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Chapter 1

I glance at my calendar and crossed off another day.

Three days, Three days till my birthday.

My black hair fell on my green eyes. I got dress in my black dress and found my way to the safety patrol office. Mostly everyone was there. I looked to my desk with neatly stacked on my desk. I sat down and picked up a pen for the overdue library papers.

I am a genesis and condemned t paper work.

I looked at the over stacked papers and picked up one paper and almost put the pen to it.

There was no writing because of the fact that I gotten sidetrack. I wonder about my party, will they ever do my party. But how will pull it off...

Though my thoughts I snapped back to reality and the fact that Fillmore just walked in. He looked at me then at the paper work then back to me.

"It's going to take you hours to finish that..."

I sighed and looked to my death sentence. "I know." I said before my head made a firm connection with the desk which only made the papers fall. I lifted my head seeing the papers scattered. I groaned again then turned to him and groaned again.

"Why do I have to do this can't you do some." Fillmore smirked.

"Dog I would like to but I just cleaned my desk."

Ingrid just smiled "Is THAT WHY there is papers ALL over your desk..."

Fillmore regretted even looking back. Tehama stood there watching "She got you there."

Fillmore groaned then looked at her and picked papers. "This is your fault."

She smiled "It's your fault."

"So how did you do on your test?" I froze I totally forgot. I had taken the higher IQ test again this year and I was hoping to make it in the advance school.

"You do realize if I..." I paused only to see him smile "will go to another school."

The words hurt my throat but he gently nodded. "WE do and I'm cheering you on."

I felt myself smile ever since I had come to X middle school I had enjoyed a lot of things but the most was out friendship. Fillmore gave a small smile and began to work again.

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