Youth Lost Is Never Forgotten by Jasmine Starlight

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The tension in the compartment had been slowly bubbling after Lily's outburst.

The quintet sat in uneasy silence, until Peter arrived looking breathless.

"Hi, guys!" he said cheerfully.

"Hi, Pete." said James.

Taking a seat next to Remus he whispered, "What did I miss?"

Rolling his eyes Remus replied, "Sirius is mad at us because Setsuna was sitting with us."

"Why was she sitting with you?" asked Peter confusedly.

"Because we're friends." interjected Lily.

"Why? Meioh's a Slytherin isn't she?" he said.

Sirius slapped a hand to his forehead; it was too late for Pete now.

"Why? What's wrong with that?" asked Lily quietly.

"What's not wrong with that?"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"What do you think it means?"

"I dunno I'm not prejudiced like that!"

"Neither am I."

"Oh, really? Do you even know her?"

"Do you?"

"Yes because we are friends."

"Why are you friends?"

"Why does that matter?"

"Why doesn't it matter?"

"Because you and your best friend pass judgements without really knowing people!" exclaimed Lily.

"She got me a detention!" exclaimed Peter, face coloring.

"Because you told the whole school she was a dyke!" returned Lily.

"She deserved it!" said Peter.

"You're nothing but a prejudiced little rat turd with no real idea of how your words hurt people's feelings—" Lily was cut off by James who jumped to his feet and bellowed:


At Lily's look, "What? I thought we were yelling at Peter." he said innocently. "Sorry, Love, carry on."

"And you have no shame and I wish that you would grow a conscience—"

Here Remus cut her off, before Lily got jinx happy, "Lily, Pete and Si have to come to the conclusion that while some Slytherins are evil beyond reason, and the rest aren't, on their own."

"Sirius still owes Setsuna an apology." she said huffily.

Arabella had a sudden stroke of genius, motioning Lily to where she was sitting she started whispering hurriedly, "Lil, if you declare passionately that there is no way in seven holy hells that you would go out with James unless his best mate apologized to your best mate, then you wouldn't have to go out with James!" she exclaimed excitedly, in a whisper of course.

"Which best mate?"

"Setsuna, you dumb bint!"

"Oh, yeah."

Arabella rolled her eyes heavenward at her friend's occasional flakiness.

"James. I will not go out with you until Sirius has apologized to Setsuna!" she declared, as planned.

"What!" shouted James, limbs akimbo, mouth agape, and hair a-mess.

"You heard me, James."

"This is………is…………" James trailed off there.

"It's not right is what it is!" howled Sirius for his best mate.

"Really?" asked Lily through slanted eyes.

"Yes." said Sirius, gritting his teeth, as if in preparation to bare them.

"Isn't what you say and do to Setsuna unfair as well?" she asked in a silky voice, that Sev had taught her.

Sirius growled, and snarled, and hissed, and spat, and well, there isn't much left to do after that is there?

And so the train ride was completed in tenuous and suffocating quiet.


Sirius wandered the corridors slowly, thoughtfully, and contemplatively.

He was weighing how much he valued his pride over his friendship with James and in the imaginary scale in his mind tipped in favor of Jimmy boy.

Now, to find Meioh in this mob scene, he thought standing up on his tip toes, which was an unnecessary gesture as he was taller than most of the crowd anyway.

Groaning in frustration, at not being able to spot Meioh's lustrous long green hair, which was actually very soft and satiny to the touch, he could imagine spending hours combing her hair-- wait where did that come from?

He did not express any feelings for Meioh except extreme loathing and venom.

He did not want to touch her hair.

He did not want to touch her.

Didn't he though?

No he DIDN"T!

Now even though Sirius usually thought and spoke in all CAPS, it didn't feel right to be shouting denials in his head like that, especially about Meioh.

Doesn't he though?

Godamnit! Meioh was fucking up his head!

He needed to find her and apologize so they could go back to hating each other.

He stuffed his hands in his pockets and slouched his way to the Great Hall. Except for a few lingering Hufflepuffs, there was no sign of Meioh here either.

Sirius resisted the urge to stamp his foot and throw a temper tantrum, it would be unbefitting for his image.

Running a hand furiously through his hair, he decided to get out of the stuffy Great Hall for some night air.

Maybe he could brush up on his constellations, he'd been meaning to do that for a while, but since spending all summer at James', while being chaotic and rowdy, did not leave Sirius much thinking time, or thinking room, for that matter.

A walk around the lake seemed like a good plan.

Sirius had walked about halfway around the lake when he heard singing.

"fushigi anata to iru to naze

toki ga yasashiku nagareru no

hitokenai umi ni yoru ga orite kite saisho no hoshi

kore wa tsuki kara todoku magic

koe ni shinakute mo wakaru no

watashi-tachi onaji koto wo omotte-iru hazu

He looked around for the source of the vocals; he was not very successful, although he did discover where it was coming from.

It was coming from a small grove of trees, mostly willows, which made Sirius uneasy thanks to the Whomping Willow, a small ways away from the lake; it was an equal distance away from the lake, Hagrid's Hut, and the Forbidden Forest, which made Sirius wonder why he hadn't noticed it before.

