Disclaimer – Moulin Rouge is not mine. I am just a penniless writer playing around with things...

Also, Bolero is the music during the credits...


A broken piano hums awkwardly,

A few drunks sigh as they hear a familiar tune,

A tune of better times gone by.

A time where people lived for pleasure,

A Bohemian Renaissance marched through the streets,

People cheered and danced for more.

The Red Windmill throbbed with excitement,

It gleamed with Diamond Dogs and electricity,

It was a haven for the lost, the lonely, and the romantics.

The Sparkling Diamond dazzled their eyes (and their pocketbooks),

The Keeper made sure they were entertained,

And the Bohemians took it by storm, led by the Green Fairy.

The Voice of the Children of the Revolution emerged,

Holding fast to the ideals of Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Love,

A Voice so innocent, so pure, he rattled them all.

The Diamond and the Voice crossed paths,

A fateful mistake changing the underworld forever,

A Love not frightened by Jealousy, despite all his power.

Jealousy tried to claim her,

He tried to kill the Voice,

But Love overcomes all obstacles.

The Diamond began to fade,

Lost in the shadows,

The Voice slowly fell under the Green Fairy's illusions.

Until one day he sat down,

And wrote the tale,

Of Love.

A piano still hums awkwardly,

Drunks still stumble about here and there,

But Love lives forever.