Summery: Schools out and the fun has arrived! When numbers 1-5's parents went on a trip the kids are left be hind, and now numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are left alone with no parents! Just read it's really good . . . I hope . . . couples: 1/5 and ¾.

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Well welcome to my fanfic. I hope you like it. And plez be nice... this is only my first fan fic.... ok on with the story! Oh and just to let you know...Kuki a.k.a number 3 is the one writing on her diary. You will know what I mean when you read.

Ch. 1

As this story begins we see number 3 in her room writing in her dairy. Let's see what's going on!

Dear Diary,

I will never forget what happened to me and the others in Christmas. It all started when my mom and dad told me that they are going on the trip with my friend's parents.

"Now Kuki you are ok with this?" asked her mother.

"Don't worry about me mom. I will be ok." Number 3 said.

"Kuki, we are counting on you. Do not disappoint us... and please be careful." Said her father.

"Got it!" number 3 said as her parents got inside the car.

Number 3 then went back to her house and started packing her things.


Number 4 had already arrived at the tree house. He was then greeted by all his friends.

"Hey number 4 it's about time you got here." Said number 2.

"Give me a break! I had to pack my stuff." Number 4 said.

Number 5 laughed and said:

"Did your parents give you a gift?"

"Yeh. They told me not to open it though."

"Well duh! You will ruin the fun by opening it before Christmas." Said number 2

"Number 2, do you think I was gonna open it?" he asked.

"Yes." He said.

"Well you are sadly mistaken because ah wont open it until Christmas." Number 4 said.

All of the sudden number 3 arrived.

"Sorry I'm late guys!" number 3 said.

"What took you so long number 3?" asked number 1.

" rainbow monkey wanted me to dress her up before coming here! See!" she said as she showed them her rainbow monkey doll. It was the colour blue and it was wearing a green dress and a red shirt with a green hat on its head.

"Stupid rainbow monkey doll..." mumbled number 4.

"So should we put up the decorations number 1?" asked number 2.

"Yes we should. Numbers 5 and 3 you two stay here while numbers 2, 4, and I get the tree. You will find Christmas decorations boxes right here." Number 1 said pointing to the boxes on the floor. In and instant the boys left the room. The girls then started putting the decorations up. "Number 5 do you think I should put the missal toe? (Did I spell it right? I'm not sure...)

"Yuck number 3! Why do you want to put that?" number 5 asked.

"I think its cute." Number 3 said.

"Number 3, do you even know what dat thing is?" asked number 5.

" know its no it can't it a plant." Asked number 3.

"Just- Just put dat thing in the box..." number 5 said.

"Ok." Said number 3.

By this time the boys came up with the tree. They then started decorating the tree. As number 1 was putting the glass ball on the tree he couldn't help but look at number 5. Number 5 then felt like someone was staring at her so she looked at number 1. Realizing that she is looking at him number 1 quickly turned away and helped number 2. Number 5 looked at the tree then back at number 1 and smield.

It was about 8:00 when they were all finished. While the boys were resting the grils made dinner. When they were all done eating diner they decided to go to sleep. Everyone left. The only two people in the kitchen was number 1 and number 5.

"You need some help?" asked number 1.

"Thanks." She said.

There was a long silence, but then number 1 spoke.

"I broke up with Lizzie." He said.

Once number 5 herd that sentence she almost dropped the plate she was holding but luckily she got before it hit the floor.

" did?" she asked

" happened yestureday..."

"I'm sorry..." she said.

He looked at her and smiled.

"That's quit all right number 5... I was thinking of breaking up with her a long time ago..." he said.

"Oh... well don't will find another girl..." she said.

"Yea...maybe I will..." he said.

Once the dishes were cleaned the two of them went off to bed.

(Note: Now we go back to Kuki writing in her dairy.)

OK, now you are probably asking if number1 and number 5 will be together. Well, you will just have to find out what happens next time I will write on you. And Nigel and Abby aren't the only ones who like each other... you will know when I will write on you tomorrow! Bye!

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