Demonic Desires

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Summary- Inuyasha has gone demon mode again. But, something is different this time. He is warm for Kagome's form! And he will stop at nothing in order to get what he wants. And 'Sit boy' isn't working!! Koga is trying his best to protect her. But, will he succeed in doing so or will Inuyasha get what he desires? And will there be a betrayal of good friends?

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Pairings- Inuyasha/Kagome, Miroku/Sango, Maybe some Koga/Kagome

Rating- R. For violence, language and attempted rape.

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Demonic Desires


"No," Kagome murmured fearfully and unbelievingly as she backed away slowly. The demon in front of her fixed its red eyes on her body as she stumbled on a loose rock. He grinned, his sharp, pearly white teeth shining as he did so. He flexed his fingers, his claws glistening. They were sharp, sharper than normal. "No," Kagome said again, trembling in fear. He took a step forward. She took a step back. "No, Inuyasha, stop,"

The Tetsusaiga had been broken into three pieces and Inuyasha had been seriously wounded. In his desire to survive, he changed. Those red eyes, terrifying and piercing, bore into Kagome's brown eyes. Maybe she could, if she really tried, just talk him back to normal. Hey, it was possible.

"What's wrong, Kagome?" He asked in his deep demonic tone, taking another step forward, then another, and yet another. "I'm not going to hurt you." He watched, amusement stained in his eyes, as she bumped into a tree.

Then, without warning, he lunged forward with lightning speed and seized her wrists, pinning her up against the giant oak tree. Kagome squealed, clearly shocked and flustered. He held on tightly to her wrists. "Inuyasha," She murmured softly, "Please, don't hurt me."

"I told you that I wasn't," He replied with his deep voice. He smirked as he felt her squirm. Obviously she did not fully trust him. Who wouldn't? He was a full blooded demon with claws as sharp as a samurai sword. And lightning quick reflexes. "What're you squirmin' for?" Inuyasha demanded casually, squeezing harder. She cringed in pain as a little bit of blood ran through his fingers and dripped down her hand and the tips of her fingers. "It's all right. I'll protect you."

"Please," She begged hoarsely, "Let go."

He did not comprehend with her request. Instead, he dug his claws into her flesh even deeper. She cried out in pain as she felt more blood rush down both of their hands and dripped onto the ground. "Sit boy!"

Inuyasha released her and fell to the ground, giving her the perfect opportunity that she needed and wanted. She took off, not knowing or caring where she was going. Ok, she did care where she was going. But she was lost and did not know where anything was located, she it was not like she could find her way home.

Kagome was breathing hard and she felt like collapsing. But she pushed herself on, fear driving her to the limit and keeping her feet working. But her mind was clouded with horrible thoughts of what would happen when he caught her. And she also had horrible questions in her head, 'what if a demon got to her first?'

She suddenly stumbled and fell, breathing like a dog who was running in a race. Maybe, she thought warily, he won't come and I can rest right here for a minute. How wrong she was. She looked up from the ground and saw him towering above her, glaring into her eyes. But, his eyes were still the same blood red as before, staring into chocolate eyes.

Kagome jumped up to her shaky and weak feet and turned in the other direction and began to run, obviously abandoning the fact that he was much faster and stronger than her. Inuyasha landed in front of her swiftly and grabbed her by her raven colored hair.

"Inuyasha, stop!" She yelled, hoping to get through to the real Inuyasha inside. He just ignored her and pulled her close, pressing her against his muscular and bloody chest.

His face was getting closer and closer until their noses touched. She tried to move away, but his hand held her head in place. "Please," Kagome begged softly, "Stop." He did not listen. Instead, he leaned in a little bit more. But someone's voice stopped him and made him jerk away from her. Kagome had never been so glad to see Koga in her life. But he was standing there, glaring in anger and confusion at the full demon who held onto Kagome.

"Dog turd," He growled menacingly, "Let her go."

Inuyasha found it amusing, "Why? What are you gonna do if I don't?"

"I'm gonna kick your ass!" Koga cried, running at Inuyasha, using the power of the jewel shards in his legs to aid him. He swung a fist toward Inuyasha's face, but missed. He was able to grab Kagome, however, and run.

He held her in his arms bridal style. She wrapped her arms around his neck tightly. "Koga, God, I am o glad you came!"

He smiled, "Are you all right? Did he hurt you?"

"Uh…no," Kagome answered slowly, hoping that he would not notice her bleeding wrists. But he did notice. "Kagome, your wrists. What'd he do?"

Kagome was about to tell him that it was nothing to worry about, but Inuyasha interrupted. He punched Koga hard in the face, send both he and Kagome flying and falling on the ground. Kagome managed to sit up in time to see Inuyasha running toward them "Koga! Look out!"

Inuyasha sliced Koga across the chest, his claws digging into his flesh. Koga cried out in pain, and doubled over, grasping his bleeding chest. But Inuyasha was not finished. He ran back and he jabbed his claws into Koga's back. Koga was screaming in agony.

"Sit boy!"

Inuyasha fell into the ground, giving Kagome enough time to run over to the injured Koga. "Are you all right? Come on, we have to go." She helped him stumble to his feet and let him breathe before noticing Inuyasha stand up. "Sit boy! Sit, sit, sit, sit!" He fell five more times before Kagome and Koga made their getaway.


"There. That should do it." Kagome said as she finished cleaning and nursing Koga's wounds. She sat in silence as she watched him put his armor back on, which had been cut through by Inuyasha's sharp, samurai sword claws. "Are you sure you're going to be ok?"

Koga smiled and nodded, "I'm positive. Since you've nursed my wounds with great care, I am sure that I will recover fully and protect you the best that I can."

The sun was setting outside, the last of the orange and pink rays blinking at the tree tops and lakes and ponds. The moon had revealed itself already and a few stars began to peck at the darkening sky.

Inside of Koga's cave, it was dark. But Koga stayed as close as he could to Kagome in order to protect her, of course. Ginta and Hikaku were there as well, totally terrified. But they managed to stay put in order to defend lady Kagome.

She was their friend, after all. It was the least they could do.

And plus, Koga had ordered them to stay put. So, they were not going to defy their leader's orders just so they could go hide and cower in fear.

Kagome leaned against the cave wall and closed her eyes. She ran her fingers over the fabric of the bandages she had used in order to nurse her injuries. Fear still lingered, numbing her whole body. She was worried. What was Inuyasha doing right then? Was he slaughtering innocent villagers because she had made him mad from all the sits?

Or was he sleeping? Was he killing Miroku and Sango, who were back with Kaede? Or was he searching for her? She gulped and hoped that no one else heard it so that they would not know how afraid she was.

Koga, who was sitting right beside of her, said, "Are you afraid?"

"Yeah," Kagome said sheepishly. He suddenly wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close. "It's gonna be all right. I'm here and that mutt-face ain't gonna get you."

"Oh, really?" Inuyasha asked curiously and amused from where he stood above the two.


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