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Chapter 57

The gang was resting by lakeside for lunch. Sango look at Sesshomaru's wounds. Of course, he was healing very well due to his demon-healing factor. He was able to walk but he still needed more time to heal. InuYasha caught fish for everyone to eat but he had difficulty due to the fact Fubuki kept on chasing the fish away.

Kirara and Jim fell asleep and they curled up next to each other. Sango smiled for her little friend. "She's happier then ever now because she has her mate."

"Yes." Sesshomaru looked at them as well. Fubuki continued his antics. He eventually caught one and was finally satisfied. He soon fell asleep. At the moment everyone was at peace. Soon the fish was done and everyone started to eat. Sesshomaru surprising decided to eat too. He reached out for another one but he saw another hand. He looked up to see InuYasha. They glared and growled at each other. "I had my eye on it first."

"So? I caught it, bastard."

"Respect your elder brother, half breed."

"Respect! Ha! You should be talking…"

Everyone just sighed as they watched the brother glared at each other. After a few minuets, Sesshomaru jerked his head up and InuYasha snatched the fish away.

"What's wrong?"

"There's a disturbance in the east. It seems there is unbalance of power…"

"So what is so important about that?" InuYasha gulped down his fish.

"It maybe Naraku…"

It was all quiet in the East until an explosion blasted through the Eastern Lord's Fortress. The Demon lord who resided there rushed out at once. Kouji appeared in the courtyard with Shida at his side.

"What business you have here?" the Demon Lord demanded.

"I want your lands." Kouji laughed.

"Who are you?"

"You don't know me? I'm Kouji."

"You were Lord Zetsumei's son… You supposedly died 70 years ago! You can't be alive!" The Demon Lord growled. He unsheathed his sword. "I won't let you take my lands. You're family as well as Lord Taka's family stepped down from wanting to rule the East. I settled the dispute long ago and now the eastern region is rightfully mine!"

"Well… My family only stepped down because I killed them." Kouji smirked.

"You're crazy…" He swallowed. "I won't let you ruin the peace that took so long to create!"

"Then you shall die if you don't step down! Shida! You know what to do!" Kouji exclaimed. Shida raised her hand and the Lord froze in place. Guards started to run toward them but Shida only put up a shield to prevent them to do so. "Soon everyone will bow down to the new lord of the East!" Kouji exclaimed at he start to slaughter everyone in is sight.

A shadow swept all over the east. Naraku appeared in the courtyard and saw the fighting that took place. Naraku smirked as Kouji and the Demon lord fought. Mouko was teleported right next to him. "Recognize this place?"

"Lord Taka's place…" Mouko muttered.

"Not anymore… While you went away this place was made into the fortress of the soon to be dead Eastern Lord. Ever since your poor Uriko died, Lord Taka decided to step down from the running. He eventually withered up and died…."

"How do you know?"

"Who else? Shida does know a lot…"

Mouko couldn't get up from all the wounds that he had. He just sat there bleeding as he watched the one place that he somewhat considered home. This was the only place that the only person had accepted him. Mouko tried to stand but he has kicked down by Naraku. "Time for me to intervene…"

Mouko screamed but it was too late. Naraku absorbed the Demon Lord and killed everyone on sight. Mouko watched helplessly as everyone was killed before him.

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