"Gee, Evans you sure know how to make a person feel missed. Speaking of that, I bet you all fell apart without me." said Setsuna.

Lily and Arabella rolled their eyes, she hadn't changed at all. "Well, not that we're not going to throw you a brilliant welcome back party but why'd you come back early?" asked Arabella.

Setsuna made a face at this, "Well, Japan was too stuffy for me. So after I learned all I needed or wanted to know, I bought a one-way ticket to England. Besides the tea over there sucked, do you know what it cost to get some Earl Gray over there?"

Lily smiled as Setsuna flopped into the chair across from Arabella.

Sighing, she asked, "Well, what did I miss on our favorite soap?" referring to the totally obvious tension between Severus and Akio.

"Well, they have gotten nowhere. By the time they get to snogging we'll all be ghosts." replied Arabella.

"That just means we need to shove them into a broom closet for an hour or two." said Lily.

"Nah that wouldn't work, they would be too busy pretending not to stare at each other to do anything. What we need is a brilliantly executed and needlessly complicated plan."

"But that can wait. What's this I hear of Lily dating Potter?" she asked wickedly.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Setsuna I think all the crappy tea has messed with your head."

Arabella and Setsuna rolled their eyes. "Don't give me that, Lillian. The corridors are a'buzz with gossip. People are planning they're going to wear to your wedding."

Lily frowned, "Don't call me Lillian."

"Not until you tell me why Potter is so happy."

Lily fumed, then mumbled, "I said yes to him."

"What was that, koi?" asked Setsuna

"I said yes to Potter!" Lily shouted.

"I didn't know you were so proud of it Lil. This is a big step up from five seconds ago."