Complete Summary/Author Note:

Featuring our favorite (Well, MY favorite) Uchiha Runt and Sakura – his biggest fan.

Together, they star in this romantic comedy (Genre- fantasy, romance, humor, action/adventure) living on the edge of death – literally.

When changed into Vampire, Sasuke has only one thing in mind, to change back. But when a friendly – maybe overly friendly – Vampire named Penelope comes and tells him how he can, he realizes his new dream of being human once again comes to an end. 'To drain the blood of the one he loves.'

He doesn't love anybody.

Or does he?

Sakura comes into his life with a new purpose, and he realizes, he had been in love with her for a long time. But when he tells her this, and how he could have been human again, things take a turn for the worst. Sakura convinces him to take her life so he can live again.

But was Penelope wrong?

Things turn upside down when Sakura too, gets turned, and together with our favorite energetic blonde, Naruto, (who remains human) are on a quest to reverse the irreversible.


Part One, Chapter One

The Change

He knew he was dead. He knew that from the very beginning. But his pride would not allow him to admit it and call for help – though the rest of his cell was trying to keep them selves alive and would not be able to aid him even if he did ask – Nor would his pride allow him to pass by the challenge in the first place.

He turned ever so slightly so he could scan the area for Naruto. 'Dead-Last better not be doing better than I am.' He thought coldly, unable to spot the blonde eighteen-year-old.

With his attention not on his enemy for that second he was easily knocked down. He cursed mentally for being stupid enough to let himself get distracted. He cursed again as the ground collided painfully with his already broken body. He knew in that instant that he would not be getting up again.

This was it. This was the end. Uchiha Sasuke was going to die.

One – or maybe three – of his ribs cracked in his fall, and he knew more would as soon as his opponent - a large demon, its kind unknown – prepared for the final blow. Sasuke watched weakly from the ground, but fainted before he could witness his last seconds on this earth.


Sasuke slowly opened his eyes. Was he dead? No. He breathed in the deep, strong sent of pine. He never remembered it being so strong before – unless you crushed some of the needles right under your nose.

He swished his saliva around in his mouth and turned his head to spit it out. It was bright red and his tongue was just starting to recognize the bitter-sweet taste of blood.


He carefully moved his hands to his head and untied his head protector. He then brought it level with his face. He squinted at the fuzzy reflection of his open mouth. It looked dark and felt sticky and his teeth were covered in blood. 'Must have bit my tongue when I fell…' Sasuke thought, knowing already that he did not bite his tongue because it was not swollen or sore. But thinking about what it really was from was something this Uchiha did not want to think about.

He hesitantly sat up, finding that he did not feel any pain where he should have after the beating he had received earlier. 'Was it all a dream?' he though glaring around at his surroundings.

Night had long fallen. It was evening when he and his teammates were attacked on their way home after a mission. They did not have to fight the monsters that attacked them; they were tired and weak as it was from their mission. But Sasuke was not one to run from a fight. And he cursed himself for being that way now.

Monsters, or demons, were rare opponents. But they were exceptionally dangerous. You could never tell whether it was strong or weak just by looking at it. With a human opponent, you could tell by they way they carried themselves, their movements and how they handled their weapons. Monsters didn't have weapons, usually, and they all carried and moved themselves much in the same – Overly proud and heavily – Sasuke had judged wrong as he threw himself into an attack.

He sighed heavily thinking that the whole thing must have been some sort of strange dream. He was just about to lean back onto his right hand when a spark of pain shot up through his arm. He bit back a startled cry and looked down at the crook of his arm. He had been bitten by something. It was too large for a spider… maybe a snake? But he thought snakes probably wouldn't bite him. And unless it was agitated, then a snake wouldn't have anyway. There were only two neat holes so that ruled out rodents.

But by what then?

Sasuke found himself standing up with ease. He did not have to ask where he was (not that there was anybody close enough to ask…); he could easily see the rest of his cell through the trees under which he now stood. But apparently, they couldn't see him.

He felt extremely light headed, and almost giddy. But he pushed the thought of those emotions out of his head as he picked his way out of the bush to where he saw Kakashi standing over a silent Naruto and sobbing Sakura.

