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Warning: THIS STORY IS A FEMSLASH! It contains scenes that are not suitable for homophobes. Reader discretion is advised!

"I can't wait to see you again," I typed on messenger. That's how me and Devon stayed in contact. We typed. I guess that's not all that romantic, but we had to talk to each other some way.

"I miss U, Raven," He typed back.

"I miss U 2 Devon. I have to go now. I have a huge English test tomorrow morning. I'll talk to U later, (kiss),"



"I love U."

I had no clue what to say. I had strong feelings for Devon, but love? I didn't think it was love. I tried to type something...anything! But what? I didn't want to lie to him, but if I said that I loved him too, I would be lying.

It's weird. I had no clue that it was even possible to have an awkward silence over the internet. Leave it to me to make something like that happen. How much time had past? I had no idea, but I knew that it was a lot.

"It's ok, Raven. I get it!" Devon said before he signed out.

"Man, what did I do?" I asked myself, knowing that I had just lost my boyfriend.

It was late. I went upstairs to bed. As I took one last look in the mirror to see how I looked, my eyes went wide. I was having a vision.

The music is loud and teens are jumping everywhere. Boys and girls are all over the living room floor, dancing like crazy. I'm on a couch, talking to somebody, but I can't really tell who it is. They're tall and skinny and from the blurry movie I'm seeing, they're kind of cute. I just can't tell who this person is! I'm drinking something...maybe fruit punch, when the mystery person takes the drink out of my hand, leans in and kisses me...deeply...tenderly...

Who was that?

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