Kyuubi-chan goes Human

It was a good day, by the terms of Sakura Haruno. Ino-pig had been seen dating Shikamaru, Sasuke was dating her (she forced him; I'm strictly NaruSaku), and the loudmouthed Naruto was nowhere to be seen. It really was an excellent day.

But one thing was missing, and that was the before mentioned loudmouth Naruto. Sakura actually missed him. He was brightness to the day, for sure. And funny, at times. Sakura chuckled.

" .....What's so funny?....." Sasuke said quietly.

"Oh! Nothing!" Sakura yelled. Inside, Inner Sakura was having an insulting PARTY.

Nothing, eh? She said. You were thinking about NARUTO, of all people, during your date with SASUKE the WONDERFUL.

I WAS NOT!!! Sakura screamed at Inner Sakura. I just kinda sort of miss him, I mean, it's not like I LOVE him.....

Heh heh.... Inner Sakura cackled.

"SHUT UP!!!" Sakura screamed out loud, pushing the table on Sasuke.

"Umph....." Sasuke muttered. Sakura gasped.

"I'M SOOOOO SORRY, SASUKE!!! FORGIVE ME!!!" And she turned around and ran.

"Did I do something.....?"

Sakura stopped running when she reached her special place. It was a little pond that no one knew about but her. She rarely visited it anymore. But right now, she needed to think, and this was the best place to do so.

So, you wanna talk to me? Inner Sakura cackled.

YES! Sakura yelled. Why did you do that? It was MY date with MY Sasuke!!

Oh, look. There's someone else here.

Wha? Sakura thought.

Inner Sakura was right; there was a blond haired girl a couple years younger who was intently watching her.

"Who're you?" Sakura called out.

The girl smiled a big, huge, Naruto-ish smile. "I'm Kyuubi. Nice to meet you."

Sakura chuckled. "I didn't think that anyone else knew about this place."

" Neither did I, that makes us even. I'm looking for"

" What's your full name?" Sakura asked. "I could help you find them."

"Um....." Kyuubi scratched her head. "Um.....Uzumaki Kyuubi?" Sakura gasped.

"You're related to NARUTO?!" She yelled. "Wow, I feel sorry for you."

Kyuubi eyed her. "Why? I like Naruto just fine."

Sakura blushed. "I don't. He's annoying."

"Mmm...." Kyuubi mumbled. "Annoying....that sounds like Naruto-sama....where is he? He's just gone through a tough transaction." Sakura gasped.

"Oh, shit! Well, I guess I know where his house is...." Kyuubi eyed her again.

"Oh, do you?" She muttered. "How lucky."

" have red eyes!" Sakura said lamely.

"Yes. I do. So what. Take me to Naruto." Kyuubi's red eyes glared at Sakura.


NARUTO HOME (he got his own place when he turned fifteen.)

"NARUTO!! OPEN THE DOOR!!!" Sakura screamed, pounding on the door.

"Do you HAVE to scream?" Kyuubi asked.

"This IS Naruto we're talking about. Right now, he's probably asleep, and it's difficult to wake him up."

"WHAT THE F IS IT THAT'S SO FING URGENT?!?!" Naruto slammed open the door. "I'M TRYIN' TA SLEEP!!! Oh....hi, Sakura-chan." Sakura was blown away.

"Wow, you really ARE nasty in the morning...." She said wearily.

"Hello, Naruto-.....Koi." Sakura backed off a bit.

"YOU SAID HE WAS YOUR BROTHER!!!" Sakura yelled.

"I'm kidding. KIDDING." Kyuubi said, putting both hands behind her head.

$&$&$##!!!!!!! Inner Sakura cursed.

Oh, silence. She was KIDDING.

Bet ya fifty bucks she wasn't.

Bet ya a hundred she was.

Damn you.

Ya damn me, ya damn yourself.


Sakura chuckled quietly. It wasn't very often that she won a fight against Inner Sakura.

"So," Naruto started. "Who's the kid?"

"She says her name is Uzumaki Kyuubi."

"KYUUBI?!" Naruto yelled. "But....Kyuubi....that means I'm FREE!!"

Kyuubi glared at him. "Not so fast. I'll return to your body some at some time."
"DAMN!!" Naruto yelled. "I thought you were finally gone."


"Well, ya know the story about the Nine-Tailed Fox, right? The stupid thing was sealed into me, and she complains ALL the time, she EATS all the time, and she likes to INSULT me, and now she's finally left my body!! The seal is freaking broken!" Sakura slowly gathered all this info. It was REALLY unbelievable.

"I'm not gone forever, you know." Kyuubi grumbled, but it seemed Naruto didn't care. He was dancing around singing HALALUH and practically tearing his shirt off. Sakura erupted in laugher at the sight.


Author's notes: Ya, I know it's a stupid idea. And your probably asking where Kyuubi got another body. Well, you'll find out; NEXT CHAPTER! And, by the way, I won't even TYPE the next chapter if you don't review....