"Sasuke!" Sakura shrieked after seeing him emerge from the shadows. She scrambled to her feet. "We thought you were dead!" She threw herself on him, hugging him tightly and sobbing into his shoulder. 'Umm…' Sasuke thought looking down at the top of her head. He fought back the urge to shove her off and yell: "Get off me, you freak!" But he didn't dare open his mouth, knowing what they would see if he did so. Naruto stood.

"Man, we were sure you were a goner, especially after you were knocked to the ground. I saw the whole thing." Sasuke winced at the thought of Naruto witnessing him during his 'downfall'. "It was weird though…" Naruto continued, "A woman in black suddenly appeared and took you away, somehow scaring away the demon you were fighting… And the ones we were fighting… if that makes any sense." Sasuke shook his head.

'So it wasn't a dream…' Sasuke thought to himself wonderingly. 'But what was it that happened to me…?' He clucked his tongue staring unseeingly straight ahead.

"Are you al right, Sasuke?" Sakura sniffed finally letting him go and looking up at him. He nodded his head and eyed her suspiciously. Did he look like he wasn't okay? He blinked.

"He needs some water…!' Sakura thought sniffing again and shaking some of her matted, pink hair out of her eyes. She took hold of Sasuke's arm and led him to the pond nearby where they had fought. She looked up at him expectantly. He only had to think for a second about what to do next. He knelt down and cupped some water in his hands and rinsed his mouth.

"Come." Kakashi said suddenly behind him. "You should sleep, you look pale." Sasuke turned to look up at him. He nodded his head looking away again. He was probably just tired… Hopefully.


His dreams were strange. Cold and bloody. He was surrounded in darkness, but knew exactly where he was.

The Uchiha Massacre – But instead of being stuck in the middle, only able to watch, he was at his brother's side – Laughing at each fallen person. Watching as more and more blood was spilled by his hands.

The thought and sight of so much blood made his veins hum in delight and his stomach churn in sickness at the same time.

He tried to direct his attacks at his brother instead, but was unable to control what he did with body. It moved and laughed against his will. Soon, only he and his brother were left standing. In a darkness filled with their dead family. Itachi turned to his little brother, an odd smile pulling at his lips…


Sasuke's eyes snapped open. He wrapped his blanket completely around him, shielding his head from the sunlight that peeked over the treetops in almost a playful manner.

"Good morning!" Sakura said, annoyingly cheerful, Sasuke thought. She grabbed a handful of Sasuke's blanket and pulled it back sharply unraveling an unhappy Uchiha out onto the grass. He cursed loudly, using a word that made Sakura wince, and covering his eye protectively from the sudden burst of sunlight.

"Blast it, Sakura! Can't a guy get some sleep around here?" He snarled up at her, still squinting from the brightness of the sunshine. She raised her chin defensively.

"You have been sleeping all morning!" she smiled cocking her head slightly. "Kakashi-Sensei asked me to wake you."

"Oh." Was all Sasuke could manage to say. All morning? That was absurd! Since when had he ever slept in? Had he ever slept in before? He didn't think he had… He looked up at her, his gaze flickering to her neck briefly before he forced himself to look away. "Sorry." He added for no particular reason.


The sun burned his skin as he slowly followed behind his companions. None of them seemed bothered by the sudden heat wave. He groaned as he stumbled along, his vision starting to blur slightly. 'Must be effects from the poison…' He thought tiredly, glancing at the bite mark on his arm, coming to the conclusion that it must have been a snake. It had healed surprisingly fast and now was just a pale scar.

"God, it's hot." He sighed running his fingers through his hair.

"Sasuke, it's only seventeen degrees." Naruto said turning to face him, eyebrows raised.

"Are you sure? It feels like… an oven." He stopped walking to steady his footing. He started to sway uneasily. "Can we stop in the shade for a moment?" He asked already walking to a nearby tree. "Have lunch maybe? I'm starving." He didn't wait for an answer as he sat down heavily.

