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Chapter 1: The Dream

Sango was walking in the middle of a field of flowers. It was a bit windy and the it caused the flowers to wave. She walked as the sun gleamed against her skin. She was looking for someone but she didn't know whom. It grew intensley dark. A tall figure was standing in front of here. He came out of no where. She looked around for her weapon but he was waving it infront of her.

He chuckled. "I thought you were a demon slayer." He mocked. "I guess not because you didn't see me come behind you."

She got furious. She jumped kicked him in the face and caught her weapon as she landed. She ran up to him and stabbed him in the chest. Again he chuckled. He grew immensley and looked down at the life form before him. He plucked the sword from himself and flicked it far away. She cried for Kirara but no one could hear her over the deafening rumbling coming from the demon. She was alone. Her anger grew even more. "I am not weak. I can take him by myself." He swatted at her making her flying and crash to the ground. She still got up and brought her fists to her face.

"You got spunk but still your nothing but a human. You are the slayer that killed every demon that crosses your path. I don't know how but I will kill you." He swated at her and threw her against the tree. She looked up at him. "Im going to enjoy this." He roared. She closed her eyes for the final blowbut it never came.

She slowly opened her eyes to see him choking on his own blood. He had a sword plunnged through his throat. In front of her was a man wearing a cloak the masked his face too well. The demon swatted at him but missed poorly. The man was too fast for him. The man jumped and slashed at him and the demon fell with a thud. She watched as the stranger retrieved his sword. She shakingly got to her feet and limped forward him. She stumbled a bit.

"Who are you?!" she demanded. He slowl turned around looking at the ground not shwoing who he was. "I said who are you?!" At that moment the stranger started to take off his diguise but then everything grew black.

Sango woke up in an instantly. "It was that dream again. Why is ti that everytime I dream about him, I never get to see his face?" she slowly got up. It was a bit chilly so she wrapped a familiar fluffy boa around her as she walked outside. It was about a month after he died.

Things definantly changed over the month. Eveyone baraly mentioned his name, always referring to him as him or he. Fubuki was fully-grown and Mizu, Faia, and Denou were bigger then ever. Miroku and Kikyo went back to their village for a bit returning any time soon. Sango watched Fubuki gracefully walk around the village. He was saddened since he didn't have a person to wake up in the morning. Shida stood around the village too, keeping her promise. She would rarely talk and even smile. She lost her spark. Sango walked up to shida who was floating around, doing nothing.

"Morning Shida."

"Morning Sango." Shida wispeared. "Another gloomy day for us."

Sango didn't replied. "Should I tell her?"

"Do you have something to say to me?"

"Um not really but lately I've been having this..."

"Dream?" Shida seemed a bit interested. How long has this been happening?"

"A couple weeks after he died."

Shida sat in mid air and pondered. "May I take a peek?"

"Sure, I guess."

"Close your eyes and relaxed her mind. I'll do the rest." Sango did what she was told. Shida put her index finger on Sango's forehead and cloed her eyes. She saw flashes of the dream in her mind as they raced by. Shida concentrated and was a man in a cloak. Shida brok the contact. "It can't be? I mean... If he's there then..."

"What is it? You see something?"

"I must go research. I'll be back soon." Shida disappeared in a flash. Sango stood there dumbstrucked.

Shida raced through the forest toward the secret spot. "There is some hope after all. I just hope that they are ok."

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