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Ch. 7 Christmas

The day started when Number 3 started screaming.

"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" number 3 yelled knocking on the door of her friend's rooms.

"Number 3 calm down!" Number 4 said.

"I cant this is too exciting!!" number 3 screamed.

"Last one to the Christmas tree is a rotten egg!" number 2 yelled.

Everyone ran to the tree.

"Let's start opening the presents!" number 3 said excitedly.

"Right...uh number 4 you should open the present from your parents first." Number 1 suggested.

"Oh yea!" number 4 said.

He grabbed the present and ripped it apart. Then he opened the box to see what was inside.

"Awesome! My parents got me a soccer ball!" he said.

"Ok next present!" number 2 said grabbing one under the tree. He read the card out loud:

"To number 2 from number 1." Number 2 said. He smiled then opened the present. It was a remote air plain.

"N-number 1! This is the best gift I ever got! Thanks!" he said.

"No problem number 2." Number 1 said grabbing another present from the tree. He read the card: "To number 3 from number 4."

Number 4 blushed a deep red. Number 3 only smiled. Number 1 handed her the present, then number 3 ripped the paper. Then opened the box. Number 3 gasped as she saw a teddy bear saying I love you.

"Number 4... this is...is...is..." Number 3 couldn't come up with anything to say.

Number 4 gulped.

"If you don like it I could-

"Are you crazy? I love this present! And... I love you too number 4..." she said. There was a silence. But before number 4 could say anything else number 3 quickly got a present from the tree and read the card: "To number 2 from number 4"

Number 2 opened the present. It was a box saying: BUILD YOUR OWN AIR PLAIN!

"Wow! Thanks number 4!" he said.

"No problem."

Few moments later everyone got gifts, but there were two more under the tree. Number 2 took the two presents and read the card from one present.

"To number 1 from number 5." He said.

Number 5 gulped. She was really nervous that he might not like it. Number 2 gave the present to number 1. Number 1 ripped the paper and opened the box. Inside was a photo book. He smiled and took the photo book out of the box. He opened the book to the first page. It was himself and Abby when they were younger. Number 1 looked up at number 5. Number 5 was smileing back at him.

"Thanks number 5...I will always keep this..." he added.

Number 5 nodded. Then number 2 gave the last present to number 5. Number 5 ripped the paper the opened the box. It was a black tape. In the middle of it was: "Fun times we had together:" Number 5 knew what he was talking about. This tape was filled with things that she and him did together. She smiled at him.

"Thanks number 1." She said.

Number 1 smiled at number 5 and nodded.

"So what do you guys want to do now?" asked number 2.

"Well...we didn't go out sledding...do you guys want to go?" asked number 1.

Everyone agreed.

They all arrived at the park at noon and they had so much fun there because not only did they go sledding but there was food there too. It seems that their was another party today to celebrate Christmas. Number 2 was at the snack table eating food, while numbers 4, 3, 5, and 1 were all dancing. Finally the song finished and the kids decided to go home.

"That was so much fun!" number 3 said.

"Yeah I didn't have this much fun since... ever!!" number 4 cried out loud.

"Well it's when its Christmas fun things really do happen..." number 1 said.

"Say, when we go inside why don't I make some hot chocolate?" number 2 asked.

"Number 2 didn't you remember what happened the last time you touched the stove?" number 1 asked.

"UH...no..." number 2 said confused.

Number 4 rolled his eyes and said:

"You made a fire!!! And part of the tree house was burned because of you!" number 4 said.

"OH......Can we still have hot chocolate?" number 2 asked.

Number 4 again roll his eyes while number 5 and 3 giggled.

"Don't worry number 2... I will make hot chocolate for everyone." Number 5 said getting inside the tree house.

"Great!!! Wait for me number 5!" number 2 said running inside the tree house also. Number 1 chuckled a little bit as he walked to the tree house. Number 4 was about to go in when he saw number 3 just standing there watching the moon.

"Number 3? Are you coming in?" asked number 4 as he walked by her.