"Sasuke?" Sakura asked timidly sitting next to him. She placed he hand on his cheek. "Are you feeling okay? You're really pale…" She licked her lips and brushed the hair out of his eyes.

"Stop it, Sakura." Sasuke growled at her and batting her hand away, "You don't need to play nurse." He moved away from her somewhat, Sakura reluctantly got up and Naruto took her place. Naruto handed him and apple and bit into another for himself. Sasuke took it gratefully; He felt weak from lack of food, even though he had eaten something not two hours earlier.

He looked at the bright red fruit for a second, and ran his tongue over his teeth in thought. He was shocked at the sharpness he found there. He dropped the apple and reached over, grabbing Naruto by the head, which caused the boy to momentarily choke.

"GAH!" Naruto cried as he was pulled over. Sasuke ignored him and looked into Naruto's headband. He opened his mouth and inspected his teeth. His eyes widened as he noticed his canines had been sharpened to a point. He gasped.

"Umm…" Naruto struggled in Sasuke's grasp. "Yes, your teeth are lovely, aren't they? Now, would you mind letting me go?" Naruto pulled back at the same time Sasuke let him go causing him to fly backwards into the grass.

"Holy… Sssh… Shit." Sasuke spat covering his mouth.


Sasuke sat as far away from his teammates as he dared without being conspicuous. He didn't know what was happening to him, and he didn't want to put his friends – yes, friends – in danger.

He sharpened a kunai with angered vigor; he carelessly swiped it at the sharpening stone. He cried out when he sliced open his middle finger and cursed as hot blood started sliding down his hand. He automatically brought his hand to his lips and sucked at the cut, trying to coax it to stop bleeding.

"Mm!" He gasped slightly when his saliva stung the small wound. The taste of his blood flowed over his tongue, and he felt himself relax. "Mm…" He closed his eyes and sucked on his finger, willing more of the sweet – His eyes snapped into focus. He jerked his hand away from his mouth and glared accusingly at his finger. He watched as it continued to bleed. Creeping down his finger and over his palm. He brought his hand back to his face and licked it clean.

"Eww, Sasuke that's gross!" Sakura took his hand away from his mouth and began to wrap his finger in a bandage. He watched her hungrily, his eyes drifting to her neck once again.

"S-Sasuke…?" Sakura backed away "You… You're scaring me… when you do that…" she whimpered, hurrying to finish tending to his finger.

"What?" I… I'm sorry. I just need to be alone for a while." She nodded getting to her feet and half ran away.

He looked down at the crook of his arm where the scar shone in the late afternoon light.

What was happening to him?

When he raised his gaze to look at his teammates not far away, he noticed Kakashi watching him warily.


Naruto stretched out on the grass.

"So, we just gonna laze around for the rest of the day?" he asked when Sakura trotted over to him and Kakashi.

"I guess…" she sighed sitting down next to Naruto. "It doesn't seem like he'll be moving again for a while. He's…" He paused, searching for the right words. "Different."

"Yes." Kakashi said stepping forward. "He is."

Kakashi made dinner that night, which was odd. Nobody actually made anything other than instant ramen unless it was a special occasion. And today didn't seem like a special occasion.

"Garlic soup!" Kakashi announced happily, handing Sakura a small bowl. "Sasuke!" he called scooping out another. He came hesitantly, like he was afraid of Kakashi's outstretched hand. "It's one of your favorites.' Their teacher coaxed. Sasuke nodded and finally took the steaming bowl.

He sipped it gingerly. His eyes widened in shock and he shrieked, dropping the dish at his feet. He covered his mouth with his hands and ran to a nearby bush where he was violently sick.

"I think it tastes great…" Naruto thought out loud watching Sasuke crumble to his knees.

Kakashi strode purposely forward towards Sasuke and picked him up off the ground. He inspected the boy's neck then his arms where he found the bite mark.

"It's just a snake bite… or something…" Sasuke said weakly.

"Hardly." Kakashi growled forcing Sasuke's mouth open and looking over his teeth. "Sunlight burns you easily, garlic makes you sick. Food does nothing for you, you crave blood – even your own. And your teeth are as sharp as daggers. You have been turned."