"Moonlight destiny

itsu made mo dare yori mo soba ni itai no

kono hiroi sora no shita de meguriaeta anata

Moonlight destiny

hohoemi mo kanashimi mo wakeaeru ne to

mune de sou kanjite-iru anata to nara

The singing was pretty good, it was calming him down, he wasn't thinking of Meioh anymore. SCORE!

Crap! He just reminded himself of the very person he did not want to be reminded of.

"fushigi anata ni atte kara

keshiki azayaka ni mieru no

kurai umi gin no michi ga hoshizora e tsudzuite-iru

kore wa tsuki ga kureta message

donna yakusoku mo iranai

watashi-tachi onaji ashita wo aruite ike-sou

Cautiously, he made his way towards the grove, the singing getting louder as he neared.

"Moonlight destiny

tookute mo doko made mo mitsumete'ru kara

kagayaite terashite-ite kyou no yume no tsudzuki

Moonlight destiny

tomadoi mo setsunasa mo koete ikeru to

mune wa mou shinjite-iru anata to nara

He made his way deeper and deeper into the willow grove, trying to go unnoticed by the singer.

"Moonlight destiny

itsu made mo dare yori mo soba ni itai no

kono hiroi sora no shita de meguriaeta anata

Moonlight destiny

hohoemi mo kanashimi mo wakeaeru ne to

mune de sou kanjite iru anata to nara

As he neared, the song abruptly receded and was replaced by a different song.

"Taiyou ni kazashita

Kokoro ni anata ga iru

Suki to ienakute mo

Anata ga kokoro ni iru

He pushed his way through the last willow bough obstructing his view and saw a green haired siren sitting there.

Whoa! Did he just call Meioh a siren!#$'$!#


"Nee yuuki wo arigatou

Hora umaretate no power

Subete wo tsutsunde kagayaku

Sora ya umi no hirosa yori mo

Yume wa hateshi nai tte

Kidzuita no wa koi wo shite kara

Approaching slowly and cautiously, as if Meioh was a hippogriff, he took a seat next to her.

"Black?" she asked quizzically.

"Go on." he prodded.


"The song, I want to hear the rest of it."


"Because you sing well." Sirius didn't know why he was being so civil to Meioh, maybe the night air was making him loony. Or horny, but Sirius was having a mental block at that word.

"Oh." she said quietly.

"Go on." he said gently.

"Unmei no nagare wo

Issho ni oyogitai no

Donna dekigoto ni mo

Maketari shinai you ni

Nee deaete yokatta

Sono atatakai kuuki

Kizu tsuita hibi ga toketeku

Meioh-- Setsuna, looked so small with her knees pulled up to her chest and waning half-moon light reflecting on her maroon eyes and making them shine prettily--- he was doing it again!

He did not call Meioh by her first name.

He did not like her eye color.

Didn't he? They were so exotic and --- he did it again!

He did not want to hold Meioh.

He didn't.


But he did.

FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!$!#!&!&!$#

"Zutto suki datta shinu hodo

Kaze ni tadayou tane ga

Mebuku you na anata no egao

Oto mo nai uchuu no sumi ni

Daremo ga hitori

Semete ai kanjiaetara

Ikite yukeru ashita e to

Maybe his hormones were going into overdrive.

Yes--that was it-- they were driving him to desire any halfway decent looking girl in a one mile radius---but Meioh was more than halfway decent looking.

AH! He had done it again.

"Atsuku komiageru kodou wa

Towa ni dare no mune ni mo

Hibikiwataru mahou no merodi

Sora ya umi no aosa yori mo

Yume wa suki to otteru to

Anata no me ga oshiete kureta"

"That was nice." Sirius said softly.

"Why are you here?" asked Setsuna hoarsely.

"I wanted to apologize-- I mean I'm sorry about the whole thing on the train."



"Because what?" asked Meioh harshly. "Because you felt bad about hurting one of the little people's feelings? Or because someone made you? If that's the case, take that apology and shove it up--"

"Wait a minute! I came here to apologize and you're insulting me?" He asked incredulously.

"Did you really come to apologize? On your own? I think not--" Sirius cut her off with a kiss, effectively silencing his hormones and their argument.

Setsuna momentarily lost all her protests as she leaned into the kiss; she tangled her fingers in Black's hair and pulled him closer.

And they kissed and snogged and-- what's another word for kiss?

Never mind that, they were exchanging saliva until Setsuna's mind kicked in.

Hey! What are we doing?

I dunno.

We're kissing Black!


That's bad!


You're still doing it!

I am?





Setsuna broke it off, "What the fuck was that all about?" she asked breathlessly.

Running a hand through his hair, Sirius shrugged, "Don't really know."

"How you not know?" she asked, maroon eyes glimmering.

"I just don't."

"Great, I'm now one of your whores!" she said disgustedly.

"Relax, I just kissed you."


"I wanted to."


"So what?"

"I want to kill you but I haven't, you can't go around kissing people who have no intention of being civil afterwards!"

"Why not?"

"I didn't make you kiss me did I?"

"You still kissed back."

"What's your point?"

"You're insane!" he exclaimed.

"And you aren't?"

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"What do you think it means, idiot!"

"Don't call me an idiot!"

"Make me!"

And Sirius did, and Setsuna found that she didn't really mind all that much.