Number 3 shook her head and said:

"No... not right now... I want to look at the moon... do you see how nice it looks tonight?" asked number 3.

Number 4 looked at the moon and smiled.

"Yea...it does look nice..." he said.

"Number 4... why were you so worried about me when I fell in the water?" number 3 asked blushing.

Number 4 gulped and said:

"Well...I... you see... I..." number 4 said trying to find the words to say. He then sighed and said:

"Number 3 I have to tell you something that I wanted to say ever since I met you." Number 4 said. Number 3 looked at him.


"Yes number 4?" asked number 3. Her eyes were getting all dreamy.

"I...I love you..." he said.

Number 3 hugged him and said:

"Number 4! I love you too! I been waiting for a long time for you to say this!" she said.

Number 4 blushed but he put his arms around her. Then they looked into each other's eyes and their faces grew closer. Finally their lips meet. They stopped.

"Number 3 I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner..." he said.

"It' ok number 4..."she said.

Number 4 smiled at her and they both watched the moon hand in hand.


"Man number 5...what did you put in this hot chocolate?" asked number 2

"Um...if it's not good-

"Are you kidding!? This is really good! I wish my mom can make hot chocolate as good as you can!" number 2 said.

Number 5 and 1 giggled.

"Well...I'm going in my room...see you guys later!" number 5 said.

She left the room. Number 2 coughed. He coughed twice...then he coughed the third time....Number 1 didn't realize that number 2 was trying to get his attention.

"What?" Asked number 1.

Number 2 sighed and said:

"Go after her!" he said.

"Number 2 I-

"Number 1 go after her and tell her that...you know...like her." number 2 said. Number 1 gulped and nodded.

Number 1 reached number 5's room. He was really nervous but he knew what he had to do. He knocked on the door.

"Come in." was number 5's reply. He opened the door and saw number 5 watching the tape he got her for Christmas. She turned around and saw number 1. Number 5 blushed but smiled. She stood up.

"Hey..." she said.

"Hi...Mind if I join you?" he asked.

"I will be sad if you didn't..." she said smiling at him. He smiled back.

Together they watched the video tape from their child hood.

"Hi Abby!" said a young number 1.

"Hi Nigel! What are we going to do today?" asked a young Abby.

"Um...Let's go to the park! You want to come?" Nigel asked.

"OK! Are Kuki, Wally, and Hoagie coming?" asked Abby.

"Yea! They are waiting for us in the front of the house come on!" Nigel said grabbing her hand and running to the front of the house to meet there friends.

The tape continued...

"Number 5 do you remember that day?" number 1 asked.

"Yea...how can I not? It was so fun!" she said handing him the popcorn.

"Yup..." he said chewing the pop corn.

There was a long silence. At first number 1 and 5 didn't know what to say but then number 1 broke the silence by saying:

"Number 5 I have to tell you something..." he said.

"What is it number 1?" asked number 5 turning to him.

"Well...I always wanted to tell you this...but I never had the chance so I...uh..." he said trying to find the words to say.

"Yes?" she asked getting close to him.


Number 1 didn't even had a chance to say what he wanted to say because number 5 kissed hi, Number 1 was shocked at first but then he closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment. They then stopped and they both looked at each other blushing.

"I'm sorry..." she said.

"For what?" he asked.

"Well for..."

"Number 5 its ok...I was going to kiss you..." Number 1 said.

Number 5 still didn't say anything because she was still sorry. Number 1 then hugged her.

"Number 5... thanks for the present..." he said. Number 5 put her arms around him.

"You're welcome..." she said smiling at him. He smiled back.

"Merry Christmas number 1..." she said resting her head on his shoulder. He smiled and said:

"Merry Christmas number 5..."

Kuki writing in her diary

Dear Diary,

I couldn't believe that number 4 and I kissed! It was the happiest thing that ever happened to me! Number 5 told me that number 1 and she kissed too. I was so happy for her! Next day our parents were coming home from there vacation so we had to go home. And I told them everything that happened. Except the part when number 4 and I kissed. I was not ready to tell them yet. Well bye for now!

Fin- End

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