"What?" Naruto sat up his voice cracking. "What! He's a… SASUKE is a VAMPIRE!" Sakura snorted.

"Pffft. You guys are… pathetic. A vampire? Please. Even I'm not dumb enough to fall for that." She cocked her head at Kakashi. "Aren't you a little old for fairy tales, Sensei?"

Kakashi growled at her. "It is not wise to question what you do not understand."

"Oh brother. 'What I don't understand'? Come on Kakashi, everybody knows there are no such thing as vampires." Kakashi decided to ignore her.

"How is it that he could have gotten turned? There wasn't time! We have been with him everyday! And don't you have to drink the blood of another vampire in order to get turned? I know he's cold hearted, but Sasuke doesn't seem like the kind of guy that would do that." Naruto's eyes widened.

"Recently." Kakashi responded looking down at Sasuke who had gone limp. "Obviously. During the battle we just had, I'd say. And he could have been force-fed. It's not hard to do that if your victim is knocked out."

"Damn it!" Sasuke screamed regaining his energy and pushing himself away form his teacher. "I'm bloody hungry –" he caught himself. "I mean, really hungry… is there anything I can eat?"

"Am I safe here?" Naruto squeaked. Sakura rolled her eyes.

"Don't be stupid, of course you are. Because Sasuke is NOT a vampire. Look." He picked up the kunai from where Sasuke had dropped it and ran the blade below her thumb. Blood gushed across her palm. "See?" He held it up to Sasuke.

"Sakura!" Kakashi cried moving to throw her out of the way, but Sakura stopped him by shoving him with her shoulder. "No! Don't be an idiot! He's hungry and may not be able to control himself!" Sakura snorted again and waved her hand under Sasuke's nose.

He licked his lips. He could smell the blood strongly, which made his hunger pains sharpen. Before he could realize what he was doing, he reached out and grabbed Sakura's wrist and held her hand to his lips.

He drank deeply, but it wasn't enough to satisfy him. Sakura screeched as his fangs sank into her flesh. She tried to twist away from him, but he held her firmly. Neither Kakashi nor Naruto moved to help her.


The thought echoed in her head, and she felt herself start to go limp.

"Sasuke!" she gasped. "What… are… you…" her eyes grew heavy and finally closed. "Doing…?" She collapsed against him. He groaned in response and sank to his knees, putting Sakura carefully onto the ground so he could use both hands to hold her wrist. He was so hungry. 'Just a little more…' he told himself after every mouthful, but could not bring himself to let Sakura go.

"Stop!" Kakashi pulled Sasuke from Sakura, his fangs dripping with her blood. "You'll kill her!"

Sasuke felt dizzy. It seemed like all his senses had been dulled, the only thing he noticed was the contented buzzing in his head. He was no longer hungry. He looked down at Sakura, finally realizing what he had done. He pushed her limp body away from him and turned away, ignoring the heavenly scent of her blood that still flowed from where he had bit her.

He had bit her.

He shuddered and buried his face in his hands.


Sakura stirred under Kakashi's touch.

"Mmm… I feel… Weak…" She sighed only able to keep her eyes half open. Kakashi soother her forehead with his hand.

"I know." He sighed glancing back at Sasuke. Sakura closed her eyes again, her hand throbbed.

"Will… I live?" she asked quietly straining for energy to help her sit up. He must have drained enough blood to have made her so weak in such a short amount of time. Either that of he had the power to put a strong thought of sleep into a… victims mind.

Kakashi's visible eye was laughing though he didn't voice the humor he heard in her words, and she knew she was all right. But somewhere, deep in her chest, she wondered.

What would this do to her chances with him? She still loved him…

/HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT/ Inner Sakura piped up for the first time in a long, long time. /HE ALMOST KILLED YOU/ 'I know…' she thought meekly. 'But…' she looked over Kakashi's shoulder to Sasuke who had crawled under a tree.

"Sasuke?" she called softly. Kakashi didn't move; Sasuke ignored her. He was curled up in a very un-Sasuke-like position. Sakura sighed and glanced down at her hand.

What now?